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Blog | Journal Du Net

Blog | Journal Du Net

Short Description : Journal Du Net

Blog Journal Du Net Mise en avant

Discover various content on several aspects of digital on the journaldunet blog.

Long Description : Journal Du Net

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Created in 1999, the Journal du Net presents itself as a reference information site publishing articles dealing with various subjects related to the digital world. There are divided into several categories articles related to SEO, cybercrime, artificial intelligence and several others related to digital.

Blog du Journal du Net

As its name suggests, the journal du net offers content on internet news. Thus, as we can see, the topics covered deal with almost all aspects relating to the Internet.

Through this description, I therefore suggest that you discover all the information about this blog.

Presentation of the blog of the newspaper of the net 

As you can see, the site of the newspaper of the net puts at the disposal of its various users several articles. These relate to several subjects relating to the net sector.

Who is the journal du net blog intended for?

The Net newspaper appears as a valuable resource for all those who are looking for information and news on the Net. Anyone who is interested can therefore visit it to keep an eye on the various news.

The net journal blog metrics?

An analysis of the site’s organic traffic shows as of December 14, 2022 the following information:

  • Authority score: 89;
  • Visits: 1.42 B;
  • Bounce rate: 50.03%;
  • Average duration: 16 minutes, 26 seconds.

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

With these different measures, there is no doubt that the blog of the net newspaper registers quite interesting performances.

What will you discover on the blog journal blog?

On the blog of the journal du net, we find the following categories of articles:

  • MIF 2022 : This category is dedicated to the MasterCard innovation forum (MIF). This is an event that is held every year and whose framework allows actors to discuss issues relating to certain innovations. This year, this event was held on December 8, 2022. The discussions revolved around the metaverse, the rise of crypto currencies as well as NFTs;
  • Cloud computing : This category offers articles and feedback and various chronicles on the cloud;
  • Web3 : We find here articles relating to all the news of the rules governing the Internet. So whether it’s a simple buzz, a big change and more, the Net Journal has it all;
  • THIS : The category of articles present here concerns questions relating to SEO, certain definitions, advice and other news related to SEO;
  • RETAIL : This is a set of articles on online sales, the digitization of activities related to tourism;
  • IA : The published articles have a link with artificial intelligence. Le journal du net offers advice, comparisons as well as testimonials to allow users to have an idea of ​​the evolution in this sector;
  • ADTECH : Here, we find articles on the online advertising market;
  • FINTECH : formed by the contraction of the words finance and technology, you will find in this category articles on the two sectors;
  • IOT : The internet of things which means the internet of objects is a concept used to talk about the connection to the internet of things and people. The Journal du Net offers you to provide articles about it that will allow you to learn more as well of course the definitions, feedback and new perspectives.
  • Cybersecurity : Here, the journal du net offers to help you improve your security on the internet according to the adage prevention is better than cure.
  • Vents : We find here a summary of the events organized by the newspaper of the net
  • White Papers:There are also white papers on the blog of the journal du net. They address several themes that have links with the Internet, ICTs, businesses, etc. These books are accessible and can be downloaded for free from your mailbox.  
  • Martech : This word tries to link marketing and technology

Apart from these different categories, the journal du net also offers articles addressing topics related to:

    • Le Big data ;
    • And e-RH ;
  • Publishers ;
  • Job ;
  • Management ;
    • Media ;
    • Smart city
    • Heritage ;
  • Mobility;
  • DNVB.

Beyond Blog Diary Blog

Apart from the articles that you will find on the blog site of the journal du net, there is also a set of resources among which we can mention:

  • directories and services : There are also directories and services. There are, for example, the key figures for the Internet, the network of professionals, etc.;
  • Guides : At the level of the guides, there are several guides among which one can also count dictionaries and several training courses.

Now that you have all the information on the blog of the journal du net, do not hesitate to visit it. You will certainly find information that will be useful to you.

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Presentation : Journal Du Net

Blog Journal Du Net Logo

CCM Benchmark Group is the editor of the famous media blogJournal Du Net. Indeed, it has, according to NetRatings statistics from Médiamétrie (June 2022), more than 33 million visitors.

Created in 1996, this group is today a subsidiary of Figaro, the most recognized press company in France.

It has set itself a main objective, which is to support its visitors by offering them several types of content (advice, encyclopedias, interviews, podcasts).

These are essentially responses to the various issues that are part of their daily lives.

In addition, to facilitate interactions between Internet users, the group founded a social network called “Copains d’avant” which now has around thirteen million members.

The latter can create a personal space on which they are authorized to share images, thoughts and videos with Internet users having the same passions.

In addition, the group offers training to professionals in several areas, including marketing, IT, communication, personal effectiveness and emailing.

It also organizes round tables during which experts and specialists meet to share their various experiences in the form of testimonials.

In addition to the Journal du Net, the CCM Benchmark group publishes several other sites: L’, Comment ça marche, Le Journal des Femmes and

The Journal du Net team is made up of more than 14 professionals, all experts in their fields. Join CCM Benchmark Group on social mediaTwitter AndLinkedIn.

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