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Blog SEO | Twaino

Short Description : Blog SEO | Twaino

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Want practical resources from an authority site to improve your site’s SEO? Check out Twaino’s blog.

Long Description : Blog SEO | Twaino

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Twaino’s blog is a platform for you to grow your SEO and marketing knowledge with well-detailed guides and definitions, case studies, videos, and tutorials. With these resources, you can learn how to boost your online visibility and get more organic traffic to your website.

Blog de Twaino

Since natural referencing is one of the main secrets to succeeding online, it is important that anyone with a website learn the fundamentals of this discipline.

Twaino is an SEO platform that provides you, through its blog, with thousands of articles on topics related to SEO.

These are well-detailed content that can help you improve your online visibility and drive traffic to your site. In this description, you will discover:

  • Twaino’s blog;
  • Its metrics;
  • And the other resources of the site.

So follow!

Introducing the Twaino Blog

Twaino is a platform aimed at helping companies improve their online visibility in order to generate referral traffic and make more sales.

Since its creation, it has helped companies achieve their goals through white hat SEO strategies while combining SEO performance with digital ecology.

The blog of this prestigious platform offers thousands of content on SEO and content marketing for free.

With this blog, Twaino intends to share knowledge and resources to help anyone willing to learn SEO and propel their site to the top of search results to:

  • Create exceptional content that will satisfy the search intent of Internet users;
  • Rank well for your keywords on Google;
  • Generate quality organic traffic;
  • Improve the conversion rate;
  • Increase turnover;
  • Increase brand awareness.

Twaino’s Blog Metrics

The metrics for the Twaino site are impressive and look like this:

Website authority score : 44

Average length of visit: 4:14s

Average bounce rate : 90,03 %

Monthly organic traffic volume : 118 k

Presentation of the different categories of the Twaino blog

The content available on the Twaino blog is organized by category, so visitors can easily find the types of content they are looking for. On this blog, you will discover several topics such as:


The contents of this SEO category are intended to popularize and share knowledge related to natural referencing.

This is content about the mechanism of search engines leading to rankings of web pages for keywords.

In other words, this category immerses you in the heart of the strategies that can allow you to rank your site on the SERPs and generate traffic from search engines.

Through the contents of the SEO category, you will discover how to find high-potential keywords and tips for writing digestible content that makes readers want to read you.

Not only that, you will find complete guides on many SEO tools.

And rest assured, the contents of this category of the Twaino blog cover all aspects of SEO.

That said, you will be able to consult content on on-page SEO, whether it is to format meta tags for search engines or to optimize user experience signals.

As for content related to off-page SEO, it helps you establish effective link building strategies to generate backlinks and promote your content.

The Twaino blog also offers resources in this category to optimize the technical aspect of your site.

That is, the means to eliminate all technical problems on your site to facilitate the indexing of your pages and to make your pages faster.

SEO definition

This category of the Twaino blog offers you definitions of SEO terms in alphabetical order. And it’s not a 50-word definition. We are talking here about well-detailed, unambiguous definitions that cover all aspects of each term.

These definitions are the best way to learn about an SEO concept. Most of the time, each aspect of a definition is presented in a well-detailed chapter in order to show readers what it actually consists of.

This content is accompanied by images and infographics that illustrate in the most beautiful way each SEO theme addressed.

To learn more about an SEO term, simply browse through this list of definitions to find the one for your term. You can also use a search operator to find the exact definition you’re looking for on Twaino’s blog by typing into Google: [term].

Web marketing

As web marketing is an extremely large and complicated subject, it is essential to understand it well before trying to maximize its potential. That’s why Twaino’s blog devotes an entire section to it to help its readers learn more.

In this category, you will find tips that can help you strengthen your presence on the internet.

This will be about how social media can be used as well as the different marketing tools available to you for promoting your business.

For example, the content in this web marketing category shows you the tools you need for digital marketing and how to take your first steps in online marketing.

Even better, you will find articles capable of preparing, launching a marketing campaign and driving it to the achievement of your objectives.

Also, if you have a YouTube account, you are going to learn how to make it flourish and benefit from it.

Creation of websites

As the website has become essential for any company or person wishing to succeed in their online activities, the blog of Twaino offers a category dedicated to the creation and maintenance of your website.

In this category of website creation, you will not only be able to find resources allowing you to start from 0, but also to grow your site like Twaino.

The site also shows all the different stages of its growth as well as the strategies implemented to achieve it so that you can be inspired by it.


The path to creating a startup is fraught with difficulties. This category of Twaino’s blog offers you several resources on how to build your business as well as mistakes to avoid as a beginner.

If you are unsure about the type of business to create, you will discover in this Startup category the differences between each of them and what suits you best.

Galerie SEO

If you’re looking for SEO images and illustrations to embed on your site, this SEO Gallery category of Twaino’s blog offers you an impressive number of resources for free.

These visuals are ready to use and are organized in a table with the link of each image, its name and a preview of the image in question.

The SEO Gallery category aims to help you visually enhance your website content with quality images that meet image optimization standards.

SEO Video

In this SEO Video category, you are entitled to explanatory and illustrative videos on the tools to be used in SEO and good SEO practices.

These videos are based on the contents of the blog to really show how to put into practice the recommendations contained in the articles. If these videos are available on the YouTube account, you can find them on this category page.

Other resources on the Twaino site

Apart from the Twaino blog, you will discover other resources, namely: SEO tools and shop.

The tools

Twaino makes available to its users several tools allowing them to perform different kinds of operations as well as a tool platform composed of the description of hundreds of third-party SEO tools.

With regard to the tools specific to the Twaino site, you will find:

This tool focuses on ease of use and allows you to audit a site for free in one click.By entering the URL of your site and your email address, the audit tool analyzes your site and shows you a detailed result of the examination of your site.

It is a no-subscription, no-cost tool that does two things: word counter and webpage counter.

Twaino’s word counter automatically provides without any click several data about a text you enter:

  • Number of words ;
  • Number of characters ;
  • Number of paragraphs;
  • Reading time ;
  • Speaking time ;
  • Word density, with the 5 words that appeared the most in your text.

As for the web page counter, it also provides this same information, but for a page whose URL you have entered.

This free tool from Twaino allows you to quickly explore queries in Google’s “Other Questions” section.

With Twaino’s “People Also Ask” feature, you can easily find multiple questions on a given topic that have been asked by other internet users.

The strength of this tool is its usefulness for all online content creators as well as the ease with which you can use it.

As you know, your titles and descriptions are the first card you play when it comes to distinguishing yourself from the competition on the SERPs.

This is why Twaino offers a fairly simple SERP simulator that takes into account the adaptability of your meta tag on all screen resolutions.

So it helps to check the size of your titles and descriptions whether on mobile or desktop.

The free image embedding tool allows you to easily share your visual content on other sites and helps improve its visibility.

It generates an image embed code that you will be able to embed under your images (infographics) so that third-party sites can embed your content and cite you as a source.

By doing so, you increase your chances of having quality backlinks and improve the visibility of your site.

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a list of French blogs that accept Guest posts? Twaino offers you a platform comprising more than 1156 French blogs that accept guest articles.

So, if you are looking for blogs with the aim of writing guest articles and boosting your traffic, improving your site authority and your online reputation, you will just have to browse this platform.

The platform is easy to navigate and you only have to choose your theme and your preferred language and the tool will show you the sites with which you can request guest articles.

As for the tools not belonging to Twaino, they are grouped together in a SEO tools platform.

It must be recognized that succeeding online is not an easy task and it can be interesting to get help from SEO tools.

Through this platform offered by the Twaino site, you will discover more than 400 powerful SEO tools that can improve the visibility and traffic of your website in no time.

This SEO tools platform is organized by objectives, namely:

  • SEO Technique (308)
  • Content Optimization (77)
  • Keyword research (53)
  • Position tracking (48)
  • Link Building (34)
  • SEO Video (5).

It should be noted that you can also filter the list of SEO tools depending on whether you are looking for a free, paid or freemium tool.

Boutique SEO

Theboutique SEO offers, as the name suggests, SEO resources that you can buy and use in your online activities.

You will discover different kinds of resources to buy such as ebooks, checklists and an SEO calculator.

Note that some resources available in this Twaino SEO store are also free, such as workbooks and dashboards.

Accept guest articles or not

Apart from its blog content, Twaino accepts guest articles, which means that you can offer them this type of content and take advantage of its many advantages, namely:

  • Expand your audience;
  • Increase your credibility and establish your authority online;
  • Refresh the content strategy;
  • Boost traffic and SEO;
  • Etc.

As for the types of content that Twaino accepts for guest blogging, note that this is content related to natural referencing and which aims to help readers improve their online visibility.

In summary

It should be noted that the Twaino blog offers free to all digital marketing enthusiasts thousands of articles on natural referencing and online visibility through 7 categories:

  • THIS ;
  • SEO definitions;
  • Web marketing ;
  • Creation of websites;
  • Startup ;
  • Galerie SEO ;
  • These videos.

Twaino is a platform with good credibility that also enjoys a good reputation in the world of SEO. It also provides its users with other resources such as SEO tools and an SEO store.

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Presentation : Blog SEO | Twaino

Blog Twaino Logo

The identity of the creator of the Twaino blog

The Twaino site is created by Alexandre Marotel, a SEO and online traffic generation enthusiast. He shares on his blog knowledge about the web in order to help those who wish to develop their online activities to succeed in their businesses.

Through his YouTube channel, Alexandre Marotel publishes videos in which he discusses the topics they address in his blog articles.

As a Senior SEO Consultant, he uses the LinkedIn social platform to share with his audience:

  • His experiences;
  • Its results, good or bad;
  • His feelings.

SEO expert Alexandre Marotel uses this purely professional platform to meet and exchange with professionals from all sectors in a transparent and authentic way.

You can find his profiles on various platforms:

LinkedIn : Alexandre Marotel

YouTube : Twaino

Facebook : Twaino

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Alexandre MAROTEL

Founder of the SEO agency Twaino, Alexandre Marotel is passionate about SEO and generating traffic on the internet. He is the author of numerous publications, and has a Youtube channel which aims to help entrepreneurs create their websites and be better referenced in Google.

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