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Blog | Enstine Muki

Short Description : Enstine Muki

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Want to discover a blog rich in relevant content relating to blogging, SEO or e-business? Let’s discover Enstine Muki’s blog.

Long Description : Enstine Muki

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Enstine Muki’s blog is a knowledge-rich digital space about blog creation, management and monetization. In this space, discover tips, tricks and guides to excel in the field of blogging.

Also learn SEO practices to better maintain your blog. Finally, learn how to advance your online business with reliable tips.


Blog de Enstine Muki

Learning many tips on SEO and blogging yourself is undoubtedly one of the ways to excel in these two digital sectors.

However, to learn these tricks and at the same time discover tips and techniques to improve your skills is not as simple as it sounds. Especially, if you do not have adequate information sources and if the content offered is unreliable.

As such, it is important to identify the right sources on the Internet. Among the latter, we invite you to discover one that shares relevant content with regard to these two sectors. In this case Enstine Muki’s blog.

Let’s go without wasting time!

Introducing Enstine Muki’s blog

The sharing of the first article on Enstine Muki’s blog dates from October 2013 and concerns SEO. More precisely, the Google Hummingbird update.

This blog indeed brings together several articles that cover all the concrete characteristics with regard to:

  • natural referencing;
  • the art of having a blog ;
  • online business…

It is a web platform that gives you various and valuable information to better develop your online activities and demystify the SEO industry. It is therefore aimed at all players on the digital scene.

With this blog, gain general knowledge of SEO and learn how to effectively manage and monetize your blog. But does the latter have a certain notoriety in this scene?

To have a clear answer to this question, we have chosen to present the main metrics of this blog. This will allow you to form your own opinion.

Enstine Muki’s main blog metrics

It is important to note here that the measures we want to present are taken at the base of the SEOQuake extension. However, the choice of these metrics is not a coincidence. We actually think these are the best known and most needed. Below, here they are.

  • Website Authority Score:39
  • Average length of visit:18 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:90,81 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:18,6. k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

By now you know what the main metrics of this blog are. So form your own opinion as to its notoriety.

In order to complete the description of Enstine Muki’s blog, we have proposed a section that addresses the presentation of the categories of this blog. So let’s move in that direction.

Introducing Enstine Muki’s blog categories

This blog currently has at least 1000 articles. This is the fruit of several years of experience of the programmer and web editor of Cameroonian nationality Enstine Muki. These articles are subdivided into categories. Find out what you need to know about them below.


Around this theme, which represents one of the categories of the blog, several articles have been gathered that cover various subjects.

Find out, for example, all the details about how Google works for your SEO as well as that of certain SEO tools like WebMeUp. Better find how to perfectly align the elements of an SEO strategy.

Within this category, the articles address certain topics such as:

  • Google updates;
  • backlinks ;
  • extensions SEO Google ;
  • campagnes SEO…

There are many other themes explicitly developed as a whole and which are necessary for you to become an SEO professional or an expert.

Articles in the SEO category are generally proven tips, techniques, comparisons, but above all guides. This content will necessarily bring you added value. To access all of this content, click on this link:SEO Archives — (

Make Money Online

In this category, learn various ways to generate money at each end of the month. In fact, this is a category that covers interesting topics and themes on effective ways to make money online.

More clearly, it islots of tips, guides and techniques to start, manage and advance your online business.

Learn from the articles in this category, the basics of online commerce to start. But also find realistic tips that will make you consider the issue of e-commerce differently.

For example, if you are a blogger and you do not know how to monetize your blog, you just have to explore the articles grouped within this category. You will be surprised at the myriad of information it has in store for you.


You should know that this category is certainly the richest in content, especially since it brings together three other categories.

Anyway in this category, discover many essential aspects that cover the art of blogging. But to have a description of this category, we thought it relevant to describe these sub-categories. Since it is the latter that group the articles of this category.

  • WordPress

From management, to hacking, to the security of the number 1 CMS on the market. Here are some topics covered in this sub-category of the Blogging category of Enstine Muki’s blog.

In fact, saidsub-category brings together advice and guides to manage both your WordPress account and your site under this CMS. Also, find tips and tricks you can use to:

  • master WordPress;
  • manage the content you share on this CMS;
  • monetize your WordPress website…

These articles will be useful to you in the short and long term, because they are certainly content drawn from the experience of the founder of this blog.

  • How to blog

As the name of this subcategory suggests, these are tips on how to learn how to blog effectively and generate income through your blog.

Discover tips and techniques for mastering the art of blogging. In addition, if you want to improve the management of your blog even being a professional, this category brings you added value.

You are also entitled to miniguides and complete guides to be remarkable inthe art of having a blog.

  • Pinterest 

Here in this subcategory, learn how to use Pinterest social web platform to improve your blogging skills.

The importance of Pinterest subscribers or the identification of content ideas, better still, how to generate traffic to your website via Pinterest, that’s what this article is about.sub-category.

This subsection contains other interesting topics that you can explore if you are determined in your quest for knowledge.

This subcategory ends our short descriptions of blog categories. And we hope they have been beneficial to you. Now, let’s see if Enstine Muki’s blog accepts guest posts.

Does Enstine Muki’s blog accept guest posts?

Enstine Muki’s blog has several contents on its website, but it is a blog that does not practice guest blogging. So, No, this blog would not accept guest posts.

However, Enstine Muki, the founder has written an article that discusses the segments to consider in writing guest posts. The following link is to his article on the matter:The Most Valuable List of Websites/Blogs That Accept Guest Posts & Contributions (

In addition, if you want to have other blogs that practice guest blogging in the field of digital marketing or online business, you can click on ourpainting .

In conclusion

Our present article has made a detailed presentation of Enstine Muki’s blog. It is a blog which, through its content, mainly addresses topics and themes related to blogging, but also to SEO.

If you are struggling to start your blog or if you want reliable information to supplement your knowledge, you must read all the contents of the categories of this blog. You will in no way be disappointed with the resources of this web platform.

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Presentation : Enstine Muki

Blog Enstine Muki Logo

Enstine Muki, an entrepreneur from Douala in Cameroon, is the author of hisblog. He has specialized in digital since 2005. More specifically, he creates websites and web applications. He is also one of the influencers of the Warrior Forum.

Enstine Muki has also developed several applications in the wood, money transfer and social media sectors. A few of these applications are currently being used by local businesses in Cameroon.

A coder, blogger, and copywriter, Enstine brought his expertise to EasyRetweet (Sold), a Twitter-based traffic and tracking platform.

He also works on BlogExpose (a job site for bloggers), then on MyCommentAuthors, a WordPress traffic and engagement plugin.

In 2012, he started blogging on During this period, he learns a lot in this field.

It also develops writing skills. Creating 2 or 3 results-oriented articles (+ 1000 words per day) had become a pleasant activity for him.

Besides PHP application development, Enstine Muki also offers blog post writing. Indeed, all you have to do is assign it a theme or a keyword. He is able to write an article of more than 1000 words.

In addition, this expert is specialized in the installation of WordPress. This includes security, performance optimization as well as speed. Installing WordPress and optimizing it to be search engine friendly is definitely not an easy task.

Here are the networks on which you can join Enstine Muki:Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook AndYouTube.

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