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Short Description : Diggity Marketing

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Discover Diggity Marketing Blog and become more impressive in general culture in terms of natural referencing and online marketing.

Long Description : Diggity Marketing

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Diggity Marketing Blog is a space that offers ultimate guides and especially case studies as well as several other contents with the sole purpose of supporting professionals or specialists who want innovation in the SEO and marketing industry. So, if you want to have quality traffic to your website or review your networking strategy, you can read the content published there.


Diggity Marketing Blog

“If I were to build an SEO site empire, Matt would be one of the very few people I’d go for advice”. Translated into French, this statement says this: “If I were to build an empire of SEO sites, Matt would be one of the few people I would ask for advice”.

This is what Tim Soulo, the famous CMO of Ahrefs, testifies. Thistestimonyis all the more true when you attach particular importance to Matt’s blog.

You will find a myriad of relevant and original information covering the most essential elements in SEO and Digital Marketing. Let’s explore Matt’s Diggity Marketing Blog together to check out this unique testimonial.

Introducing Diggity Marketing Blog

Diggity Marketing Blog is the remarkable combination of SEO and multiple test results produced by the Diggity Lab whose founder is Matt Diggity.

Diggity Marketing Blog was therefore created by the latter. This is a blog that appears as a life principle of the founder. In fact, he has always loved helping others. This means that he continues to publish interesting content on his blog every month.

Content yes, but how is it presented? In effect, it is tangible news content that is primarily intended to provide solutions to concerns about:

  • l’affiliation ;
  • SEO ;
  • websites…

So, if you are a professional, you can read two to three pieces of content per month that push the limits of what is known in SEO today. Another month, you may find that the articles published relate to case studies and end a debate.

One aspect of the Diggity Marketing Blog that is particularly successful and gives it a certain prestige is the overview it offers at the end of each month. What is it actually?

Diggity Marketing Blog Roundups

Thanks Diggity! This is certainly what all blog visitors say after reading the roundups. Clearly these roundups seem to be what gives this blog more pep hence its subscriber count:30.K + subscribers so far.

Indeed, every Monday of the last week of the month, you can read news about SEO. It is more exactly about interesting guide content that covers the latest news in the SEO industry.

These overviews are at first glance long. This is quite normal since the latest news gathered in these articles are illustrated by concrete examples in pictures. You will also find videos selected for the occasion and quality backlinks as well as figures that prove and support this news.

All this forms additional resources that accompany you throughout the following month. What do we say, all year round.

Finally, these news are excellent for improving your culture of natural referencing and digital marketing. You will certainly find useful information to analyze and apply in your next SEO strategies. So thank you Diggity Marketing Blog.

Is this content-rich platform visited? What about these metrics? We will quickly inform you about these.

Key Diggity Marketing Blog Metrics

About the metrics, here are the ones that we think are important to have a clear idea about.

  • Website Authority Score:54
  • Average length of visit:09 min 29 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:82,8 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:163k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

As you can see, the average visit duration is quite high for Diggity Marketing Blog. Maybe it’s because of the articles from the different categories of the blog which provide really relevant and interesting information to read? Anyway, let’s discover these categories together.

Diggity Marketing Blog: The Different Categories

It is absolute that making your brand known to the eyes of the whole world and having a good turnover is what business leaders aim for. To do this, you need a shaker to mix the cocktail ingredientsContent Marketing.

Since it is this union that is the best way to achieve this millennium goal that business leaders are aiming for. The ingredients we were talking about here are operated SEO strategy and online marketing methods.

It is in this vein that Diggity Marketing Blog fits when it offers a myriad of content classified in 4 main categories for a quality user experience. Let’s find out together what the content of these different categories is about.

1. Backlinks

This category brings together a number of content that deals extensively with backlinks and everything that revolves around it. You will find various themes such as:

  • the On-site SEO ;
  • customers ;
  • penalty events…

It is essential to emphasize that this is content in the form of a guide, infographics and interviews. They are remarkably relevant and really informative when it comes to using backlinks.

In principle, backlinks are not simple links, they are a kind of vote of confidence, a recommendation, a way for SEOs to tell visitors to their website:

“This link you see is a source that I fully trust. Take a look see”.

Source : Twaino 

So, whether you are an SEO professional, e-merchant or a business, you must ensure that you regularly gain high-quality backlinks to your website and this more quickly than your competitors.

By searching this category of the Diggity Marketing Blog through this linkBacklinks (, you will find material to now manage your backlinks.

2. Cases studies

This is one of the most important categories of Diggity Marketing Blog. As the name suggests, most of the articles offered in this category are case studies conducted by Diggity Lab.

These articles form ultimate guides to easily succeed in online marketing as well as e-commerce. By reading the contents, you will have a clearer idea of:

  • have quick purchases on your showcase site;
  • quickly convert prospects;
  • to win the loyalty of customers…

Thus, this category is the bridge that will give you access to a broader culture when it comes to marketing and e-commerce. To get an idea of ​​all the contents, just click on this link:Case Studies (

3. Client SEO

  • Research and find the right prospects;
  • Design an excellent marketing pitch;
  • Close the deal.

These previous three points perfectly sum up the easiest way to get SEO clients. It remains to know the best means to set up to succeed in these stages.

Because these can be complex for some SEO professionals. In which case, if they want to know or learn useful tips and ways to achieve this goal, they can read the articles in this category of Diggity Blog.

For sure, they will have case studies and how-to guides so they can easily address the concern of how to get SEO clients.

For example, an algorithmic update from Google can shake up your website’s authority, if you’re not prepared. How to avoid this? The blog gives you valuable insights into the matter.

What if you have common SEO issues? How to identify and solve them? Category itemsClient SEO ( will answer this concern and many others.

4. SEO On site 

To get better traffic to your website, you need to optimize the elements of the site. This is a general truth and no SEO player can refute it.

That said, you need to know the right SEO tools and establish realistic SEO approaches that will bring significant results.

By carefully reading the content of this category, you will have all the cards in your hands to detect the right SEO tools and ideally succeed in your strategy.

Indeed, when your SEO strategy is well established, add to perfectly practical tools, tips and complete guides, you have all the resources to stand out from the competition. And that is what it is mainly about in thiscategory.

You will also find case studies and lots of advice on how to rank your website first in the SERPs of search engines.

If you are wondering if the blog accepts guest posts, then we recommend reading the next section.

Diggity Blog and Guest Posts: What You Need to Know

The first important thing to know about Diggity Blog and guest posts is that the prestigious blog accepts guest posts. But these articles belong to a guest posting service called Authority Builders Co, abbreviated as ABC and filed by Diggity Marketing.

Are guest blog posts free?

You should know that for the publication of guest articles, Diggity Blog proud of its notoriety does not accept all guest posts. In fact, they are very selective with the websites and in this, it only allows the best of them.
On the other hand, it provides a paid service to allow companies to acquire links through guest articles.

Thus, to ensure a service that can provide quality traffic to your site, the publication service of the Diggity Marketing platform guarantees you the placement of your links on sites with excellent traffic and which covers all activity niches. The price for Diggity Marketing guest posts is quite competitive.

How do ABC’s Diggity Blog guest post services work?

The goal of Authority Builders Co is to present excellent quality and hassle-free links through guest posts. To do this, they use the following two solutions depending on the level of control desired.

Guests can:

  1. Take absolute control of the whole process by opting for their own target URLs, anchoring and domain metrics.
  2. Have partial control and let Diggity Marketing’s team of experts take care of everything for them.

Either way, the ABC service manages the process of creating quality content with contextual backlinks to your website.

In conclusion

Diggity Blog is a wealth of relevant information if you want to improve your SEO and online marketing skills. This blog covers the most important aspects of these two broad areas through

  • comprehensive guides;
  • interviews;
  • case studies;
  • etc.

It is a blog subdivided into 4 main categories and is a grouping of high value content if you want to take your digital activities to the next level. Finally, if you have little or no experience in SEO or marketing, this blog is a powerful channel to consider.

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Presentation : Diggity Marketing

Blog Diggity Marketing logo

Diggity Marketing is an SEO company founded by Matt Diggity. The latter is an expert in digital marketing and natural referencing.

Matt Diggity is renowned for his results-driven SEO techniques. He is known for having an approach based on tests and results, rather than theory.

Along with his site, he is also known for providing educational SEO resources, premium links, and face-to-face coaching opportunities.

The Diggity Marketing team is made up of qualified and experienced SEO professionals. It offers SEO, link building, local SEO, and keyword research services.

Additionally, Matt Diggity and his company offer SEO coaching services for SEO professionals and website owners.

Its objective is to provide:

  • Tangible SEO results for its customers;
  • To offer quality educational resources in terms of natural referencing;
  • And maintain high standards in building top quality links.

Matt Diggity is present on social platforms and can be found on:

LinkedIn : Matt Diggity

Facebook : Matt Diggity

YouTube : Matt Diggity

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