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Blog | Laurent Bourrelly

Blog | Laurent Bourrelly

Short Description : Blog Laurent Bourrelly

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Want to optimize your website? Discover the blog of Laurent Bourrelly, specialized in web referencing and website optimization.

Long Description : Blog Laurent Bourrelly

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Laurent Bourrelly’s platform is a site that addresses Web referencing in all its aspects. You will find articles, videos and podcasts that will allow you to become an SEO expert in no time. Finally, you will discover what the semantic cocoon is, an SEO optimization concept developed by the creator of the site.

Blog of Laurent Bourrelly

Today, there are a multitude of blogs for SEO on the net. The increase in these types of platforms is largely due to the steady increase in the number of people interested in optimization.

Indeed, any good digital marketing strategy for a brand involves improving the SEO of its website. However, improving the SEO score of a platform is not an easy task.

SEO blogs therefore aim to help Internet users better understand the concept of SEO and how to improve theirs. This article will allow us to study Laurent Bourrelly’s blog, which is precisely one of these platforms.

Presentation of Laurent Bourrelly’s blog

TheLaurent Bourrelly’s blog was created in 2009 by an SEO consultant of the same name. As you have surely already understood, it bears the name of its creator Laurent Bourrelly. This site is the ideal place for those who seek to obtain more visibility for their Internet site.

The platform actually has a variety of articles, videos, which allow you to enrich your SEO knowledge. In addition, you have the possibility to make consultations on the site in order to know how to better exploit the potential of your platforms.

Moreover, it should be noted that Laurent Bourrelly is not only the creator of the blog bearing his name. He is also responsible for ensuring all the needs of the site, including its supply of content and everything else.

Thus, he writes himself each of the articles that are published on his blog. He is also the only person who deals with requests for quotes and SEO consultations issued by visitors. It is therefore the sole author of this platform.

Laurent Bourrelly blog metrics

Website Authority Score: 38

Average length of visit: 0:44

Average Bounce Rate:66,07 %

Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:3.38 K 

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Laurent Bourrelly blog

The Laurent Bourrelly website has a pretty unique interface. Indeed, unlike other platforms of the same kind, its SEO blog section is not subdivided into several sections. All articles on the site are grouped under a single heading.

However, the blog has articles of all kinds on various topics, but which are all related to SEO. You can see, at the bottom of the title of each article, the category to which it belongs.


The articles bearing this mention relate to the various training courses offered by Laurent Bourrelly to Internet users. These mostly relate to digital marketing, branding or special workshops that are created and led by the French expert himself.


Blogging articles are articles written to feed the site and make it interesting for visitors. They are usually related to SEO news. There are also articles on upcoming events related to this area.

Semantic cocoon

The semantic cocoon is an SEO strategy that was implemented by Laurent Bourrelly himself. This is one of the most recommended techniques for improving the visibility of a platform. It consists of making changes to the architecture of the site and its internal mesh, based on logical relationships and semantic links.

The articles bearing the mention Semantic cocoon are those which address this notion created by the designer of the site. There are more in-depth explanations of this concept, its various advantages, as well as practical training to master it.


Articles marked Internet relate to the Internet in general and to social networks in particular. The presence of a brand on them is likely to impact its reputation.

These articles therefore present the good behaviors to have on social networks and those to avoid if you want to make yourself better known.


Podcast articles from the Laurent Bourrelly blog are intended for the big names in French SEO. Each article presents an influential personality in the French SEO sphere, indicating their specialty and particular area of ​​expertise.

Other resources on the Laurent Bourrelly website

SEO blogs, for the most part, have additional resources that allow site users to benefit from unique services. However, Laurent Bourrelly is not one of the platforms offering such services.

Apart from the articles published on the blog, there is no separate service that the platform offers to Internet users.

However, visitors can directly contact the SEO expert behind the creation of the site to request quotes and SEO consultations for improving the SEO of their websites.

The latter defines and implements tailor-made strategies that allow an effective and sustainable increase in the visibility of the customer platform.

Accept guest articles or not

Guest posting is a very common technique in SEO. It consists of writing and publishing an article on a blog that does not belong to you; i.e. a blog host.

As an SEO expert and trainer, Laurent Bourrelly is often led to publish articles on blogs that do not belong to him. However, he is the sole author of all articles that are published on his blog.


The Laurent Bourrelly blog is a platform dedicated to SEO in general, but which is particularly dedicated to SEO consultations. You will find everything you need to deepen your knowledge in the field.

In addition, you have the possibility of contacting the creator of the site directly and requesting his expertise to improve the optimization of your website.

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Presentation : Blog Laurent Bourrelly

Blog Laurent Bourrelly Logo

As the name clearly suggests, Laurent Bourrelly’s blog was founded by Laurent Bourrelly. The latter has been an SEO and SEA consultant since 2004.

Passionate about computers, he made his debut in this field at the age of 12 through computer programming. He would have started with C, C++. Currently, he masters PHP and is very interested in developing in Objective-C and Ruby On Rails.

After graduating in Political Science in 1994 from the American University of Skidmore College, he settled in New York. In 1997 in this city he worked in communication and operational marketing.

His professional experience combined with his skills in marketing and communication added to this passion for web development are naturally the facts that led him to take this body.

Since then it is:

  • 400 clients + ;
  • 50 conferences so far;
  • 100 videos so far;
  • 1000 items currently;
  • 4000 subscribers so far…

It is also important to note that for many years, Laurent Bourrelly sat on the SEO Campus Editorial Committee. Currently, he is part of the jury of the European Search Awards. Here is his Linkedin profile:Laurent Bourrelly. The one on his twitter is as follows:@seoconspiracy.

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