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Deepen your knowledge of digital marketing and conversational marketing from the content published on the Conversationnel blog

Long Description : Conversationnel

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The Conversational blog is a portal dedicated to digital marketing in general and conversational marketing in particular. It presents useful advice, relevant tips and practical guides to improve the visibility of a company on the web. The content shared on this blog encompasses themes such as: social networks, chatbots, natural referencing, online advertising…

Description of the Conversational Blog

Mon One of the invaluable cornerstones of digital marketing is conversational marketing. A marketing technique that consists of developing a one-off or regular dialogue with customers and leads.

To properly establish such a strategy, knowing how to use social media and knowing how to develop a powerful content marketing approach is sometimes essential. Artificial intelligence can also accompany all this.

So, if you want tips and tricks for in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, chatbots, and conversational marketing, consider tapping into Conversational’s blog resources.

Introducing the Conversational Blog

The conversational blog is a block of articles that address several issues related to digital marketing. More precisely, you will find in the blog a lot of informative content, tips and practical guides that mainly revolve around:

  • customer relationship and
  • conversational marketing

Having taken note of the contents of this blog, we can assure you that it will be very beneficial to all Social Media specialists. Similarly, if you want to start or seek to master this skill, you will benefit from reading the content published on this platform.

The Conversationnel blog is also aimed at entrepreneurs and any user interested in perfecting their e-communication strategy. But is it really visited?

To answer this question, we have taken the trouble to provide you with these main metrics.

Top Conversational Blog Metrics

Datathat we would like to present to you have been collected thanks to SEOquake. It is :

    • Authority Score: 23
  • Monthly organic traffic:3,81 k
  • Average length of visit:00
  • Average Bounce Rate:100 %

These are the figures from the Conversational blog. However, a small clarification regarding these figures is in order. Indeed, this data was taken during the creation of this content and may vary from moment to moment. So consider them as approximate measurements.

To stay in the context of discovery of this blog, we have also sought to present the main themes and some articles concerning them. Let’s take a closer look at this.

What are the main themes covered in the Conversationnel blog?

The blog focuses on several topics or themes covering many aspects of digital marketing. Among these themes, some characterize the idea behind the creation of this blog. They can therefore be considered as the main themes and here they are.

Social Media 

To promote products or services online, some professionals focus on social media platforms.

This topic is covered for the most part in practical guides that help you master conversational marketing from social networks. You will also find its recurrence inuseful tips shared on the blog. Here are some examples of guides that deal with this theme.

In addition, the articles that address this theme allow you to know how to effectively exploit the most famous social media. Also discover the news that concerns these media each week. For example :

In addition, also learn how to develop good social media marketing strategies using content that talks about this theme and many other related aspects.


This is a theme that is, like Social Media, very much discussed in the content offered by the blog. Useful guides, informative content and marketing advice for using ChatBots, these are some of the contents whose center is the ChatBot theme. For example, you can read blog posts like:

With these contents and many others of the same style, you will understand the benefits of using ChatBot in the world of digital marketing.

Content marketing 

Content marketing requires the production of optimized content adaptable to all digital media. You will find useful tips and tricks on this topic in the blog. Here are some examples of content addressing this topic:

The content often addressing this theme will show you how to get out of it if you want to set up impressive content marketing initiatives.


In marketing, storytelling is a practice that allows you to grab the attention of an audience through stories. How to make your media a source of stories? This is what the guides, techniques and tips that address this theme answer.

Automation marketing 

With the advancement of technology, automating your marketing tasks is becoming easier and easier. But how can you do it effectively? This is the question answered by the content that highlights this theme.

Online Advertising

The articles that address this theme focus on the use of online advertising for businesses. This is content that addresses topics such as advertising on search engines or the use of advertisements on social networks.

These are some of the recurring themes in the content shared in this blog. There are others, but these are the most essential.

Other Conversational Blog Considerations

The Conversationnel blog belongs to the Conversationnel agency. This agency aims to bring the different brands closer to their audiences or audiences.

Thus, apart from the content, advice and tips that are published on the blog and addressing the previous themes, you will also find news about the agency. That is why it will not be an exaggeration to state that this is a private blog. But does this blog allow guest posts?

Does the Conversational blog accept guest posts?

Conversational’s blogwould not allow not guest posts.However, if you are looking for French and English blogs that allow guest posts in the field of marketing, you must take a look at ourguest post platform.

In summary 

Conversational’s blog is great when it comes to resources related to social media marketing. It allows you to learn about the benefits of properly managing your marketing strategy and using ChatBots to improve your e-business. Whether you are a beginner or a professional in social media marketing, you must visit this blog often.

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Presentation : Conversationnel

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Conversational strategy has been at the heart of marketing for several years. Long limited to live chats and web messaging services, conversational marketing goes far beyond that.

To help brands improve communication with their customers and prospects, Robin Coulet founded in 2011 a digital company specializing in dialogue between brands, companies and customers. It is the Conversational agency of which he is also the leader.

Robin Coulet is now an active expert in the world of digital communication (which has become conversation) for brands. Besides onthey are blog, he writes many articles and columns published on other blogs and in some magazines.

The director of Conversationnel is also the co-founder of the Fabulous agency, which specializes in 3D printing. It also develops personalized chatbots which aim to hold more or less friendly and interactive conversations with Internet users.

However, Robin Coulet is not only limited to chatbots, his expertise goes a little further with his offer on voicebots. These are used by many French and international brands.

You can reach Robin Coulet via the networksTwitter AndLinkedIn

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