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Want to follow the evolution of content marketing and SEO? Discover the iPullrank blog which will help you with this objective.

Long Description : Ipullrank

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The iPullrank blog is an online space that has several informative articles related to natural referencing and SEO. These articles which are ultimate guides, tips and tricks allow you to broaden your vision of digital. Also discover in this space videos and podcasts animated by professionals of the agencyiPullrank and which are related to SEO and marketing.


iPullrank’s Blog Description

To keep up to date with SEO and marketing news, and at the same time find a healthy way to grow in these two sectors, you can read blogs.

These online libraries are a source of adequate information and inspiration if the end goal is to improve even more in these areas. Although there are several blogs on the Internet, not all of them are unanimous.

If you are on this article, it is certainly because you are looking for blogs that will bring you real added value. So much the better since today we present one of these blogs. This is precisely the iPullrank blog. Let’s find out together.

Introducing the iPullrank Blog

The iPullrank blog is a website that reflects through the various content published on its platform the effectiveness of the iPullrank agency. In fact, this is a blog that brings together:

  • SEO and marketing news;
  • SEO tactics to easily win against the competition;
  • opinions from the natural referencing industry and many other elements…

Thus, with this web platform, you constantly come across ideas, practical guides and valuable advice relating exclusively to SEO and content marketing.

This blog is then a website that can be used by all players in the web marketing environment, regardless of their different levels and objectives. Just remember this about the blog.

The iPullrank blog allows you to follow the evolution of SEO and content marketing through a series of articles. Articles that will provide you with the information you need to excel, climb the ladder quickly and grab the visibility of the competition.

Since the blog is a proof of the performance of the agencyiPullrank, it would be relevant to have an overview of the results and approach of this digital marketing agency.

AT About iPullrank agency

AT at the forefront of technical SEO and audience-based SEO as well as content engineering, iPullrank is a pioneering American content marketing and enterprise SEO agency.

Their people-centric approach has earned them over $2 billion in organic search results for their clients. Like many blogs, that of iPullrank has metrics that we invite you to discover.

iPullrank’s main blog metrics

The blog metrics that we think you absolutely need to know are as follows.

  • Website Authority Score:46
  • Average length of visit:04 minutes 02 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:78,45 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:18,9. k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

This data forms the essential metrics of the ipullrank blog that we have collected based on the SEOquake plugin. Let’s continue with the categories offered by this blog.

iPullrank blog categories

The iPullrank blog is made up of several articles divided into several categories, thus structuring the face of the blog. Here is an overview of each of these categories.


With the number of queries that feed search engines every day, SEO remains a singularly important customer acquisition tool for any business with a web presence.

Learning about the latest trends in SEO can be important for these businesses. This will allow them to improve their ranking in the SERPs or to develop effective strategies.

Techniques, tips and advice in terms of SEO are the articles that are grouped in this category. And you can read them all via thislien.


Discover in this category of the iPullrank blog, practical guides, techniques and tips to improve your content on the web.

For example, learn how to assess and correct your poor content performance. Also master the use of search engines and many other elements concerning the management of the content of your web pages.

If you want to have the full blog posts for this category, you should take a look here:content posts.

Content Strategy

Marketing content strategy for your e-commerce site or the use of a persona to develop your content strategies. What types of content for which audiences? The role of images in your content strategy…

And enough other aspects related to content strategies. In this category, find tips, practical guides, but also relevant and reliable advice to improve all your content marketing strategies.

Indeed, this category can allow you to effectively improve your ranking. The published content will allow you to quickly impose yourself against the competition. Because when your strategy is well developed, you will get excellent results.

Audience Research 

In this category, find relevant information on the impact that the examination of your various audiences can bring. This is a category that brings together appropriate techniques and tips to get by if you are a web marketer.

You will also find in this category ultimate guides like market research for media startups and many other tips related to audience research.

This is the category to consider if you want to establish a concrete and beneficial marketing strategy for your business. The following linkBlog | What’s New At iPullRank Digital Marketing Agency is full access to articles in this category.


This category is very interesting from a professional point of view. Indeed, the articles gathered in this category give you all the cards in hand to manage and develop yourmarketing or SEO agency.

This is therefore a category that is particularly aimed at agency owners. However, if you are having trouble getting started, all you have to do is explore the articles in this category. You will certainly find advice, techniques and guides to get by.

Digital Marketing

Thiscategory is a collection of articles with interesting content that cover all segments related to online marketing. You will discover articles that will offer you the best practices to adopt in terms of digital marketing.

Read really informative and relevant cheat sheets to easily establish yourself in this sector. Whether mini-guides or complete guides, you have in these articles important lessons to demystify this sector if it was for you.

AT Apart from these categories, the blog has several other resources whose presentation may be useful to you. Together, let’s see what it’s all about.

Other resources available on the iPullrank blog

The other resources available on the iPullrank blog are 7 in number and are just as important as the blog categories. Here they are :

1. Case studies

This resource brings together the case studies orchestrated by the iPullrank agency with small and large companies. For example, you can learn how iPullrank helped one of the largest banks in the world achieve $2.4 billion in revenue for their mortgage service.

Another example is the fact that the agency helping online marketplaces boosted their revenue by $24.8 million. There are in this category other case studies of the kind done in several industries such as:

  • finance ;
  • the media and publishers;
  • le streaming musical…

These form concrete examples that you can use to also do your best in several sectors. here is the linkiPullRank Case Studies which allows you to read all iPullrank case studies.

2. Best Of Mike King

Mike King is the founder of the iPullrank agency and therefore of his blog. As such, he is also one of the authors. In thisresource, you are entitled to some of the best blog posts offered by Mike King. The articles cover various topics and themes ranging from in-depth technical SEO to entrepreneurship.

3. iPRNewsletters

This is the third resource shared on the iPullrank blog. In this resource, discover the newsletters delivered every two weeks by the blog. These newsletters are intended to inform and entertain platform subscribers. Discover the gifts that the agency also offers to subscribers.

4. Guides & Ebooks

The guides and e-books in this resource help you improve your:

  • content strategy;
  • THIS;
  • audience search…

These are ebooks and guides created, and which reflect the experience, experimentation and expertise of the iPullrank agency. So, if you need you or your team to develop further, you should take notice of this resource.

5. SEO Webinars

Discover in this resource the information, the technical aspects, but also and above all the innovations of the digital marketing sector. More precisely, find and read in this resource content on practical and original topics and themes to cultivate you even more.

These webinars will give you all the cards in hand to rework and improve your marketing approaches and obtain significant results. To access these, click on the following link:SEO & Content Marketing Webinars — iPullRank.

6. SEO Videos Shows

Podcasts or SEO Battlezone and many other SEO related shows, that’s what this resource is all about. More precisely, discover in the latter several SEO videos from iPullrank.

In these, published mostly in SEO Weekly on Fridays, find exciting and interesting discussions of several SEO stories happening in the industry.

From Google updates to SEO community building initiatives, discover more information and topics to improve yourself. Start followinghere.

7. Runtime Resources

Runtime is a movie produced by iPullrank team. The purpose of this production is to use storytelling to teach people and SEO beginners some advanced SEO related tactics.

More precisely, these are 30 technical tactics that can be used in different ways for long-term optimization. Through the following link:Runtime Resources – iPullRank, you can play this movie.

We are at the end of the presentation of the other resources available on the iPullrank blog. That said, does it accept guest articles?

Does the iPullrank blog accept guest posts?

AT the question of whether the blog accepts guest posts, it should be known that iPullrank’s blog would not accept guest posts. This may be related to the fact that the blog is really proud of the volume of its monthly traffic.

Not only that, iPullrank is a digital marketing agency and the mere fact of accepting the practice of guest blogging may not be beneficial to it. That said, if you want other blogs for guest posting, head over to ourweb platform

In summary

Ultimately, iPullrank’s blog gathers relevant articles that provide various information related to the SEO and marketing industry. For speed of navigation on the web platform of the blog, the founder has classified the articles into several sections as follows:

  • THIS;
  • Content ; 
  • Content Strategy;
  • Audience Research;
  • Agency;
  • Digital Marketing.

Whether you are a beginner, intermediate, or professional in any of these industries, this blog’s tips, tricks, guides, and other resources will benefit you greatly.

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Blog Ipullrank Logo

iPullRank is an enterprise SEO and content strategy company founded by renowned technologist Michael King. Affectionately known as Mike, this expert is also an artist.

In 2014, he founded iPullRank to provide companies with SEO and marketing services focused on effective results. This is what sets him apart from others. Indeed, the agency-client relationship has long been fractured.

There was a big gap between the services offered by the agencies and the real needs of their clients. So Mike starts his business that offers detailed results, revolutionizing this once biased agency-client relationship.

Besides, iPullRank is also a team of smart people with creative and inventive abilities. They are therefore capable of solving all types of problems.

In addition, Mike King is the one who tops the list of the Search Engine Land Awards 2020 ranking. He is therefore this year’s specialist. He is also the author of a forthcoming book on SEO: “The Science of SEO”.

Mike King, like black Americans, is also a fan of hip-hop. He is a rapper and lecturer: these jobs allow him to travel across various continents. Join Mike King on the official iPullRank website and follow him on his networksTwitter, Instagram AndLinkedIn.

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