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Do you want to blog well, set up an online business and improve your productivity? Check out DailyBlogTips, a blog that can help you do just that.

Long Description : Daily Blog Tips

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DailyBlogTips is a web interface that brings together several tips and articles on the art of blogging. It also offers various content related to entrepreneurship and online business. It is a blog that also offers tips and techniques to get by effectively in the world of web marketing.


Blog by DailyBlogTips

DailyBlogTips so far has 1600 posts and over 15000 discussions since the year 2006. It is a one-of-a-kind blog that addresses all concerns related to blogging and creating income online.

If you’re a blogger, entrepreneur, or e-tailer, this blog can take you to the next level. Since the trends in these different sectors are only changing and it is important to adapt. Discover below, the essentials to know on the DailyBlogTips blog.

Introducing the DailyBlogTips Blog

DailyBlogTips is a blog that brings together several informative articles, tips and guides to help bloggers flourish in this art.

Because blogging is an art or a passion that can very quickly become a source of additional or fixed income.

Also learn how to make money online effectively through the articles on this blog. Reliable tips and techniques for setting up your e-business are also gathered in this blog.

In addition, you can further improve your general knowledge in web marketing in the DailyBlogTips blog. This will allow you to discover other good practices in this direction to quickly become independent and influential in this flagship digital sector.

More exactly, this blog is more of a comparison and review website that stands out from other sites of the same type. Since this web platform offers genuine unbiased reviews.

Finally, it should be noted that the views or opinions expressed in this blog may come from individual contributors. To this end, these opinions do not necessarily reflect those of DailyBlogTips. Its mission: what is it?

Mission du blog de DailyBlogTips

Before having an idea about the mission of this blog, it is important to know the reasons for its creation. Thus, the DailyBlogTips blog was founded for three key reasons:

  • Making decisions about any purchase should be simple, entertaining and informative.
  • When it comes to spending your hard-earned money, you deserve to have good comparisons and reviews.
  • You avoid paying the full price by finding available coupons.

As for the mission of the blog, here’s what to keep in mind. In fact, DailyBlogTips’ mission is to help you make your shopping experience better by only buying from the right brands at their best prices.

Any blog as it standsHas grades or scores that allow him to distinguish himself from others. This is the case with the DailyBlogTips blog, which has scores that testify to its notoriety.

Main blog metrics from DailyBlogTips

The measurements below were taken using the SEOQuake plugin.

Here they are.

  • Website Authority Score:60
  • Average length of visit:05 minutes 54 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:86,02 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:3,76.k

These measures are proof that this blog enjoys a certain notoriety unlike others. And the average length of visit time shows that this blog which has been sharing advice since 2006 is recommendable. However, what are the categories that structure it?

Let’s see this next.

What are the different categories of the DailyBlogTips blog?

Whether it’s blogging or finding ways to earn income online, it all involves establishing good web approaches. The multitude of articles that this blog brings together is organized into several categories that offer you these procedures for free.


Blogging does not just mean writing about a theme or subject that interests or excites us. It is also having an idea of ​​the tips and advice to monetize your passion.

It is determined the tools and offers necessary to quickly and efficiently progress your blog.

For example, when you start a blog, you must know your audience at all costs. Identify the types of content that interest them, detect their needs and provide them with profitable solutions.

In this category of the blog, discover the right tools, comparisons, advice and practical guides to start, develop and monetize your blog.

This link :Blogging Archives – Daily Blog Tips refers to articles currently available on the subject.


For Andrew Davis, author and keynote speaker at Monumental Shift, Marketing “Content creates relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust generates revenue.”

Without a doubt, Andrew Davis is right. But do you still need to know the best practices to produce quality content? In the Marketing category of this blog, discover tips and tricks for writing quality and engaging content to publish on your blog.

Also find practical guides and marketing techniques to increase traffic to your site. All these contents are redirected to this link:Marketing Archives – Daily Blog Tips.


It is not because the visitor to your website is in search of information that the design of the interface of the site should be neglected. Indeed, the aesthetics of your website greatly impacts the perception that the Internet user of your online activity.

If you want to have valuable advice and reliable information on the design management of your website, this category of this blog is ideal. You will have a maximum of tips and practical guides for the aesthetics of your website.

Click here :Design Archives – Daily Blog Tips.


This category includes advice, techniques but also tips for making money with your website. Also discover practical mini-guides to make your website more profitable.

For example, here are 4 article topics that you can only discover in this category:

  • 6 strategies or approaches to founding a scalable company;
  • effectively building and selling an online business;
  • 8 must-consider tips for entrepreneurship;
  • a web platform to experiment with your affiliate offers…

There, it is only handpicked articles. By exploring this category, after reading a number of articles in this category, you will have everything you need to monetize your website without difficulty. The articles are available here:Money Archives – Daily Blog Tips.


This category is a list of Reviews focused on hosting providers. Discover several offers from various web hosts with the advantages and disadvantages of this choice.

These reviews are opinions and comparisons that allow you to make good decisions about the choice of hosting for your website.

Because without a reliable and beneficial host, there are no authority sites. You will find reviews on web hosts such as:

  • Hostinger ;
  • SiteGround ;
  • Liquid Web ;
  • InMotion…

Most of these articles are unbiased opinions with details on the plans, features, and features of these web hosts. Through this link:Reviews Archives – Daily Blog Tips, you can see what these reviews are about.


One of the great ways to run a business like yours is to work efficiently on your productivity. It is indeed a question of finding the right balance between the performance of your activities and the means implemented.

In this category, learn how to manage your business independently through advice and tips. Find articles on the experience and knowledge of other entrepreneurs and use them wisely to be more productive than before.

You will see article titles like the following:

  • 10 tips for dealing with criticism
  • 10 tips for creating to-do lists like a pro!
  • Effective vs efficient: do you know the difference?
  • Get creative with Google to land your dream job
  • A speed reading trick that works…

As you will have noticed, this is content that will probably help you effectively boost your productivity. To access all the articles in this category, I suggest you click on this link:Productivity Archives – Daily Blog Tips.


Blogging like entrepreneurship without forgetting marketing involves technicality, but also the use of software and tools. This use allows the blogger, entrepreneur and marketer to go faster in tasks that are sometimes time-consuming.

In addition, tools and software make work easier by automating manual tasks that require too much effort. When in reality, his efforts can be used in other aspects of your project.

In the Software category, you will be in front of tools and software that you can use to be more efficient. Discover opinions and comparisons on these.

You will also find articles that discuss the functionalities and characteristics of several tools when faced with a problem encountered in web marketing, blogging and SEO. Tools like:

  • Search Ads WordPress Plugin ;
  • ;
  • ;

Here is a bit of what you will discover in this category. Find other tools and software packages by clicking on this link:Software Archives – Daily Blog Tips.


The world as we see it today is due to a process of technological evolution in all sectors around the world. But especially in the web 2.0 environment.

Every day, new technologies are born and their use in the web environment facilitates tasks and makes other tasks automatic. No more wasting time. But it is still necessary to understand and master these various technologies.

How to exploit them and use them effectively to have a good turnover or win against the competition? Here is a bit of what it is about in the Technology category of the DailyBlogTips blog. This link :Technology Archives – Daily Blog Tips shows you all the articles shared in this section.


 DailyBlogTips is a blog that has lots of helpful resources. In this category, discover the guide: Best web hosting services. A complete guide that lists the characteristics of the best web hosts. Here is the link to that article:Guides Archives – Daily Blog Tips.

Now you have an idea of ​​the different sections or categories covered by DailyBlogTips. But can we say that there are other resources on the blog?

Other resources available on the DailyBlogTips blog

On the blog, there is another resource available. This resource titled Popular is, as the name suggests, a collection of popular articles. In fact, these are articles that have been able to collect a lot of comments from readers after publication.

Here is a Top 5 of these popular articles.

  • 28 Ways to Make Money With Your Website (596 comments);
  • 43 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid (544 comments);
  • 30 Traffic Generating Tips (351 comments);
  • 50 Easy Ways to Gain RSS Subscribers (145 comments);
  • 4 Steps to Increase Your Blog Traffic (144 comments).

There are many other interesting articles, but these are the ones that have more comments than the others. And certainly the reason for this is undoubtedly the reliability and quality of these articles. Let’s find out now if this blog practices guest blogging.

The DailyBlogTips blog and guest posts?

The DailyBlogTips web platform has a good authority score. But despite this, this is a blog that would not accept guest posts. In fact, at the beginning of each article shared on the website, you can easily see the name of one of the following authors and contributors.

  • Daniel – programmer and entrepreneur located in Brazil in Sao Paulo;
  • Donny – entrepreneur, author and investor;
  • But Luke – writer, blogger with 4 books including a trilogy to her credit;
  • Gregory Ciotti – head of the Shopify marketing team;
  • Mark Felix – digital entrepreneur in New York and having acquired DBT;
  • Steven Snell – web developer and blogger;
  • Skellie – writer and entrepreneur from Melbourne, Australia.

Whatever he anyway, if you wantto know other blogs that accept guest posts, just left-click on this link:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR / EN].

In conclusion

DailyBlogTips is a really interesting blog in that the articles, advice, opinions… that it brings together can really be useful to all web professionals. They are reliable and well detailed. This is a blog to keep in your favorites.

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Presentation : Daily Blog Tips

Blog Daily Blog Tips Logo

Daily Blog Tips is a platform that provides daily tips on blogging, marketing, blog monetization, online traffic, and more.

Behind this platform are Donny Gamble and Lauren Gamble, a team of experts who seek to help:

  • bloggers;
  • Webmasters ;
  • Online marketers;
  • Web entrepreneurs.

Note that other contributors regularly intervene on this site to provide visitors with resources that can help them achieve their goals.

These resources range from blog posts to comprehensive guides and are related to blogging, marketing, productivity, and marketing software. The site also has more than 1600, which makes it a unique place to findsome answers to all your questions related to blogging and creating income online.

Above Daily Blog Tips

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