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Blog | Marko Saric

Blog | Marko Saric

Short Description : Marko Saric

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Learn how to create a blog in WordPress, manage it and monetize it by reading the guides and advice from Marko Saric’s blog.

Long Description : Marko Saric

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Marko Saric’s blog is a personal website that publishes how-to guides on WordPress. You will also find useful tips and tricks to start a blog, manage it and monetize it in an effective way..

Description of Marko Saric’s blog

Starting a blog with WordPress is not always an easy task. Between the lack of experience, the multiple features of this CMS and industry trends, it is better to learn step by step to have a successful WordPress blog.

For this, it is advisable to exploit certain resources, most of which are generally found in blogs. One of these blogs is that of Marko Saric.

This is a content-rich blog addressing WordPress themes and blogging. What should we know about the latter and its themes? Find out about it next.

Presentation of Marko Saric’s blog

Marko Saric’s blog is a personal and independent website whose owner is naturally Marko Saric. Based on his multiple personal experiences, he shares high-value articles on his blog that provide guidance on how to:

  • Understand and master WordPress and
  • Blogging effectively.

Indeed, almost all of the articles available on Marko Saric’s blog pursue a specific objective. That of teaching all visitors how to start a blog and make it successful.

So don’t be surprised to regularly find several guides and advice on the website for getting started in creating a blog. You will also have at your disposal valuable tips for managing and monetizing a blog.

Marko Saric’s blog is an amazing resource if you’ve started blogging and want to go professional. It is also the same if you already have experience. In fact, chances are you’ll discover another aspect of blogging that you may have never considered.

But is this blog really reliable? Having anticipated this perfectly normal question, we took the trouble to verify these metrics. This will allow you to judge whether this blog is credible or not.

Main metrics from Marko Saric’s blog

Here are the main metrics of the blog. These were collected using the SEOquake add-on:

    • Authority Score: 19
  • Monthly organic traffic:7,10 k
  • Average length of visit:04 minutes 38 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:60,47 %

It is time to specify that these data are approximate since we took them during the writing. At any time, they can change.

Unlike many blogs, the posts on this one have not been categorized. However, we can tell you about the themes that often emerge in the content that Marko Saric shares on his website. Let’s take a closer look at all of this.

Main topics covered in Marko Saric’s blog

There is no doubt that several themes have been addressed on Marko Saric’s personal site. But among those-There , some are recurring, including:

  • WordPress;
  • Blogging;
  • Google.

What aspects of these themes are addressed in the content of his blog? Let’s find out this.


WordPress is certainly the theme thatEastcoverIt isrtIt isaboutthe vast majority of content published on the blog. If by chance you have no knowledge of the WordPress CMS or if you want to discover other aspects of its use, you are surely in the right place.

This theme is covered in almost all the guides available on Marko Saric’s website. It is also treated in several informative contents. Here are some must-read content:

You have certainly already understood it, learn everything about WordPress and use this CMS to create your blog, manage it and monetize it. With this theme, you will discover several WordPress segments such as:

  • Best WordPress Themes;
  • Plugin WordPress ;
  • WordPress comparisons to other CMS;
  • SEO WordPress…

That’s kind of the idea behind the tips, tricks and techniques offered by Saric with the WordPress theme as its content center.


This theme is very recurrent in the articles that Saric publishes on his blog. But this is completely normal, because after all it is the objective of the creation of its site. This is a topic that is covered in practical guides, tips and tricks for creating and managing a blog.

Content that deals with this theme also gives you the essential keys and techniques to effectively monetize a blog. For example, here is some interesting content that revolves around this theme:

Here it is just a random choice. By searching this block of content, you will find other content dealing with this theme, giving you lots of ideas to quickly start a successful blog.


This is a theme which, even being the main one, appears less often than the two previous ones. Articles that address this topic do not always deal directly with Google. You may find articles about Googleanalytics. Here are some examples of articles that address this topic.

As you have noticed, this theme is often addressed in informative content, but also in guides.

We are at the end of the presentation of the most recurring themes in the content of Marko Saric’s blog. Now you know what Marko Saric’s posts are about.

Small precision concerning the publications of Marko Saric

Saric’s blog is undoubtedly a reliable blog that publishes quality content. Although these publications are like this, we have made a small point. It could be that for almost 3 years now, Marko Saric has not published any content on the blog.

Maybe he would have taken a break for now? Anyway, for now, there are no more publications. Let’s just hope they start these posts again since these articles are very informative. Did it allow guest posting?

Marko Saric’s blog agreesIt is-the guest articles?

Marko Saric’s blog is personal. It is quite visited despite the lack of publication in the last two years. But since the time of content publications, Marko saric did not accept guest articles on his blog.

However, if you want to get an idea of ​​blogs that allow guest posts, you should follow this link:+1156 Blogs to Publish your guest articles [FR/EN]

In summary

Marko Saric’s blog is a website that teaches you how to start a blog in WordPress, manage it and make it successful. If you are a beginner or a professional, you can deepen your blogging knowledge by reading the guides and tips shared by Marko Saric.

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Presentation : Marko Saric

Blog Marko Saric Logo

Marko Saric is the co-founder of web analytics tool, Plausible Analytics. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in marketing management, this expert has accumulated many years of experience in the field of content marketing and in the management of social networks.

Today, he is the marketing and communication manager around the Plausible Analytics open source project, which is an excellent alternative to Google Analytics. Indeed, this analysis tool, unlike that of Google, respects the privacy of users.

Plus, Plausible Analytics is easy to understand and use. Being open source, it is accessible to everyone since the source code can be viewed, inspected, then revised and distributed.

On hisblog personnel, Marko offers various content that aims to help website owners and developers. These, thanks to his advice and tips, will now be able to design a site and administer it successfully.

Would you like more information about this expert Marko Saric? You can then reach him by mail via his

However, it is reachable on the networksMastodon AndTwitter.

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