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Want to know the secrets of SEO as well as digital marketing? Discover Whitespark’s blog, ideal to satisfy your curiosity.

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The Whitespark blog is a platform that has been specially designed to provide answers to various questions that Internet users may have. They concern digital marketing and especially web referencing. All the articles on the site relate in one way or another to these two themes and are written by professionals, which is a guarantee of their relevance.

Blog de Whitespark

It is known to all that companies wishing to succeed online must have an excellent command of digital marketing and SEO optimization techniques.

Indeed, having knowledge in these areas is essential to gain visibility and to transform prospects into loyal customers.

Theblog de Whitesparkwas created with the aim of helping new business leaders become informed and trained in online marketing and SEO. Here are its different characteristics.

Introducing the Whitespark Blog

The Whitespark blog is a platform that is solely dedicated to digital marketing and SEO optimization. This website has all the necessary resources that can be useful to those who wish to learn about these two themes.

You will find guides and advice issued by experts to guide you throughout your learning on the platform.

In addition to its content, the Whitespark blog also has several tools. These are offered to all users with the aim of improving the referencing of their website.

The Whitespark site has a multitude of articles on different topics. It would be impossible for one person to write all this content.

Not only because of the number of articles, but also because of all the diverse knowledge that would be required for this.

Creator Darren Shaw is joined by contributors and authors such as Troy Pavlek, Qiannan Zhang, Nick Pierno, Sydney MacKay, Wes Michy, Lily Ray, Jessie Low, Allie Margeson and many more.

Whitespark Blog Metrics

Website authority score: 55

Average length of visit:09:33

Average bounce rate:66,69 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic:60,1K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Whitespark blog

The Whitespark blog is separated into several categories. This subdivision aims to group together articles with the same theme in the same section. This makes it easier for visitors to find each other.


The News section includes all articles relating to new features on the Net. We therefore find content from all categories, as long as they relate to web news.


In the CEO universe, the word “quote” is a notion that has a completely different meaning than usual.

Articles in the citation category are articles that relate to citations, in particular their definitions and the different types that exist. They also discuss their importance in digital marketing.


The GMB category relates to Google business profiles. This is a step-by-step guide showing people how they should go about optimizing their Google Business Profile.

On Page

This section brings together articles dealing with local SEO. You will find guides for beginners there.


Pay-Per-Click is one of the many strategies used in digital marketing. This section therefore contains related content.


This section helps visitors learn how to make better use of comments. It also includes tools to better manage comments from your audience or customers.


Links occupy an important place in the world of SEO. Indeed, several SEO strategies such as backlinks or guest articles are based on the use of links. This section therefore presents everything there is to know on this subject.


The Whitespark blog was created with the aim of answering questions from Internet users about local SEO. It is therefore no surprise that we find a category with this mention on the blog.

There are also guides and advice on how to improve the SEO of a website.


Tools brings together articles on the different tools that can help you when trying to optimize the SEO score of your web page.

In these articles, you will discover online tools that you can use, for example, to monitor your mentions or comments about you.

Other resources on the Whitespark site

The Whitespark site is much more than just a blog. Indeed, the platform itself offers software that was designed with the aim of helping businesses gain more customers through Google. To do this, Whitespark has several tools.

Local rank tracker

This is the first tool of the platform. It allows you to accurately track the ranking of your website on Google and Bing search engines in any city. You will have the opportunity to see your data from the perspective of customers.

Local citation finder

The second tool on the Whitespark site, Local Citation Finder helps you quickly find the key citations your competitors have that you need to improve your local ranking factors.

Reputation Builder

Reputation Builder lets you grow your online reviews, increase customer reviews and testimonials with ease.

This makes it easy for customers to review your business on the most popular platforms to attract more customers.

Local resources

The site also offers resources on local research. For example, we can cite:

  • Local Search Ecosystem
  • Local Search Ranking Factors
  • Guide to Google Business Profile Optimization
  • Local videos.

It also makes other, niftier resources available.

Does it accept guest posts?

Writing guest articles for other websites is an SEO strategy that helps gain visibility. It helps professionals reach a larger audience by posting a blog post on a host blog.

The Whitespark platform accepts guest post requests from other sites as long as the request appears to be correct and without negative consequences on the site.

In summary

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in SEO and digital marketing, the Whitespark blog is the ideal platform for you to optimize the SEO score of your website.

The site provides all visitors with a multitude of educational and relevant articles written by specialists. Also present are various free and open access tools for those who need it to analyze the performance of their website.

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Whitespark is an SEO services company headquartered in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Their website is a web platform that brings together several information:

  • on the SEO services it offers;
  • to improve your local SEO;
  • regarding the case studies of their clients…

This platform was founded by Darren Shaw in 2005 as a design and development company for sites web. However, his love and curiosity for all things local search naturally led him to change the direction of the company in 2010.

Since then, his company operates as a specialist in computer programming and local search services.

Darren is a web veteran, especially since he’s been around him for at least 19 years. He is very passionate about all things local SEO. A great researcher, he coordinates research initiatives such as the study of local search positioning factors or the study of the local search environment.

He is also a speaker who has spoken all over the worldto give conferences in the SEO sector.

He is based in Edmonton, Alberta in the hometown of his daughter and wife. In his spare time, he likes to travel and is a big coffee drinker. Here is his Linkedin profile: Darren Shaw. His Twitter profile is as follows:@DarrenShaw.

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