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Blog | Conseils Marketing 

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Would you like to learn how to automate your marketing using AI? The Marketing Tips blog teaches you how.

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The Marketing Tips blog is an online platform that provides information about digital marketing. It offers a range of articles on many topics ranging from SEO to social networks through sales.

Blog Description of Marketing Tips

In the age of Artificial Intelligence, there is so much going on in the field of digital marketing that business owners are not even aware of it.

It’s crazy, isn’t it? But these advances will seriously upend the way businesses generate leads, especially with good old fashioned strategies.

So, if you are a business leader or an expert in digital marketing, it is crucial to keep yourself informed on a daily basis of the latest trends in this field.

I know, you’re probably going to tell me that you don’t have a minute to waste browsing dozens of blogs. And there, I completely understand you!

But don’t worry, I have great news for you! There is a blog entirely dedicated to digital marketing, and the best part is that it is updated daily. Incredible, isn’t it? Wait until you see the icing on the cake…

This blog is the famous “Marketing Advice”. Get ready to discover this blog in this description.

 Presentation of the Marketing Advice blog

The Marketing Tips blog aims to help entrepreneurs and marketers achieve their visibility goals.

On the Marketing Tips blog, you will find topics that cover all aspects of digital marketing. The blog posts are organized into different categories, such as SEO, social media, online advertising, etc.

Blog posts are written by marketing professionals with deep expertise in their respective fields. You will benefit from their expertise to improve your online marketing strategies.

The blog is also regularly updated with new articles and relevant information on the latest digital marketing trends. And icing on the cake, all articles and resources on the blog are free.

KWSM blog metrics

To find these metrics, we used the SEOquake extension.

Website authority score: 40

Average length of visit: 12 min 23 s

Average bounce rate: 89.57%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 184k

Blog categories

Marketing Tips offers its articles according to several categories, namely:


The “Sales Promotion” category on the blog is a collection of various articles and resources focused on promotion and marketing strategies.

These articles generally focus on improving the in-store experience through point-of-sale advertising.

These articles will walk you through the essential steps for successful project management and give step-by-step instructions for creating impactful flyers using Canva.

The category also addresses the importance of integrating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) into marketing actions, emphasizing the choice of ecological goodies and the use of digital.

You’ll learn how to increase in-store sales with impactful POS and how to create engaging slideshows with Canva.


The “Referencing” category of the blog offers a multitude of articles and relevant resources to improve the visibility of a website.

The articles cover topics such as optimizing content for search engines, buying domain names, choosing a competent SEO agency, etc.

If you want to learn how to link to other sites, there are also blog posts that will help you learn link building.


The “eMarketing” category of the blog is full of relevant articles to meet your digital marketing needs. You will find free tools, training and courses to improve your presence on the web.

For example, learn how to create a logo for free online with Canva. There is also an article dedicated to B2B marketing trends in 2024.


The “Sales” category of the blog brings together valuable articles and resources for professionals wishing to improve their sales skills.

From the start, you will learn how to make your presence profitable at physical events, such as trade shows or dinners, thanks to the advice of the founder of the BigBoss, Hervé Bloch.

You’ll also learn tips for promoting a book, and growth hacking and artificial intelligence techniques for effectively recruiting and onboarding salespeople into your business.


The “Loyalty” category on the blog offers a variety of relevant articles to strengthen the relationship with your customers.

For example, you will explore the advantages and choices between automated customer service and human customer service, depending on your marketing positioning.

You’ll also get practical tips for redesigning the customer experience and automating without losing the human aspect.


With its many articles, this category brings together articles to improve your email marketing strategies.

By highlighting the choice of the right emailing software Marketing Tips shows through these contents how to set up an automation marketing solution.

You will also discover tips to increase the opening rate of your emails, relaunch your inactive customers, create a list of prospects and automate your sales.

This content will allow you to optimize your emailing campaigns and improve the conversion of your emailing campaigns.


The “Books” category of the Marketing Tips blog offers a varied selection of articles and reviews on books related to marketing and entrepreneurship.

Whether it is to beef up your marketing strategy, better manage your finances, improve your presentation or create your business, these books cover essential subjects.

In addition, there are tips for promoting your own books and recommendations of other influential works.

Other resources from the Marketing Tips blog

This blog also offers free courses and paid training to its users on digital marketing.

Free training

Among the courses available, we have:

100 tips to attract more customers : You will receive a concrete and practical tip by email every day on how to get more customers, covering topics such as emailing, growth hacking and content marketing.

Using Chat GPT for Marketing: A 3-hour training to exploit all the possibilities of this AI in the field of marketing, including publication on social networks, content creation, production of videos and translations.

Challenge to generate leads on social platforms : This 14-day training will teach you the B A BA to easily create content for your Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook accounts.

Mini formation Marketing Automation : A 1h30 training to learn the basics of creating marketing automation scenarios.

Mini formation Growth Hacking : A 1h30 training to learn the basics of applying Growth Hacking to your business.

Paid training

With regard to the paid training offered by Conseils Marketing, we have:

 Growth Hacking : You will discover with the help of this training the basics of Growth Hacking to launch a project. She discusses topics such as creating a sales page as well as marketing automation and boosting its growth.

Find customers with Linkedin in 15 mins / day : Dedicated to B2B marketing, this training shows you how to prospect on Linkedin.

Successful Landing Pages : Do you want to create landing pages that convert visitors as much as possible? This training will be of great benefit to you.

Star Marketing Academy : It gives you access each month to more than 120 minutes of video training on digital marketing.

Boost your traffic with content hacking : You will access key courses allowing you to increase your traffic using the pillars of natural referencing.

Marketing Automation : This training is an introduction to automation marketing.

Boost your business with Chabots : would you like to create a chatbot for Windows or Messenger? Marketing Tips shows you through this training how to automate your customer service actions to facilitate interactions.

Does the Marketing Tips blog accept guest posts?

This blog accepts guest posts and you can become their contributor. For this, consult theireditorial rules to know the style of text they accept published.

If you want to find more sites that accept guest posts, you can browse our platform which is full of more than 1156 French-speaking sites that accept guest articles.

In summary

It should be remembered that this blog is a complete blog on online marketing. It offers content that embraces all aspects of digital marketing.

Regardless of your area of ​​expertise, you can find articles and guides that will help you improve your online visibility.

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Blog Conseils Marketing Logo

Frédéric Canevet, a wonderful person, is the talented author of the famous blog Conseils Marketing. With over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, he is a true expert in his field.

As the editor of his own blog, Frédéric generously shares his knowledge and tips to help you succeed in marketing.

That’s not all ! Frédéric Canevet is also a brilliant co-author ofbook “The Growth Hacking” And he even created a training on the subject. It is a veritable goldmine for those seeking to understand and master this innovative approach.

So, if you are passionate about B2B marketing or if you want to discover the secrets of growth hacking, you cannot do without Frédéric Canevet’s precious advice. Go to his blog and dive into his captivating and enriching articles!

you cancontact on LinkedIn or follow his uplifting Youtube videos:

Youtube : Frédéric Canevet

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