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Short Description : JVWEB

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Learn how to build good social media and search engine advertising campaigns by reading the JVWEB blog posts.

Long Description : JVWEB

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Theblog JVWEB represents an online portal that offers several articles covering the most crucial aspects in terms of advertising campaigns. You will find in this blog apart from informative articles, valuable practical guides, tips and tricks to work more effectively on your social media strategies. Also learn how to build a strong audience and manage your content to convert leads into customers. Finally, resources such as ebooks or webinars complete the blog.

JVWEB blog description

In terms of online marketing and advertising, social media is an excellent lead acquisition lever. These media indeed offer a fairly vast potential for brands and companies given the number of active users who abound there on a daily basis.

However, on these platforms, competition remains tough and the target audience is increasingly demanding. Faced with this major challenge, it becomes more than necessary to maneuver well to better optimize your ads strategy on social networks. To achieve this, you can read the tips and tricks shared on blogs like that of JVWEB which addresses the subject.

Presentation of the JVWEB blog

A significant source of information in the advertising campaign sector, theblog JVWEB has been sharing articles on the subject for over a decade. Its objective is to help all brands as well as Ads professionals to improve their visibility and generate quality traffic through social and organic search.

To do this, blog contributors, specialists and digital marketing experts regularly publish practical advice, valuable tips and interesting guides to help them progress.

Addressing an audience that is curious and looking for relevant information, the blog content revolves around the following topics:

  • Advertising on social networks;
  • SEO strategies;
  • Lead conversion optimization techniques;
  • Web project management…

In this way, if you are looking for reliable information on any of these topics or topics related to them, you will be successful. Like many other French blogs, this one has metrics that determine its authority and reliability in the sector. Let’s find them.

Main JVWEB blog metrics

Here are the blog metrics

    • Authority Score: 29
  • Monthly organic traffic:6,91 k
  • Duration of visit: —
  • Average Bounce Rate: —

Please be aware that this data was provided by the SEOquake plugin at the time of creating this descriptive content. Suddenly, another week, they can change value since these metrics are approximate.

JVWEB blog: what are its categories?

The categories in this blog are quite numerous, but are all important. Here is the list. On the latter, each of these categories has been briefly described.

Social Ads

In this category, find several practical tips for managing your social media marketing strategy. Also discover valuable guides for managing your social media advertising campaigns. Also, the informative articles dealing extensively with the subject remain at your entire disposal.

YouTube Ads

By testing YouTube Ads, you can easily gain new audiences through video. It is therefore an acquisition lever that you can use to improve performance. In this category, you have valuable items like:

  • A complete guide to YouTube ads tailor-made for marketers;
  • How to create the right YouTube ad;
  • Informative articles on video ad formats that work…

But not only that, also discover many tips to get by if you are new to YouTube Ads. Apart from this comprehensive guide, others addressing additional topics are also available.

Amazon Ads 

Amazon remains essential in the e-commerce sector. This is no longer to be demonstrated. Maybe you want to know how to increase your sales on the Amazon platform? Better, you wonder how to improve the profitability of your products. You must read the informative articles, tips and great tricks in the category.

Microsoft Ads

Microsoft acts as an alternative to Google and vice versa. If you’re on the first team, then you’ll love the informative articles and guides on advertising on Microsoft. Apart from that, you are also entitled to valuable tips for your Microsoft ads and your advertising campaigns on the latter.

On the other hand, if you are from the Google team, consider this category as an extension. You can thus duplicate your Google Ads acquisition strategy and have more traffic by simultaneously exploiting the resources and tools of these two web giants.

Digital news 

This category is perfect for you if you like to be up to date with digital marketing news and trends, including:

  • SEO, SEA and SEM
  • Social media
  • Major search engines (Google and Bing)

Indeed, every Thursday of every week, the JVWEB team reviews all the unmissable facts in the online marketing industry.


This category, like all the others, remains interesting. It brings together practical advice and methodological tips shared by JVWEB Account Managers. By reading them with interest, you can make your ad campaigns more effective.

In addition, you have plenty of practical guides that cover several topics related to lead acquisition levers. That way, if you’re new to ad campaigns, you have proven strategies and ideas to experiment with to scale your level.


In this category, find out how to build a quality audience to optimize the ROI of your remarketing or acquisition campaigns. Useful is it to specify that the informative articles which are collected there as well as the invaluable tips focus on the audiences in Google, Bing and Facebook.

LinkedIn Ads

In the B2B environment, LinkedIn can well be considered the leader. In fact, it allows you to create an effective network for the advertising and development of each brand or professional who uses it.

That said, launching a LinkedIn campaign to get more visibility and find real customers is still a bit nebulous. Within this category, if you confirm what we said before and want to get by on this platform, maybe you should read the contents of the category.

Instagram Ads 

How to establish your brand on Instagram via advertisements? How to effectively sell your products or services from Instagram Ads? About the budget allocated to your Ads campaigns on Instagram, how to set it?

In this category detailed answers to these and many other questions about Instagram and ads form this category. From tips and advice to guides, here you have everything you need to get started and become really good with Instagram Ads.


Search Engine Optimization remains outside of social media platforms, a powerful prospect acquisition tool. The same is true for SEA. But what happens if the two get married? How can we manage to mix them well? How to exploit them to make a profit for your activity?

It’s about all that in this category of the JVWEB blog. Almost, because it also includes many tips and informative articles that talk separately about the power of these marketing acquisition levers. In short, you have a myriad of informative and practical content on all the most important aspects of SEO/SEA/SEM.

JVWEB Agency

JVWEB is a certified Facebook Ads and Google Expert agency. She supports brands at all levels in the management of their SEO/SEA/SEM advertising campaigns. So, this category shows their achievements and important information related to their agency.

Think of this category as a dashboard of agency evolution. Of course, you have advice and explicit articles on their field of intervention.

Google Shopping 

Google intervenes in all that is digital as in the case of electronic commerce. Moreover, apart from Amazon, Shopify, PrestaShop and others, Google Shopping also remains a star in e-commerce acquisition.

Like the previous stars, it has valuable resources and tools that can support you considerably in the e-commerce jungle. If you want to know how to sell with Google or how to optimize your product feeds without counting the mistakes to avoid then you are in the right category.

Google Ads 

It would be surprising to talk about advertising campaigns without creating a category that includes articles that address the Google Ads theme. This is certainly why this category exists.

It brings together several technical tips, interesting guides on Google Ads. Advice and healthy habits to practice when launching a Google Ads campaign are also available. Here you will understand and master the full power of Google Ads.

Facebook Ads

This category gathers several information on how to make advertisements within Mark Zuckerberg’s platform. If you want to know how to get better with Facebook Ads, you should read the informative articles that cover the subject.

Insofar as you want to strengthen your social Ads on Meta products, the category brings together guides, tips that address the subject very well. How to do it in detail remains available in the many contents of the category.

Google Analytics 

This category brings together a good number of content that deals with Google Analytics. You have various topics and great tips to understand the theme. Likewise the comprehensive guides, tips and informative articles collected in the category answer one question: How to effectively evaluate your web marketing performance?

Google Analytics is the category that ends this long list of sections of the French blog JVWEB. In addition, other complementary resources remain available on the JVWEB website. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Additional resources to the JVWEB blog

There are three other resources available that complement this blog. Let’s start with ebooks. These address several issues related to SEO, social media and Google.

Within the second resource, discover in detail the Success Stories of their customers through commendable testimonials and interesting articles. 400 customers since 2004, JVWEB has been coordinating and optimizing digital campaigns for years in the country of the Eiffel Tower as well as internationally.

As for the last resource, it is a replay set of webinars organized by the JVWEB team that you can download for free in the same way as the ebooks. Note however that if you want to start downloading these resources you must enter your email address. This is the only condition. What about promoting other blogs on yours?

Does the JVWEB blog allow guest posts?

Unfortunately, the blog does not allow the publication of guest posts on its website. Not for the moment. Maybe soon the team will allow it.

On the other hand, if you are looking for other blogs of a similar nature that accept guest postings, you can check out this resource:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN]. There is a plethora of French and English blogs that promise the publication of guest posts on several topics such as digital marketing or business.

In summary

The JVWEB agency blog remains very rich in informative content, especially in the advertising sector. From social media campaigns to search engines, the guides and tips shared by the team for over 15 years will come in handy. This is a blog to leverage to effectively manage your marketing strategies.

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Presentation : JVWEB

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Self-taught and passionate about the internet since childhood,Jonathan Vidor created in 1998, at the age of 17, his first website in the field of mobile telephony followed by many others in related fields such as:

  • L’hotel ;
  • Ltravels;
  • Lare meetings.

He then founded in 2004 an e-marketing agency under the name of JVWEB after having worked more than six (06) years as a freelancer.Jonathan Vidorfinally achieved his goal by setting up a web agency and a website that summarizes all his effort.

Jonathan Vidor is also a professor at the MBA DMB in Paris and Shanghai. He teaches on the notions of Google Ads and Google Analytics. 

The JVWEB agency specializes in web marketing. In order to strengthen the bases of its agency’s services and its own skills,Jonathan acquires on January 10, 2022 the British agency specialized in natural referencingOcere.

You have the option of contactingJonathan Vidor on social media by:


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