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Blog | LiveMentor

Short Description : LiveMentor

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Do you want to acquire knowledge and techniques to carry out your entrepreneurial project? Then discover the blog of the LiveMentor company.

Long Description : LiveMentor

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LiveMentor is a company specializing in entrepreneurial training. From the height of its eleven years of experience, it has risen to the ranks of organizations that support entrepreneurs and self-employed workers in their projects. His blog therefore offers content focused on training, professional retraining and the creation or management of a business. You will be able to find tips and effective advice to better finance and implement your business projects.

LiveMentor’s blog

Today, entrepreneurship is one of the essential factors for economic evolution and development. Many people are trying their luck by embarking on this adventure.

Nevertheless, it must be said that the field of entrepreneurship can be a slippery slope for any novice. It is therefore appropriate tosee shapes and above all to draw inspiration from those who have succeeded.

LiveMentor is a companyspecialized in support and training for business project leaders.

Through her blog, she provides very interesting content that will help you carry out your business project. Discover our detailed description of this platform.

Introducing the LiveMentor Blog

TheLiveMentor’s blog is created by three leaders, who are all entrepreneurs specializing in training. Indeed, Alexandre Dana and his partners, Charles Lefebvre and Grégoire Clermont, founded the company LiveMentor in 2012 while they were still students.

At the time theydispense tutoring at home, but they have now extended their services to online training. Today, the company offers a variety of training courses that take place via videoconference.

These are accessible to entrepreneurs, self-employed workers and freelancers alike. Learners are accompanied by Mentors who follow them, listen to them and guide them in carrying out their projects.

LiveMentor’s vision is to help all project leaders make them a reality by acquiring the skills and techniques they need. Its team also includes contractors on open-ended contracts, but who are all self-employed.

They also benefit from training programs offered by the company itself. In addition, team members work under very flexible working conditions that allow them to offer the best of themselves.

To feed the blog, many authors and contributors publish regular and above all very edifying content. You won’t browse the blog without learning something new.

Mathias Savary, Anthony Techer, Sarah Lagarde-Gillot and Florian Zorgnotti are among these authors and contributors who publish articles on the LiveMentor blog.

What are LiveMentor’s blog metrics?

LiveMentor’s site metrics track its performance. Let’s find out:

  • Website authority score : 48
  • Average length of visit: 09 min 58 s
  • Average bounce rate : 56,74 %
  • Monthly organic traffic volume : 222 k

Note : These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the various categories of the blog of the LiveMentor site

For a better organization of its blog, LiveMentor offers content according to three (3) main categories:

  • Training (funding),
  • Get inspired (inspiration),
  • Undertake.

See shapes

Inthis category, the authors of LiveMentor offer guides, content on various themes and branches of entrepreneurship.

For example, you’ll find articles on digital marketing, WordPress, online sales, SEO, public speaking, and even time management.

Similarly, you can read tips and practical advice to better deliver your training if you are a trainer.

Also, after reading these contents, you will be able to find means of financing for your various training courses. These relate to social media such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok or even LinkedIn.

Finally, you will find content relating to topics such as Networking, Copywriting and the use of Google Ads.

get inspired

As we have stated, to embark on entrepreneurship, it is important to draw inspiration from the paths of other entrepreneurs. Far from doing exactly like them, you can learn from their failures and also from their successes.

To do this, the LiveMentor blog also offersa section in which you will find testimonials many entrepreneurs.

In addition, if you are hesitant to opt for a professional retraining because you do not understand how it works, then you can consult this section.

In addition, this category allows you to discover the odysseys of some entrepreneurs thanks to LiveMentor’s Odysseys magazine. The experiences and adventures of each other will undoubtedly bring you a lot more.

Finally, you can access many podcasts in this same “Get inspired” section. Of course, you can listen to them directly on music apps like Spotify and Deezer.


This category addresses all questions relating to the creation, takeover and management of a business. She also offers tips, tricks and advice for all freelancers.

Furthermore, the section”Undertake”of LiveMentor includes content that will allow you to structure a side project in addition to your current job. You also have effective guides to test your business project.

Finally, you will find investment tips and techniques that will undoubtedly help you to derive fairly substantial and satisfactory income from your investments.

What other LiveMentor platform resources are there?

In addition to these different categories, the LiveMentor blog offers other resources. Here they are :

Free courses

At LiveMentor, you can enroll in free distance learning courses. All you have to do is fill in your name, your email address and the theme or sector in which you wish to acquire skills. You will therefore receive your free lessons by email.

The LiveMentor Shop

In theLiveMentor shop, you will find many books to order. You can also subscribe to the Odyssées des entrepreneurs magazine.

L’application LiveMentor

This application facilitates access to content and training on the LiveMentor site. Project leaders will be able to benefit from four different tools which are:

  • The follow-up sheet ;
  • A library that represents the space dedicated to lessons ;
  • A courier ;
  • Webinars.

An important detail to clarify is that the application provides definitive access to the courses themselves at the end of the distance training period.

Does the LiveMentor site accept guest posts?

Guest posts are a great strategy for boosting a company’s visibility. LiveMentor therefore allows guest posts on its blog.

However, these must be interesting and, above all, fall within the theme of the LiveMentor site in question. Authorsguests the most regular are Anthony Técher, CEO of SEOQuantum and the Simplébo company.

In summary

LiveMentor is a useful blog for all entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent workers. Its training and instructive content are all elements that make it one of the most visited sites.

We note that the blog has three main categories, all containing content intended to train project leaders.

Also, the site offers three interesting resources, namely the free courses, the course application and the store. You will have to take a tour on this platform to discover them.

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Presentation : LiveMentor

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LiveMentor is a training organization for entrepreneurs, based in Paris, which helps business creators to launch and carry out their project, with the help of experienced mentors.

It was created about 10 years ago under the initiative of Alexandre Dana, the co-founder, with the ambition of helping new entrepreneurs to create and develop their businesses..

The team behind LiveMentor has already supported more than 16,000 entrepreneurs, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 on Trustpilot.

The training services offered by LiveMentor are complemented by content posted on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. The site also uses its blog to share their knowledge with their audience.

On this blog, the LiveMentor team regularly publishes articles dealing with various topics related to entrepreneurship, namely: marketing strategy, project management, finance and team management.

Articles are written by team members, all of whom are experienced professionals in their area of ​​expertise. Note that LiveMentor also offers paid online training to deepen certain topics.

Alexandre Dana is present on social networks:

LinkedIn : Alexandre Dana

Twitter : Alexandre Dana

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