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Events | Digital Summits

Short Description : Les Sommets du Digital

Les Sommets du Digital Mise en avant

Participate in a digital event, that tells you: Discover “The Digital Summits” also called “The Summits”.

Long Description : Les Sommets du Digital

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“Les Sommets du Digital” is a flagship event that brings together experts in digital transformation to discuss innovation and future trends.

Description “The Digital Summits” – “The summits”

Like all professional fields, networking occupies a preponderant place for anyone wishing to evolve in the digital world. To do this, it is essential to take part in events dedicated to web issues.

If you are in a French-speaking community and would like to participate in these types of events, know that there are many in which you can participate.

This is the case of “Les Sommets du Digital” which recently took the name “Les Sommets”. In this article, discover this unmissable event and find out how to actively participate.

Detailed presentation of “The Digital Summits”

The event “Digital Summits”, renamed simply “Les Sommets”, embodies the ideal platform for professionals seeking a career in digital transformation.

This annual summit, which began as a digital-focused meeting, has broadened its spectrum to embrace the broader challenges of transforming businesses as a whole.

At “Les Sommets”, participants have the unique opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment where collective intelligence, authenticity and a touch of difference combine to create an unforgettable experience.

The 2022 edition marked a turning point in the history of the event, with programming focused on three crucial axes: rethinking its mission, its organization and its production.

The summit takes place over three intense days of conferences, interviews, networking, workshops and informal evenings. These activities are designed to encourage exchanges, create privileged links and expand the professional network of participants.

Previous editions have seen experts, leaders, innovators, influencers and speakers from all walks of life come and share their experiences with hundreds of national decision-makers.

The event is held in emblematic places, such as the Imperial Palace in Annecy, which offers an exceptional setting for debates and exchanges.

The organizers are committed to providing an eco-responsible experience, with particular attention paid to the environmental impact of the event.

In 2024, it will take place in Méribel on March 25, 26 and 27, 2024. With more than 10,000 participants expected for this year’s edition, participants can take advantage of numerous opportunities for learning, networking and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations.

The themes and activities of this event

This three-day conference features keynotes, panels, breakout sessions, and workshops covering various aspects of digital transformation, including

  • l’IA ;
  • Machine learning;
  • L’IoT ;
  • Le big data ;
  • Cloud computing;
  • cybersecurity;
  • La blockchain.

Attendees can hear from and interact with renowned experts, influencers and pioneers in the field, to gain valuable knowledge and practical advice to apply in their respective organizations.

The activities and themes of “The Summits”

In addition to educational content, Summit on Digital provides attendees with numerous opportunities to expand their network and establish meaningful relationships with other professionals and potential partners.

Various networking activities, such as lunches, happy hours and after hours, allow participants to engage in relaxed conversations and explore areas of possible synergy and cooperation.

Additionally, the Digital Summit serves as a launchpad for cutting-edge products and services related to digital transformation.

There, companies can present their latest offers and make themselves known to a wide audience of potential customers, investors and media representatives.

Additionally, attendees can view live demonstrations and hands-on experiments, allowing them to evaluate and compare different solutions to choose the ones that best meet their needs.

The benefits of this summit for participants

Participating in the Digital Summit offers several benefits, including:

  • Stay informed of the latest trends and developments in digital transformation;
  • Learn from the best experts, practitioners and thought leaders in the field;
  • Expand your network and form strategic partnerships;
  • Discover new and exciting products and services that can drive innovation and efficiency within your organization;
  • Improve skills and expertise through immersive and engaging learning experiences;
  • Be part of a dynamic community committed to advancing digitalization and improving business outcomes.

How to participate in the next editions of “Les Sommets”?

To participate in the next edition of the “Les Sommets” event which will be held, you can register on their official website. Here are the steps to follow for registration:

  • Visit the website of The tops ;
  • Discover the detailed program of workshops, activities and speakers for the 2024 edition;
  • Click the register button to begin the registration process.

The packages for this next edition include transport and accommodation options of your choice. Regarding transport, you have the choice between:

  • Round trip by train from Paris, including shuttle to Méribel, round trip;
  • Sommets shuttle round trip – Lyon St Exupéry – Méribel.

As for accommodation, you have the choice between several partner hotels and duplexes.

Furthermore, note that you can register as a group to participate in the event. In this case, simply contact the organizers.

In summary

The Digital Summit is a great resource for professionals and organizations looking to navigate the complex and dynamic world of digital transformation.

By participating in this event, participants can gain the knowledge, skills and connections needed to thrive in the age of digitalization and create lasting value for themselves and their stakeholders.

To see more events like this, check out our resource list dedicated to SEO and digital marketing in general.

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Presentation : Les Sommets du Digital


The company SOCIÉTÉ KAWA SARL, managed by Xavier Wargnier, is the author of the event “Les Sommets du Digital”, now renamed “Les Sommets”.

This company stands out for its role as a catalyst in the world of digital and innovation. It organizes events that bring together professionals from various backgrounds to discuss trends and challenges in the sector.

Xavier Wargnier, as Director of Publication, is at the heart of this initiative. He is recognized for his expertise in content creation and events, as well as his ability to unite a community around digital issues.

Its strategic vision and collaborative approach have allowed “Les Sommets” to become a benchmark event, where innovative ideas and practical experiences meet to inspire and drive change.

Under the leadership of Xavier Wargnier, SOCIÉTÉ KAWA SARL continues to play a leading role in the entrepreneurial and digital landscape, by offering relevant content and creating spaces for dialogue and reflection.

The company and its director embody the spirit of innovation and commitment to the development and success of digital professionals.

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