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Discover the blog of Agence 90 which brings together the latest news on growth hacking, digital marketing, but above all and also SEO.

Long Description : Agence 90

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The Agence 90 blog is a French platform which is made up of 7 main categories, each of which brings together a certain number of articles. The content shared on this platform are guides, tutorials, techniques, but also tips that will allow you to progress faster in digital marketing, SEO and growth hacking.


Agency 90 Blog

Being up to date with the latest digital marketing and SEO news is a surefire way to improve in the web 2.0 world. But regularly finding relevant information on topics from these two pillars of the web can be complicated.

If you are in this case or perhaps if you are looking for daily updated news resources, you can explore the French blog of Agence 90 which I have described to you below.

Presentation of the Blog ofAgency90

Aren’t news events that happened at the time we write this description or in the recent past? Certainly.

Indeed, the content offered in the Agence 90 blog is mostly news on digital marketing.

More precisely, this blog is a knowledge platform that allows you to follow never-before-seen information related to digital marketing. But also the latest trends in growth hacking.

Thus, by regularly exploring the content offered in this blog, you ensure that you are on the lookout for new developments that appear in these two sectors and in others that revolve around them.

What are the articles on the Agence 90 blog about and who is it aimed at?

In this blog, you will mainly encounter quality articles concerning:

  • natural referencing;
  • the SEA ;
  • Google Ads ;
  • the Amazon platform;
  • the Social Media…

It is an informative website that has a propensity to share recent or latest developments in web marketing and e-commerce.

It is therefore a blog that is aimed at all specialists, experts, professionals or people who are trying to make a name for themselves in digital marketing. But it also concerns companies of all and at all levels.

However, is this blog correctly visited? To answer this question, there are some metrics we want to show you. These will prove to you whether or not this blog has a certain number of visitors.

Key Agency 90 Blog Metrics

For this section, we only focused on certain metrics. Since the latter are the most important to get an idea of ​​the duration that visitors are once in the blog.

And at the same time, know how many there are to visit.

  • Website Authority Score: 41
  • Average length of visit:32 minutes 02 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate: 93,13 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:6,87. k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These are the main measures of the Agency 90 blog. Now, we offer you a small overview of the categories that you will encounter on this blog.

What are the Agence 90 blog categories?

The Agency 90 blog is made up of a number of categories. More precisely 09, but only 07 can be considered as the main ones especially since the two remaining ones form a subcategory. In alphabetical order we have:

1. Amazon 

The articles of this category with the numbers of61 for now discuss recent trends in e-commerce and more specifically Amazon.

Indeed, Amazon is the leader in e-commerce in France and in many other countries for that matter. This means that the platform represents an opportunity that no longer speaks its name, especially for companies wishing to enter the online sales market.

In this first category, you have at your disposal news content as well as practical guides produced by Agence 90 teams. All this will allow you to manage your Vendor Central or Seller Central account profile like a pro in order to better increase your online sales figures.

2. Infographics

Infographics okay, but which address what? Indeed, in this section you can see and read for now10 web marketing infographics.

This is a more precise way of the set of infographics designed by Agence 90. The objective behind the proposal of this section is to bring together in a relevant and attractive visual illustration key information for visitors to the blog . These infographics are dedicated in principle:

  • au SEO ;
  • at the SEA;
  • to Amazon or even;
  • to social networks…

Thus, you will have access to concise and necessarily relevant information that will allow you to learn more about the world of web marketing. And if you have a particular skill to develop in this universe, you will know what to consider or not to consider.

3. Podcast

In this section of the blog, discover monthly news related to:

  • THIS;
  • Marketing digital ;
  • Growth Hacking…

These are not articles or infographics, but audio programs that will make you live as if you were on the set of approaches and techniques relating to the practices to be integrated into your growth strategy.

38 minutes is the average time per month to discover these latest developments related to said practices.

To make up for lost time, you can already click on the following link:Podcast Marketing Digital, SEO & Growth Hacking | Agence 90.

4. SEA

Paid referencing, better known as SEA, is one of the fundamental pillars of online marketing and of course growth hacking. This is a specialization of SEO that must be done with great precision and precautions.

The currentcategory consisting of at least a hundred articles brings together recent news about:

  • Google Ads
  • Amazon 
  • Facebook Ads 
  • Instagram Ads…

Better, this section of the blog is not limited to that, you will also find excellent tips for improving your ROI and acquiring new customers on your website.


It is obvious that no one doubts the importance of natural referencing anymore, whether it is a company or a professional. Thus, having the latest SEO news at your disposal is the best way to get by in this sector.

This is what this category of the blog is all about. Find the following:

  • news analysis
  • Google Ads
  • Google algorithm updates.

Explore this category currently made up of more than237 articles and also discover practical guides and tutorials so that you can train yourself in natural referencing.

These guides and tutorials form a sub-category of this section and are on their own made up of 113 articles which are intended to help you take charge of your SEO strategy yourself.

Besides that, you will have through reading this content the possibility of better applying good SEO practices for your website(s).

6. Social Media 

To acquire new customers and grow your online business, social media is essential. This section of the blog shares the latest news concerning the use of social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok.

In addition to these shares, you haveWE ARE Guides complete and practical to properly and effectively optimize various advertising campaigns associated with these social media. With these guides, get an idea of ​​the right times to post on almost all the famous social platforms.

7. Vocal

This last category of the blog is somewhat interesting. Indeed, aware of the fact that some users prefer voice technology to launch requests on the web, the blog has offered content that highlightsall the news about voice search and AI | Agency 90.

In addition, some users prefer to issue their commands through voice notes because of the ease it provides. This is why having a better understanding of the daily habits of these users who are your customers can be beneficial for your digital strategy.

In this section, you can also read news about these consumer habits.

Here are all the categories available on the Agence 90 blog. But what about guest articles?

Does the Agence 90 blog accept guest articles?

The answer to this question is No. Indeed, the contents written by the contributors of the blog do not bear the mention “Guest Articles”.Additionally, we realize that the contributors to this blog are the members of the Agency 90 team.

Each of them has the skills and experience to write impactful content that elevates the value of the blog and the Agency. Maybe, that’s why this blog doesn’t accept guest posts.

In summary

Finally, what should be remembered is that the Agence 90 blog is well supplied with content. This testifies to the quality of the services offered by the said web marketing agency, which does not accept guest articles.

Further, the blog contents are subdivided into 7 main sections or categories which are:

  • Amazon ;
  • Infographics ;
  • Podcast ;
  • SEA ;
  • THIS ;
  • Social Media ;
  • Vocal.

Each of them deals with news relating to digital marketing and appear as essential resources that no SEOs, e-merchants or digital marketing specialists should deprive themselves of.

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Presentation : Agence 90

Blog Agence90 Logo

Agence 90 is a renowned digital marketing agency in France whose expertise in digital strategy, e-reputation and increase in turnover is widely recognized.

Composed of a team of digital experts, the agency operates throughout France and positions itself as a privileged partner to help its clients grow on the internet.

The agency offers a wide range of digital marketing services, including:

  • Natural and paid referencing;
  • Creation and redesign of sites;
  • Technical and site positioning audit;
  • Writing SEO optimized content;
  • Social ads services.

Agence 90 experts are renowned for their extensive experience and expertise in the field of digital marketing.

They are able to offer sound advice to their clients on all aspects of their communication and their digital strategy and to support them in achieving their objectives.

As a growth partner, Agence 90 is committed to improving the results and return on investment of its clients by using effective digital marketing strategies.

With an unwavering commitment to its clients, Agence 90 is positioning itself as a key player in helping businesses succeed in the ever-changing digital economy.

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