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Blog | Robbie Richards

Blog | Robbie Richards

Short Description : Robbie Richards

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Check out Robbie’s blogRichards to find articles on how to generate traffic and how tosales on line.

Long Description : Robbie Richards

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The Robbie Richards Blog is an online portal maintained by Robbie Richards, an experienced digital marketing and SEO specialist whoaide many businesses to increase their online presence and revenue. This blog provides content on SEO and the different tactics to offer an online business

Robbie’s BlogRichards.

Generating leads and sales online is the ultimate goal of anyone looking to grow their business online.

That’s why Robbie Richards, through his blog, aims to help businesses grow and generate more traffic, leads, and sales.

Through this description, youwill discover the description of the Robbie blogRichards and its different categories.

Introducing Robbie Richards’ Blog

As an online traffic generation specialist, Robbie Richards creates his blog to share content about his passion.

The primary goals of Robbie Richards’ blog are to provide valuable and actionable insights, tips, and strategies to improve his clients’ online marketing and SEO efforts.

The blog is aimed at site owners, marketers and people who aspire to become traffic and online visibility aces.

The blog contains content like in-depth guides, case studies, interviews, and roundups on various topics related to SEO, content marketing, social media, and more.

The blog is structured with categories that group content by topic. As a result, it’s easy to navigate and find relevant information on specific topics.

Robbie Richards blog metrics

Website authority score: 49

Average length of visit: 13 min 14 s

Average bounce rate: 74.21%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 18.1K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Robbie blogRichards

Robbie’s blog categoriesRichards are :

The Review category

The Review category includes in-depth reviews and tutorials that provide in-depth insight into various marketing, SEO, and email tools along with practical tips and strategies for using them effectively.

One of the journals in this category is the Surfer SEO review, which covers the features, extensions, and workflows of this popular on-page SEO tool.

This review provides a comprehensive overview of Surfer SEO’s capabilities and how to use them to optimize websites for better visibility and performance.

Another review in this category is SEMrush review and tutorial, which provides an in-depth look at this all-in-one platform and its many toolkits for SEO, PPC and more.

The review includes a tutorial on how to use SEMrush to improve your online marketing efforts, as well as an overview of its features and ease of use.

You will also find there Serpstat magazine which covers the different ways this set of tools can be used to analyze competitors and build successful SEO and PPC campaigns.

The review includes practical tips and strategies for using Serpstat to improve your search marketing efforts.

In short, the “Review” category of Robbie Richards’ blog is a useful resource for businesses looking to improve their online visibility using digital marketing tools and services.

The SEO category

The SEO category of Robbie Richards’ blog covers SEO topics, both on-page and off-page optimization techniques. For this, we find content on:

Targeted Keyword Research – 4 Step Process for Keyword Targeting : This is a guide that offers a four-step process to quickly discover the most targeted keywords for any business model or industry.

Keyword Gap Analysis – 5 Advanced Tactics in Under 10 Minutes : It’s also a guide on how to use Keyword Gap Analysis at the subdomain, subfolder, and URL level to quickly find high-value keyword opportunities for any business.

Find out how much traffic any website gets – 3-step analysis : This guide covers different ways to analyze website traffic and offers a step-by-step process for analyzing traffic even if you don’t have access to the website’s Google Analytics account.

In addition to these articles, the SEO category also includes articles on tools suchthat Ahrefs and Similarweb as well as their alternatives.

For example, there is content titled “9 Best Ahrefs Alternatives (Free and Paid)” which provides an overview of the nine best free and paid alternatives to Ahrefs and compares their main use cases and features.

Another piece of content titled “6 Best Similarweb Alternatives and Competitors” introduces Similarweb’s top six competitors and examines their pros, cons, and use cases.

The Link Building category

The “Link Building” category of Robbie Richards’ blog offers articles that can help blog readers build their link profile.

Recall that link building is a crucial aspect of optimization, as the number and quality of backlinks pointing to a site are important factors that search engines use to determine its ranking and relevance.

One of the items featured in this category is “21 Link Building Strategies“, which offers a series of strategies and tactics to create relevant and quality links to your content.

The article covers a variety of link building techniques, including guest blogging, broken link building, and outreach, as well as best practices for ethical and effective link building.

The Growth category

The Growth category of Robbie Richards’ blog shares various growth hacking strategies and tactics, including techniques for acquiring and retaining customers, improving product-market fit, and driving revenue growth.

In particular, there is content onthe strategies and tactics learned by studying 77 hypergrowth companies.

This article presents the main strategies and tactics used by 77 hypergrowth companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth.

The blogging category

The Blogging category of Robbie Richards’ blog has articles on blogging, including tips and strategies for creating and promoting great content.

For example, you will find content that deals with5 Practical Blogging Tips to Get More Traffic, Emails, and Revenue.

Email category

If you’re interested in email marketing, this Email category of Robbie Richards’ blog has content to help you improve their efforts.

These are the contents that can help you increase their website traffic, email subscribers and revenue.

You’ll also find topics related to email marketing, including strategies, tactics, and best practices for creating and promoting quality email campaigns.

Interestingly, the Email category of Robbie Richards’ blog includes articles that explain how to create high-converting lead magnets.

A dedicated article provides practical tips and strategies for creating lead magnets that can help businesses capture email leads and increase revenue.

The Case Study category

The “Case Studies” category of Robbie Richards’ blog collects case studies from the blog on marketing topics.

For example, there is a case study onhow to collect 4635 email subscribers. This case study explains how a company used the Sumome tool to collect over 4,600 email subscribers in a short period of time. The study includes details on the strategy, tactics and results of the campaign.

Another case study onhow to collect 1,178 emails in 10 days with a contest, which explains how a company used a promotional campaign to collect over 1,100 emails in just 10 days. The study includes details on the strategy, tactics and results of the campaign.

Accept guest articles or not

Robbie Richards’ blog accepts guest posts and you’ll find content written by contributors on the blog. That said, you can submit your guest posts to this blog and get a link to your site in exchange.

Note, however, that all guest posts that you will submit to this site must address the topics that this blog covers. Otherwise, the site may not publish your content on its blog.

You will also find sites that can accept guest posts inthis list of sites offered by Twaino. These are the sites with which you can do guest blogging in the French-speaking area.


Ultimately, Robbie Richards’ blog offers content to help its readers generate backlinks and traffic to grow their online businesses.

Along with its blog posts, this site shares other content like guides and case studies that can inspire its readers.

Hoping that this blog can help you in your efforts to gain online visibility, you can also discover other resources on Twaino’s blog on SEO.

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Presentation : Robbie Richards

Blog Robbie Richards Logo

Robbie Richards is an SEO and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of, a digital marketing platform where he shares his knowledge and experience in:

  • Natural referencing;
  • Content marketing;
  • Digital marketing strategies.

Robbie started his digital marketing career as an SEO consultant. He has worked alongside several companies to improve their online presence as well as their visibility in search results.

He then launched his own site, to share his experience and help others succeed in the complex world of digital marketing.

On his site, Robbie offers a wide variety of free content, including in-depth SEO guides, content marketing tutorials, SEO tips, and case studies.

He also offers consulting services to help companies develop winning digital marketing strategies and implement successful SEO campaigns.

Robbie is known in the SEO world as an expert at simplifying complex digital marketing concepts and making them accessible to beginners and seasoned pros alike.

The SEO professional is present on social media, in particular on:

LinkedIn : Robbie Richards

Twitter : Robbie Richards

YouTube : Robbie Richards

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