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Blog | Internet Marketing Ninjas

Short Description : Internet Marketing Ninjas

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Want to improve your SEO and identify the right marketing strategies? Check out the resources from the IM Ninjas blog.

Long Description : Internet Marketing Ninjas

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The Internet Marketing Ninjas blog is a content-rich online channel of information regarding the SEO and web marketing industries. In this channel, you will find advice, tips and tricks to reach a high level in the industries mentioned earlier. Also find practical guides and several resources to improve your marketing strategies. Resources such as ebooks, white pages or a multitude of free SEO tools…

Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog Descriptions

Several websites regularly share relevant and extremely detailed content on their blog to help users find excellent answers.

This is very noticeable with blogs that highlight topics and themes related to web marketing and SEO. One that will be the focus of this article is the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog.

Introducing the Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog

The Internet Marketing Ninjas Blog brings together a myriad of articles that frequently address almost every issue related to the pillars of web 2.0, including:

  • Google ;
  • THIS;
  • Web marketing ;
  • Social Media…

Through this blog, Internet Marketing Ninjas (IMN) publishes helpful content to help users drive relevant traffic to their website.

So, for more than 20 years, the IM Ninjas blog has regularly shared useful tips, techniques and tricks to do better in the SEO industry. Also, he shares practical guides to help you improve your web marketing skills.

Does this blog, which is one of the first in the digital world, have followers who continually exploit this content? We thought you might be interested in this question. For this, we have taken the time to provide you with some measurements from the blog.

Top IM Ninjas Blog Metrics

This metric data that we are about to provide you with is reliable for the good reason that it comes from the SEOquake extension. It is :

    • Authority Score: 38
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:64,5 k
  • Average length of visit:03 minutes 27 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:83,64 %

Accuracy: Although these measurements are reliable, they remain sketchy, because they are data that can change drastically from one minute to the next. In reality, it should be noted that these figures that we presented to you were noted while we were creating the article.

In order to better describe the IMN blog, we found it relevant to present its categories to you.

Main IM Ninjas blog categories

Internet Marketing Ninjas has published a multitude of equally informative and practical articles on their blog. These have been classified under several categories, more than thirty to be close to precision.

However, these various categories can be grouped into 8 main ones. For the choice of these main categories, we have identified those in which are gathered at least 30 articles. Here are those categories.

1. Content 

All SEO professionals agree that content is king in SEO. Indeed, in thiscategory, you will find several articles on how to create relevant, optimized and high-value content.

In addition, you will benefit from advice and practical guides to improve the way you write and publish. Finally, to these tips are added lists of tools and infographics to master the art of creating marketing and optimized content.

2. Google 

According to the BDM website,each second on Google it is99,000 queries, or 8.5 billion per day. Undoubtedly, Google is highly exploited by Internet users. This is why it is necessary to understand it to improve its SEO.

Withinthis category, you will have at your disposal tips and methods to exploit Google to your advantage. Plus, you’re going to read expert reviews likeJim Boykin on Google’s algorithm updates.

3. Jim Boykin’s Blog 

This category brings together Jim’s favourites. More precisely, it is the personal blog of the founder of Internet Marketing Ninjas. You will find his opinions and opinions on several aspects of SEO and web marketing.

Without forgetting his advice and recommendations to become better in the SEO sector. It should be noted that this category is the richest in content. So surely, other surprises await you.

4. Link Building 

Setting up a relevant Link Building strategy is not always easy. Between the analysis of the profile of the links of your competitors and those of the best known in the industry, sometimes we ask ourselves a lot of questions.Find in this section answers to questions like these:

Relevant questions, aren’t they? Apart from these questions, you will have at your disposal tips and proven strategies to better develop your Link Building strategy.

5. Search Engine Optimization

This section covers all segments relating to natural referencing. Here you will find tips and explanations related to the branches of SEO, including:

  • Audit SEO 
  • Organic traffic
  • Major Google update for SEO…

These contents will allow you to reach a high level in natural referencing. In addition, you can read practical guides to use to rework your SEO strategies if possible.

6. S.E.M. Industry

Search Engine Marketing allows for more effective and efficient management of web marketing. The latter can also be considered as the true face of the world of search engines.

Not being interested in it, not understanding it and above all not learning more are the three monumental mistakes in web marketing. So, discover in thissection all the techniques, strategies, tips and tricks to develop or improve your skills in the SEM industry.

7. SEO Tools 

SEO tools provide some huge benefits when it comes to SEO. Among other things, there is automation, the correction of mistakes and plagiarism as well as saving time.

List of tools, comparisons between tools, presentation of the functionalities of many tools, here is a little what you will discover in the categorySEO Tools for your blog. It also offers a very interesting guide which is that ofbest SEO tools.

8. Social Media 

Social media platforms are tools and valuable resources that help increase web traffic to a site. Without an excellent mastery of these social media, it would be nebulous to set up interesting and winning marketing strategies.

In this section, learn how to harness the power of social media to the advantage of your online business. Plus, learn proven social media marketing tips, techniques, and tricks and start outperforming the competition.

Social Media is the section that closes our brief presentation of the main sections or categories. But apart from these sections which form a resource in their own right, Internet Marketing Ninjas has other resources available on its platform. So let’s take a closer look at them.

Other resources available on IM Ninjas

Other resources offered by Internet Marketing Ninjas are 6 in number. Here are the main points to draw from these other resources.

1. White Paper 

This resource is a collection of white papers authored by the IM Ninjas team. Here are three examples of such White Papers:

These are PDF files that you can download for free through this link:white papers.

2. Case Studies 

Within this resource, discover several case studies of the American Internet marketing brand Ninjas. To be able to read and learn from these Case Studies, click on this link:enterprise-level-case-study.

3. Ebooks

Thisresource marketing brings together several practical guides in the form of ebooks to learn how to better control natural referencing. Through this resource, you have all the cards in hand to become an expert in content creation.

4. Presentations 

The team behind IM Ninjas is known as one of the leaders in teaching and spreading practical knowledge in web marketing. The latter is often invited to give conferences each year. In this resource, the team shared some of their past presentations.

5. Free Tools 

This resource is a huge collection of tools that helps you improve the performance of your website. Most of these tools provided by the brand can intervene in all areas of online marketing. They are free and accessible to everyone.

6. Free Videos

It’s about avideo series made available to users. These videos were designed by Jim Boykin and the Community Brand ManagerAnn Smarty. Each shared video teaches you a bit more about the multiple and diverse digital marketing topics.

This resource is the latest from IM Ninjas. But is it a blog that practices guest blogging? Let’s discover this together.

Does the Internet Marketing Ninjas blog practice guest blogging?

Even though guest blogging is a known practice in the world of SEO, not all blogs accept guest posting on their blogs. And that of Internet Marketing Ninjas is one of them. She would therefore not practice guest blogging for the moment.

Nevertheless, if you are looking for blogs that accept guest posting, we have a resource that will be very useful to you. This is our platform that groups together in a tableat least 1000 blogs that would accept guest posts.

In summary

The Internet Marketing Ninjas blog is rich in various content whose exploration grants you the chance to develop or improve your SEO and Internet marketing skills.

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Presentation : Internet Marketing Ninjas

Blog Internet Marketing Ninja Logo

Jim Boykin is the founder and CEO of Internet Marketing Ninja at blog (formerly WeBuild Pages). Originally from New York, he quickly established a reputation as an expert in the SEO industry.

Jim has received numerous accolades, including from the Business Review. This review considers him one of the top 40 world leaders under 40.

He was also named one of the 40 most influential people in research by GSINC (2007).

During his career, Jim has presented over a hundred conferences in many countries. He has participated in SES, SMX, PubCon, Affiliate Summit, ExpOn, Hostingcon and WebMasterWorld, among others.

The author of this blog, Jim Boykin, has also served as an advisor at PubCon and is a member of the Internet Marketers of New York (IMNY). These areas of expertise include SEO, Tools, Link Building, and Panda Updates.

Today, with a team of nearly 50 Ninjas, the CEO devotes his time to other pursuits. Among other things, he takes care of training, advice or interviews with customers, and travels around the world to network.

When Jim is not in the office, he enjoys spending time with his two sons and attending concerts. He also likes to serve the community by being actively involved in supporting local causes. You can follow him on his social networks:

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