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Blog | Brain labs digital

Short Description : Blog Brain labs digital

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Would you like to have access to a variety of information and content on digital marketing? The brainlabs blog seems like the perfect place.

Long Description : Blog Brain labs digital

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The brainlabs blog gives you access to dozens of articles dealing with digital marketing topics. These differentarticles allow users to keep an eye on the different news and views on digital marketing on the one hand and on the other hand to have the opportunity to learn new things about digital marketing and SEO.

In the following lines, I suggest you discover everything that the brainlabs blog has to offer.

Presentation of the digital brainlabs blog

Founded by Daniel Gilbert in 2012, the platform brainlabs offers a number of services in digital marketing. It also provides these users with a set of resources, including a blog. By consulting it, you have the possibility of obtaining information on digital marketing and these different aspects.

Who is the digital brain labs blog intended for?

The digital brain labs blog is based on a simple and fluid design. It can be consulted by all those who are interested in the news of digital marketing in general or SEO in particular. The blog contains several articles that can be consulted in order to enrich the knowledge of each other.

What are the metrics of the brainlabs digital blog?

An analysis of the blog brainlabs digital shows a set of results that undoubtedly prove its great performance. Indeed, an analysis of the organic traffic of the brainlabs digital site on December 14, 2022 provides the following results:

  • Monthly organic traffic: 54,400 per month;
  • Bounce rate: 72.64%;
  • Average visit time spent on the page is 00 minutes 57 seconds;
  • The authority score is 51.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Apart from these results, which are very interesting, it must be said that the brainlabs blog has other strong points. The first is the very large number of articles found there. The blog is also fed by several contributors.

Likewise, with the information that appears at the bottom of each article, one has a clear idea of ​​the publication dates as well as the category to which the articles that are published belong. This allows everyone to have a clear idea and to quickly find themselves in the content.

In addition, it should be noted that the blog brainlabs digital also gives the possibility to these different users to receive directly in their mailbox the new articles which are published each time on the blog in order to be regularly informed of the novelties.

What will you discover on the brainlabs digital blog?

Once you go to the blog ofbrainlabs digital, you will find different items. These articles are published in different categories.

you have the category:

  • All: It offers a summary of all the articles recently published on the blog page. This category actually allows you to find the latest articles published on the blog regardless of the category to which they belong;
  • News and Views : The news and opinions category allows you to find articles that relate to the news of the SEO industry, SEO and digital marketing;
  • Culture : This category offers you articles containing advice on the management of your teams, their management on certain occasions, etc.;
  • Marketing strategy :With articles such as “The 5 Key Principles of Marketing During a Recession”, “Industry Trends” and many other articles, the Marketing Strategy category allows you to find the tips and advice needed to develop a good marketing strategy.
  • Paid media : As the name suggests, this category offers you articles about your paid media. Written by experts, this is a real opportunity to learn more about these media;
  • THIS : As you can imagine, this category gives you access to articles on SEO. Whether it’s advice, opinions, or a Google update, you have everything you need to improve your SEO knowledge;
  • CRO : This part of the brainlabs blog is dedicated to strategies you can put in place to improve your conversion rate.
  • Technology:The articles that you will find here have a link with technology, scripts, search engines like Google. They allow you to have information on how you can use software or even use a device;
  • Data analysis :Data analysis is an essential step when you want to implement your various strategies. Reading the articles you will find here will therefore allow you to know a little more and get ideas on how this can be done.
  • Conference :This part of the brainlabs blog offers events related to SEO and digital marketing.

Beyond the brainlabs blog

Outside of the digital brainslabs blog, you have access to resources such as:

  • The brainlabs marketing library : Through this page, brainlabs offers you resources other than articles. These are practical guides, but you can also find analysis reports or webinars;
  • The scripts : These are pieces of code designed for specific purposes that you can copy and use in your Google ADS software.

Apart from these different resources, remember that the brainlabs blog also offers services.

They include:

  • Planning ;
  • The data strategy;
  • Data science;
  • Paid search;
  • And that;
  • Paid social;
  • The programmatic strategy;
  • Market growth;
  • Le design ; 
  • The tech.

With all this information, it is clear that the brainlabs blog will be able to provide you with several types of resources including articles, reports, open source scripts and webinars. Each of these resources will be useful to you to raise the level of your marketing strategy which will allow you to be more effective and to reap results.

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Presentation : Blog Brain labs digital

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Brainlabs is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2012 by Daniel Gilbert. His mission in setting up this web platform is to transform the future of advertising while providing the right tools, resources and tips to the digital community.

A mission in which he did not fail. Because by using data and automation, Daniel was able to achieve excellent results for his clients. The latter is curious about technology and data, as the blog shows.

In the list of the most influential experts in the PPC industry, Daniel Gilbert was named #1 by Hero (2018). Also, in the digital sector, he was recognized as one of the most influential people by Econsultancy, still in 2018.

Daniel was also a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, again in 2018 in London. We can therefore say that the year 2018 was his year of recognition.

In addition, Daniel is a common writer for periodicals such as Campaign, SearhEngineLand and City AM. A techno-optimist, he is an advocate of the benefits of automation.

During his appearances in the national press, we realize with happiness that the social aspect is one of Daniel’s qualities. He truly advocates for gender equality as well as worker happiness.

Besides being an author, he is a speaker and for several marketing conferences he has been the featured speaker. Nicknamed “PPC Superhero”, he is based in the UK and is also known for his research in Artificial Intelligence. His LinkedIn profile is as follows:Daniel Gilbert. Here is the one from his twitter:@dangilbertppc.

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