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BLOG SEO | WebRank Info

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The WebRankInfo blog is one of the largest French-speaking SEO platforms worldwide.

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The WebRankInfo platform has both a multitude of articles as well as various tools intended to help visitors understand how to improve the SEO score of their website. For those who still struggle with SEO, the site also offers services to hire SEO experts.

WebRankInfo Blog

Optimizing your website for the purpose of having a good ranking in search engines is not a simple matter. Moreover, due to the increasing competition online, it goes without saying that it becomes more difficult.

Going blindly into an optimization process without a perfect knowledge of the steps to follow and what to do is a waste of time and effort.

Thesite WebRankInfo was created with the aim of helping individuals wishing to optimize their website to do so more effectively. So let’s explore this platform.

Introducing the WebRankInfo Blog

Launched in 2002 by Olivier Duffez, the WebRankInfo site is now considered one of the largest French-speaking communities devoted to SEO. It has to its credit several thousand members already registered and others who come day by day.

This platform allows visitors to stay informed about everything related to Web marketing, SEO, social networks and Google Analytics.

The site has more than a hundred articles providing considerable basic knowledge on the world of SEO websites.

Moreover, the WebRankInfo platform is a rather special site. Indeed, Olivier Duffez is not only the creator of the website. He also controls the entire blog on the technical level as well as on the editorial level.

Surely you would have understood that! However, the articles published on the site are all written by him. The same goes for the moderation of the various forums present on WebRankInfo.

WebRankInfo blog metrics with SEOquake

Website Authority Score: 70

Average length of visit: 5:18

Average bounce rate:82;48 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic:324 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the WebRankInfo blog

The WebRankInfo blog has hundreds of articles, and each of them relates to a specific category called “Dossiers”. The site has four main folders, including beginners, SEO tips, techniques, and other folders.


In this section, there are news articles and tutorials to help beginners in the field of SEO to get started with SEO.

These will have the opportunity to start with the basics: title tags, meta descriptions, etc. They will also be able to read all the articles listed in the section.

SEO tips

This section only groups SEO advice articles for beginners and advanced users or those with some experience with the strategy.

This category is largely comprised of tutorials on how to improve website SEO.

The concepts learned in this section must be combined with others such as those of indexing websites, local SEO, etc.


WebRankInfo’s Techniques category has everything there is to know about SEO strategies.

You will find the best techniques to improve the SEO of a website, those that have become obsolete as well as the latest in optimization techniques.


Finally, the “Other” section includes all the articles on the platform that do not entirely correspond to any of the other three categories.

It mainly includes articles relating to WebRankInfo, which talk about the site in general, what it can bring to users and the different tools that are present on the platform.

Other resources on the WebRankInfo site

The WebRankInfo site is not just a blog. The platform also has other services and practical content intended to help novices in their discoveries of the SEO world.


The WebRankInfo platform offers a section with lots of tips and FAQs relating to SEO, various social networks such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, as well as digital marketing in general.

This section aims to help visitors learn about SEO tips that have not been mentioned at the blog level.


Olivier Duffez allows his subscribers to exchange their points of view on subjects such as SEO, Google and everything related to SEO. These debates can be conducted directly on the blog or on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

In addition to all this, forums are available to allow those who have sites to talk about them, and on others you learn the means and methods of managing a website.

Finally, some forums are specific to the blog and bear its name while others take care of other search engines.

Consulting et audit SEO

The creator of the site has set up an SEO Consulting service. Indeed, he spends between one and several hours answering questions from various Internet users in order to help them satisfy their curiosity.

Besides that, he also carries out SEO audits according to customer needs (technical audits, general strategy, audit of backlinks, etc.).


The Tools section of the site contains some free tools that are very effective for SEO and website management. These include tools for SMO SEO and site analysis tools.

Encyclopedia of Google products, services and ordering

The Google business is quite large and so are the services it offers. Olivier Duffez therefore spent several weeks studying, describing and listing all the different services, products and technologies of this Web giant.

He also compiled a list of various Google commands to save you time while searching.

Are there guest articles on the WebRankInfo blog?

The publication of guest articles is a digital marketing strategy to boost natural referencing and optimize the SEO score of a website.

As a platform entirely dedicated to SEO, WebRankInfo obviously accepts guest articles. This is indeed a way for the site to illustrate this SEO practice to various Internet users and show them how it is done.

In summary

Through the various articles and services it offers, the WebRankInfo platform honors its reputation as the largest French-speaking SEO site.

It also has everything necessary to allow any novice in SEO to train in the field of SEO.

In addition, the blog provides tools and services for those who want to improve the SEO of their websites as quickly as possible.

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Presentation : Blog SEO WebRank Info

Blog WebRankInfo Logo

WebRankInfo owes its history and its creation to the SEO consultant Olivier Duffez whose basic professional training had nothing to do with search marketing. In fact, he was a space imaging engineer and his job was to compress satellite images in Toulouse.

Driven by curiosity and with a particular interest in the nascent Internet, he learned computer programming the hard way and developed some of the first French websites during 1996.

Olivier Duffez’s career in the field of SEO began in 2002 with the creation of the WebRankInfo site. Since then, and until today, it provides information on how Google works and tips for successful SEO.

The idea was well received and the number of subscribers to the site increased tenfold very quickly to the point that Olivier entered into collaborations with other people in the field to expand his activities.

To date, Duffez has to its credit, a platform equipped with a panoply of SEO tools at the service of all those who wish, My Ranking Metrics.

He also continues to manage his site, WebRankInfo, as well as his creation with Antoine Chiarelli and Fabien Facériès, Ranking Metrics. Olivier Duffez has accumulated the skills and is now recognized as an SEO expert in the eyes of all. It is possible to access him in a more personal way via his social accounts:

At the beginning of 2020, WebRankInfo gathered more than 150,000 members for nearly 1.3 million messages. In the media area, Olivier Duffez follows Google news from the SEO angle.

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