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Blog | Linkody 

Short Description : Linkody

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Go to the linkody blog page to find and use articles that address several topics related to SEO.

Long Description : Linkody

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With the various items offered by thelinkody’s blog on SEO and its various dismemberments, it appears to be the ideal place to find out more. Indeed, referencing is not only a story of techniques, practices or cleverly orchestrated know-how, it also requires a hunt for information. This information is available on the blogs of several sites or specialized tools like linkody.

Description of the Linkody blog

As an SEO tool, linkody is led by experts who specialize in the same field. It is therefore right that there is a blog through which several articles that address questions of natural referencing are made available.

AT who is the Linkody blog for? 

With the content and the themes addressed through the articles published on the linkody blog, it is clear that this blog is aimed not only at SEO professionals, but also at all those who wish to have information and tips for further improve their knowledge in the field.

Linkody blog metrics? 

Linkody’s blog analysis presents the following results as of December 14, 2022:

  • Authority score: 51 ;
  • Monthly organic traffic : 3k visits;
  • Rebound rate : 69, 09 % ;
  • Average visit time : 16min 14s.

These results are very interesting and undoubtedly show the good performance of Linkody’s blog.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Apart from the results observed, the Linkody blog has other advantages.

First we note the presence of social media buttons such as: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Buffer, email, LinkedIn, etc.

Their presence on the blog page allows you to follow the various blog news from their account on these media.

Then you have the opportunity to be a Linkody blog contributor by writing guest posts. But first, you must respect the rules and follow a process whose different stages are described on the page: contribute to an item

What will you discover on the Linkody blog?

Once on the Linkody blog, you will find articles divided into the following categories:

  • Case studies : As its name suggests, this category offers content based on experiences, experiences, difficulties encountered and how they were resolved;
  • Copywriting : The articles offered in this category allow you to have access to tips for producing good content, but also to obtain information on the news of content creation;
  • Digital agency : With the articles you will find here, Linkody helps you better manage your digital agency;
  • E-commerce : You’ve come to the right place when you want to learn more about e-commerce. By taking a look at the articles in this category, you will know, for example, how to audit an e-commerce site or how to carry out your advertising campaigns;
  • Guides : These are articles with long content and which are very rich. They allow you to get a lot of information on different topics;
  • Link creations : This category deals with a specific theme. It’s about creating links. You will therefore find articles that will show you the different tips and strategies to adopt, the mistakes to avoid to create quality links;
  • Marketing : In this category, you have access to articles that inform you about future marketing trends, strategies to use to generate sales, the best tools you can use, etc.;
  • THIS : This category allows you to have access to a set of articles that address the theme of SEO;

Apart from these different categories, you also have access to other categories that address topics related to SEO.

It is :

  • L’analyse SEO  ;
  • Basic principles of SEO;
  • For local SEO;
  • SEO reports;
  • And Technical SEO.

You can consult them to find the information you need to improve your skills.

Beyond the Linkody Blog

The SEO tools offered by the Linkody site

  • backlink checker : This tool allows you to check up to 100 referring domains;


  • Google Index Checker : This tool allows you to instantly check the indexing status of pages on your website;
  • Website Authority Checker : The authority checker allows you to get an idea of ​​the domain authority of your website.

Apart from these tools, it should be noted that the Linkody platform is specialized in the creation of links. To this end, it offers you to:

  • Notifying you when you lose or gain links;
  • Help you gain insight into competitors’ link building strategies;
  • Help you analyze your link profile with the right metrics;
  • To help you identify and disavow bad links;
  • Help you manage all your links and domains from one place.

Now that you have all the information on the Linkody blog, do not hesitate to consult it regularly.

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Presentation : Linkody

Blog Linkody Logo

linkods is an SEO tool for backlink monitoring and link building management. It offers a complete solution for SEO agencies to fully manage their tracking and link building processes.

François Mommens creates the Linkody blog. Initially, he was just looking for a simple tool to monitor backlinks. He can’t find any, so he decides to develop it and make it available to everyone.

It was only later, when the tool had some success, that he said he saw a business opportunity. For the first few months, he worked on Linkody evenings and weekends, but kept his current job.

Working on development and simultaneously learning and running all the other parts of the business was tough for him.

This is all the more true since he originally had a technical background. François was however able to manage and was able to found two other SEO tools which areIndexCheckr and

LinkStorm is a tool that helps find internal linking opportunities for a website. It also improves its SEO performance.

IndexCheckr is used for referencing. It allows companies to check if their pages are indexed by Google. They will now be able to check different web pages and domains on a unified interface.

Find François on his various social networks:Twitter AndLinkedIn.

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