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Discover the Merj blog which provides relevant information on SEO techniques, search engines and SEO robots.

Long Description : Merj

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Merj’s blog is an online space that shares mini guides and tips that all content marketers can use. By reading the content published on this blog, SEO professionals will be able to further improve their level in the sector.


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Your SEO strategy is easier to put into practice when you master the most important aspects of search engines and their robots. Except that this mastery is not obtained as easily as you think, even if you are already an expert in SEO.

Under these conditions, it will be necessary to seek more information on these subjects, because the algorithms of search engines are constantly evolving. To get this information, you can think of reading blogs that deal with the subject like the Merj blog.

If you want to know the subjects developed in the content published in this blog in order to better understand search engines and SEO, you can continue reading. Together, let’s discover this blog.

Presentation of the blog Merj

Merj’s blog published their first content on their digital industry knowledge hub on August 16, 2017. This content covered an interesting topic regarding robots.txt monitoring.

Indeed, this blog deals specifically with issues related to search engines and SEO techniques. It is therefore aimed at all professionals or experts in natural referencing.

As you know, it is no longer a secret in the digital world that SEO is one of the fundamental pillars that increases the visibility and turnover of companies.

Thus, mastering all its workings and knowing its latest news must be an advantage that companies and professionals must exploit. And that is what the Merj blog is all about.

But the blog belongs to the digital agency Merj, which we will tell you about shortly since without it the description would have no meaning.

About digital agency Merj

Merj was founded 7 years ago in 2015. The company continues to be active as shown by its recent article published on its blog on November 14, 2022.

More precisely, it is a reliable digital consulting agency that offers the world’s biggest brands sustained digital growth.

This agency works in marketing technology and data engineering to support their clients who want to digitally evolve their businesses.

In addition, their mission is to help leading brands in their market dramatically accelerate their growth and help them operate more efficiently so that they increase revenue.

Merj is a team of digital engineers, consultants, SEO experts who truly know and love what they do. This is a bit of what Merj is.

Coming back to his blog, is he really visited? We present you some important metrics that you absolutely need to know.

Main Merj Blog Metrics

By considering the sector of intervention of the Merj agency, you will have understood that the articles published since 2017 reflect what they do.

Thus, the blog appears as proof of the competence and expertise of the team. Now let’s take a look at the metrics that we felt were most important to know.

  • Website Authority Score: 32
  • Average length of visit:04 minutes 19 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate: 68,37 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:2,30k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Now that you have an idea of ​​the metrics, let’s talk about the articles published in the Merj blog.

What are the Merj blog articles about?

The Merj blog unfortunately does not have enough content on its platform. From its first publication to now, this blog has less than 100 posts.

Number of articles published on the Merj blog

What makes a real blog is not always the quantity of content, but rather the quality. We believe that it is in this perspective that the founder of the agency and therefore of the blog is located.

Indeed, when you open certain articles, you will realize the quality of the information that the agency provides. This is valuable information that deals with the latest Technical SEO news at a specific time. What are the subjects developed in the contents of this blog?

Topics developed in the Merj blog

The vast majority of articles are overviews of SEO techniques. Thus, by spending a little time on these few articles, you will find enough useful resources that will certainly accompany you in any SEO project.

Indeed, the subjects covered by these overviews and the few mini-guides on the blog are numerous. You’ll find it at:

  • API updates;
  • the KPIs;
  • Google and Bing search engines;
  • web development;
  • news about robots.txt;
  • web data…

This is a non-exhaustive list of topics. Which means that there are still many more topics on this blog.

In summary

Our description is a presentation of the Merj blog which belongs to the digital consulting agency Merj. It should be remembered that this blog is not rich in terms of quantities of articles like other blogs despite these 5 years of existence.

Nevertheless, it remains an important blog especially when it comes to resources relating to Technical SEO, search engines and their robots. Thus, it can be useful for SEO professionals and experts.

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Presentation : Merj

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Merj is a digital consulting company passionate about growing its clients. Founded in 2015, it quickly gained a trusted reputation with the world’s largest organizations by providing cutting-edge technology solutions.

Its mission is to accelerate the growth of its customers, enable them to operate more efficiently and increase their income.

Merj and his team promise a stronger online presence to their clients by building company-specific solutions through the combination of data, technology and human insight.

Merj’s team is undoubtedly the key to his success. Composed of engineers, consultants, researchers and experts in the field, it is motivated by the exploration of the unknown.

Whether it is to develop a brand’s profile online or to create a unique experience for your online customers, Merj offers a comprehensive list of services providing solutions tailored to your needs.

It is :

  • Organic search: Improve your visibility as well as your ranking;
  • Paid Media: Amplify your reach with relevant customers;
  • Data Strategy & Insights: Leverage data to strengthen your business;
  • Software and Technology: Create data integrations, semi-automated processes, and Internet of Things ecosystems.

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