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Do you know that the Mangools site has a blog on which its experts share articles on SEO? Discover this blog and its contents.

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The Mangools blog is a space where the famous Mangools site publishes articles on SEO and digital marketing in general to help its users and visitors deepen their knowledge. It tags articles according to several subjects to make it easier to find content related to a given subject.


Although Mangools was created in 2014 to help users improve their natural referencing, this company which offers a suite of SEO tools has quickly grown to also offer an informative and educational blog.

It is a portal through which the site shares various kinds of educational resources to its visitors about SEO. In effect,53,3 % of all website traffic is generated through organic search.

Site owners must therefore take an interest in natural referencing to know how to format their site to drawparty traffic from the web.

Browsing the Mangools blog can therefore be very useful for people wishing to develop their knowledge of SEO.

Through this description, we will explore this blog and the different kinds of content it offers.

Introducing the Mangools Blog

Through its blog, Mangools intends to simplify the learning of natural referencing. To this end, the site designs and publishes several types of content, including:

  • The guides ;
  • Case studies;
  • The tips and tricks.

On this blog, you will find articles that are aimed at both natural referencing specialists and people who are new to this field.

Among the content you can consult, we obviously have blog articles, but also tutorials and videos on key topics of search engine optimization.

If you have specific questions, you can also browse the FAQ section which answers the most common questions asked by Mangools users.

Note that it is on blog that Mangools shares information and news about its tools. In other words, if you are a user of the Mangools tool suite, you will find detailed articles on the various updates on this blog.

Likewise, you will find articles about their tools, including user guides and how to integrate these tools into your SEO strategy.

In addition, you will find on this blog news and trends related to natural referencing.

Mangools blog metrics

This blog’s metrics are one of the reasons why you need to bookmark this blog. They demonstrate how much this blog is appreciated in the SEO community.

With these metrics that we have collected using the SEOquake tool, we can clearly see that people are spending time on the blog, hence the bounce rate is low. Note, however, that these metrics may change over time.

The Main Types of Mangools Blog Topics

The articles are spread across several topics.

General SEO & Search Engines

In this category of articles, you will find content related to SEO. With regard to the main articles of this category, we can cite:

  • SEO guide: This is a complete guide to natural referencing, including the fundamentals of this discipline;
  • Ranking factors: This article takes stock of the ranking factors that search engines use to position sites;
  • SEO vs. SEM: If you don’t know the difference between SEO and search engine marketing, this article reveals everything you need to know;
  • White hat / Black hat: With this content, you will discover the ethical practices of SEO known as White hat or white hat and the unethical practices known as Black hat or black hat;
  • Search Engines: This is an article that discusses how search engines work;
  • Search and indexing: To know how the mechanism behind the indexing of websites as well as their pages, this is an article that you absolutely must consult.
  • Google algorithm: This is an article entirely devoted to the algorithm of the American firm.
  • SERP.

Keyword Research

There is no optimization without keyword research. It is on the strength of this observation that the Mangools blog has devoted an entire category to keyword research.

Through this category, the blog shares many articles that can allow visitors to master the search for keywords to succeed in this stage of the content strategy.

You will also find articles that cover all aspects of keyword research, including:

  • Keyword Research Guide;
  • Long-tail keywords;
  • Keyword difficulty;
  • Search volume;
  • Research intent;
  • Keyword stuffing;
  • Keyword density;
  • Google Keyword Planner.

On-Page SEO

This category includes articles on the fundamental aspect of natural referencing which is on-page optimization.

In fact, it is through this type of SEO that you really optimize your site, because it concerns the aspects of your site over which you have control.

For example, you can optimize the meta tags of your web pages while you cannot decide yourself to create backlinks.

For articles in this category, you can read:

  • Guide SEO On-Page ;
  • Image referencing;
  • Content hubs;
  • Keywords LSI;
  • Title tag;
  • Meta description;
  • Internal links;
  • Targeted keyword;
  • Image alt text.

Technical SEO

With this category, you discover articles that address the technical aspect of SEO. This is one of the fundamental questions about SEO, as it is comparable to the engine of a vehicle.

Even if you refuel, you will only be able to drive safely if your engine is in good condition. So to find out if your website is in good condition, you should look at the articles in this category.

They address in particular:

  • Google Search Console ;
  • Page speed;
  • Structured data;
  • XML sitemap;
  • Duplicate content;
  • Robots.txt ;
  • Redirects;
  • Canonical tag;
  • Hreflang.

Backlinks & Link Building

This category is dedicated to how to build backlinks with high authority sites. Indeed, backlinks are in the form of votes and each site that links to yours vouches for your site.

So search engines find your site relevant when popular sites link to yours. And to get these sites to actually link to you, you need to have a well-established strategy in place.

You discover the different strategies in this category of the Mangools blog, in particular with the articles:

  • Backlinks ;
  • Link building techniques;
  • Liens nofollow vs. dofollow ;
  • Anchor text;
  • Link juice.

Website Traffic & Analytics

This category contains articles on how to gather data on your SEO to know if the strategies you are putting together are actually working.

Indeed, it is not enough to just implement SEO, but you also need to track and measure traffic and other metrics on your site.

The Mangools blog shares you in this category, many articles on how to track and how to obtain these metrics. For example, you will find the following articles:

  • What is Google Analytics and how do I use it?
  • Measure SEO;
  • Ranking follow-up;
  • Rebound rate ;
  • CTR (click-through rate).

Other Mangools blog resources

In addition to Blog articles, Mangools also offers:


As the name suggests, it is an encyclopedia of the most important SEO terms to know. The Mangools blog has detailed articles on these SEO terms, which will allow you to deepen each SEO concept.

Case studies

Mangools “Case Studies” section offers real-life examples of how the SEO tools it offers have helped some businesses improve their SEO.

You can use these case studies to see how Mangools tools can be applied in a real situation.


These are interviews with SEO experts who share their advice and their experiences. By following these interviews, you can learn from the experience of renowned SEO professionals and apply their advice and strategy.

Mangools frremium tools

Note that Mangools has several tools that you can test during your SEO learning.

KWFinder : To find the best keywords on which you can write content and boost the performance of your site;

SERPChecker: To analyze Google search results and identify SEO opportunities.

SERPWatcher : It allows you to follow the positioning of your keywords in Google and follow the evolution of your organic traffic.

LinkMiner : It is a tool to find and analyze the backlinks of any website.

SiteProfiler : To assess the authority and popularity of a website.

Mangools free tools

Mangools offers free tools that are useful for digital marketing professionals. It is :

  • Free SEO ;
  • SERP volatility checker ;
  • Browser extension ;
  • SERP simulator ;

Browser extension is a browser extension that allows you to analyze the websites you visit.

Regarding SERP simulator, it allows you to simulate the results, including how your web page can be displayed in the SERPs for a given keyword.

You can use these different tools to boost your digital marketing strategy.

Does the Mangools blog accept guest posts?

This renowned blog accepts guest articles, whether they come from SEO experts or freelance writers.

In other words, you can publish your articles on this blog and get valuable links in return. It should nevertheless be noted that your articles must respect Mangools guidelines for articles.

Also, if you need to link to other sites through guest posting, see our platform that includes more than 1156 sites that accept guest posts.


In view of the above, the Mangools blog is a useful resource for people specialized in natural referencing, whether they are beginners or professionals.

If you want to find other blogs with which you will learn natural referencing, you can consult our platform which brings together blogs related to SEO, digital marketing, etc.

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Peter Hrbacik is the founder and CEO of Mangools. Passionate about technology since a young age, he startedThis to be programmed around the age of twelve. His dream was to develop a solution that would attract thousands of people.

Peter Hrbacik became over time a dbudding backend server infrastructure developer primarily for US-based startups. To put it simply, he is a Ruby Full Stack developer.

In his spare time, he likes to travel to visit as many places as possible. With the Mangools project in 2014, he was finally able to realize his dream of creating a set of very easy to use SEO tools.

You have the option of joiningPeter Hrbacik to these social profiles as follows

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