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Want to learn how to optimize your social marketing strategy? Discover the KWSM blog.

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The KWSM Blog is an online portal that posts useful social media news, tips and advice. You will find many articles on this blog that will allow you to improve your social media strategy.

Description blog KWSM

Social media are nowadays essential marketing tools that companies must know how to use to achieve their online visibility objectives.

The KWSM blog is a blog dedicated to social media marketing where you will find several relevant resources to boost your performance on social platforms.

Through this description, we discover this blog and its various articles.

Introducing the KWSM Blog

This blog is the blog of KWSM, a digital marketing agency. It features articles on:

  • digital marketing;
  • Social media ;
  • brand reputation;
  • marketing content;
  • Etc.

Here you can find case studies, news and information on online marketing trends.

He regularly publishes articles on topics such as:

  • Brand journalism;
  • The use of Twitter in a digital marketing strategy;
  • La conception mobile-first des sites web ;
  • Sending press releases;
  • Etc.

You can find practical advice, case studies, and ideas to improve your digital marketing strategy.

KWSM blog metrics

To find these metrics, we used the SEOquake extension.

Website authority score: 24

Average visit duration: 00min 2s

Average bounce rate: 34.35%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 3.69k

These metrics demonstrate that this blogto a traffic modest.

KWSM blog categories

KWSM offers several categories of articles.


This category concerns the field of search engine optimization and digital marketing (SEO/SEM) and presents the services offered by KWSM, a digital marketing agency.

You can find articles and information on the different topics of natural referencing, lead generation and SEO writing.

In an effort to help its visitors convert their traffic better, the blog also shares articles on user experience, including tactics for providing user-friendly web pages.


Through this category, you will find tips related to blogging. KWSM has dedicated an entire article to blogging formats. He also shares content on:

  • Brand journalism;
  • Advice for brands seeking visibility;
  • The importance of SEO copywriting;
  • The principles of copywriting and much more.

Content Marketing

Articles in this category cover different aspects of content marketing, from the importance of words and content in digital marketing to the brand journalism approach to content marketing.

You’ll also discover content on the impact of language on digital marketing, Google’s content marketing guidelines, and the importance of SEO for small businesses.

In a context where generative AIs are very popular, the blog also publishes content on AI writing software.

Email Marketing

This category offers articles and information on email marketing, an effective method to reach your target audience.

The articles cover different aspects of email marketing, such as:

  • Writing effective marketing emails;
  • The creation of marketing newsletters;
  • Marketing trends for 2023;
  • Improved email design to increase user retention;
  • The use of animated images in email profiles;
  • Etc.

These articles provide tips, strategies, and relevant information to help you profit from your email marketing campaigns.

Google Ads/PPC

Articles in this category refer to online advertising on Google, specifically the pay-per-click (PPC) method.

Theyprovide advice and strategies related to advertising on Google Ads as well as managing PPC campaigns.

This includes topics such as the new destination requirements for Google Ads ads and the importance of online lead generation, the use of location-based ads.

With these articles, site owners will be able to take advantage of the opportunities and tools offered by online advertising on Google.

KWSM Case Studies

In this category, KWSM presents case studies that highlight specific projects carried out for its customers.

These case studies provide real-life examples of strategies, tactics, and results achieved through digital marketing services provided by KWSM.

Each case study highlights the challenges faced by the client, the solutions implemented by KWSM and the results achieved in terms of lead generation, sales and online visibility.

By sharing these case studies, KWSM demonstrates its expertise and ability to deliver real results in the field of digital marketing.

Social Media

This page features blog posts related to social media. The publications focus on social media platforms as well as marketing and content management strategies for these platforms.

These are articles that provide practical tips, tricks and case studies on Instagram;

  • Facebook ;
  • Twitter ;
  • LinkedIn ;
  • TikTok.

By exploring this category, you can gain useful insights to improve your social media presence, increase your engagement with your target audience, and optimize your social media strategy.

Other KWSM blog resources

KWSM also offers workshops, namely:

Social Media Bootcamp

The Social Media Bootcamp offered by KWSM is designed to help small business owners better understand the benefits of social media for their business.

It includes best practices and techniques specific to each platform such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

Classes are delivered through webinars. Plus, participants get a lifetime membership to a private Facebook group where they can ask questions and exchange ideas.

The webinars can be purchased individually, and you also have the option of purchasing all four sets.

Video Studio Day OC

This is an event where business owners can shoot professional videos at KWSM at a much lower cost than shooting on location.

Digital Marketing Bootcamp

KWSM’s Digital Marketing Workshops in Orange County are designed to help you master promoting your business on social media in just four weeks.

These are webinars that will guide you through setting up a lead generation campaign, from initial strategy to optimizing your website, increasing traffic and retaining leads.

Does the KWSM blog accept guest posts?

There is no clear code as to whether the KWSM blog accepts guest posts. It is best to contact the blog to inquire about submission guidelines and the specific topics they are looking for.

To find other blogs that accept guest blogging, you can check out ourplatform which includes 1156 sites who receive guest posts.

In summary

It should be remembered that the KWSM blog is a space full of articles on digital marketing, including social media, emailing, SEO, etc.

By browsing this blog, you will benefit from many tips and advice to improve your digital marketing strategy.

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Blog KWS Logo

Kate Wagner is a seasoned journalist who has devoted more than 15 years to her career. With degrees in broadcast journalism and international relations, she has worked for major media outlets such as CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN and National Public Radio.

In addition to her television and radio work, Katie has hosted her own talk show and written for renowned newspapers and blogs. In 2010, she foundedKWSM, an agency that helps businesses connect online by telling their story in a compelling way.

Katie is a member of several professional organizations and has received the Champion for Children Award for her commitment to child safety online.

She also shares her expertise as an entrepreneur-in-residence and mentor for university programs.

Outside of work, Katie is an American Humane Association Certified First Aider and spends time volunteering at animal shelters.

She loves the outdoors and spends time hiking with her five rescue dogs and stabled with her horse. Katie is a passionate and committed person, putting her talent and generosity at the service of others.

You can reach Katie Wagner by:

LinkedIn : Kate Wagner

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