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Discover Pragm’s blog which will help you improve your technical marketing and obtain good results for your Google Ads campaigns.

Long Description : Blog Pragm

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The Pragm Blog is a website that shares useful resources like tutorials, tutorials, comprehensive guides, and useful tips to improve your SERP ranking. Besides that, it is a web platform that will help you establish really relevant marketing and SEO strategies.


Pragm’s blog

Whether it is online marketing or SEO, these two sectors are constantly evolving. Every day new items appear. Faced with this, getting up to speed and self-training become necessary.

And what could be better than reading blogs like Pragm’s? Indeed, the latter shares on its web platform news, advice and tutorials to train and better understand these two sectors.

If you want to find out what the categories in this blog can do for you, keep reading.

Introducing Pragm’s Blog

The Pragm blog belongs to a French agency specialized in technical marketing called PRAGM. This blog is a smart way to justify the quality of the services offered by the agency in question.

It is more exactly a web knowledge platform that brings you interesting and relevant information in the areas of natural referencing and marketing. In this blog, you can discover related articles:

  • at SXO: a combination of SEO and UX;
  • performance measures or even;
  • online advertisements…

As such, this blog can help you if you want to have better conversion rates. Better, if you want to have more quality traffic to your website(s), the content available on this blog can be a significant asset.

If you are wondering if the Pragm agency blog is visited, the following will interest you. We’ve picked up some essential metrics that will allow you to judge for yourself the value of this blog.

Top Pragm Blog Metrics

The metrics below are figures we collected with the SEOquake plugin.

We think getting a feel for these can show you how well this website performs. Here they are :

  • Website Authority Score:32
  • Average length of visit:04 minutes 21 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:88,65 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:5,15. k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

So these are the metrics of this French blog. To get a better idea of ​​the articles that the blog publishes, we offer you a discovery of the different categories available on the website.

Presentation of the different categories of the Pragm blog

The founders, Myriam and Augustin Delporte, shared several contents that concretely deal with all aspects of the intersection between marketing, e-commerce and of course SEO. These contents have been subdivided into the following sections or categories.


In order to be successful in e-commerce, it is necessary that you put in place a well-thought-out e-commerce marketing strategy that covers all marketing aspects.

In this section of the Pragm blog, you can see a list of e-commerce marketing tips articles. This is content designed based on the experience of the blog founders who have already worked with at least a hundred Shopify stores.

These articles therefore require that you pay close attention to them since they come from the experience of the authors. By reading these, you will have all the cards at your disposal to effectively design and develop an excellent online store.

Through the information shared in this category of the Pragm blog, you will be able to make clear decisions and consequently make your marketing efforts more efficient. To read this content, consider clicking this link:Shopify – tips and news | Pragm.

Google Analytics 

Second category of the Pragm blog, the articles shared in the latter can be useful for both beginners and experts in the use of Google Tag Manager or Google Data Studio.

This section indeed gathers tutorials on the events of GA4. Thus, by exploring these tutorial contents, you will train yourself and quickly master a good number of Google Analytics segments.

These are basic tutorials, but also intermediate and advanced tutorials. These will allow you to move from a lower level in mastering Google Analytics to a higher level, especially if you are a beginner.

Also, content posted in this category sometimes deals with the latest GA4 news. This linkGoogle Analytics — tips and news | Pragm will give you full access to all tutorials and news.


The natural referencing sector is constantly evolving. In which case, it would be useful for you to stay up to date with the latest changes in this sector. Since you will discover new techniques and strategies to improve yourself in SEO.

This section of the blog via these contents gives you the opportunity to improve your ranking effectively and quickly. Similarly, the articles in the category will allow you to boost your notoriety online.

This is content that goes beyond just generic SEO advice. In fact, the contents of this category are in-depth and form tips that will facilitate the understanding of:

  • How to create truly optimized content?
  • How to develop a concrete SEO plan?
  • How to research and find the best SEO tools and training?

As you will have noticed, this isconcrete advice which will save you extra time in your SEO tasks. They will also help you stand out against competing websites.

Digital Marketing

In this section, you can search and find interesting resources as well as relevant advice in articles related to digital marketing. You will also find lots of sources of information that are useful for those who want to learn new digital marketing. So this category allows for self-learning.

In addition, the articles in this category cover a few specific topics on which the founders’ students and the agency’s clients ask the latter. This section can be described as almost complete since it brings together:

  • tutorials;
  • tips ;
  • practical guides…

These contents have been useful several times to people who work with the Pragm agency. So, if you want to master and understand other aspects of digital marketing as a specialist, you can definitely click on this list of content:Digital Marketing — tips and news | Pragm

PPC & Google Ad Grants

This category represents the latest available on Pragm’s blog. This is a section that brings together content that will allow you toimprove your Google Ads campaigns

Indeed, online advertising is by no means an exact science. Because you will regularly be confronted with fluctuations and these are natural.

That said, you can avoid a large majority of these fluctuations with articles shared in this category. This content will undoubtedly allow you to obtain excellent results when you launch your Google Ads and Google Ad Grants campaigns.

Now that you have an idea of ​​Pragm’s blog categories. What about guest blogging? Below, we bring you an answer.

Does Pragm’s blog accept guest posts?

Publishing guest articles is an effective marketing and SEO practice to boost your online presence. However, finding blogs that accept the publication of these guest articles is complicated.

In this case, Pragm’s blog does not accept guest posts. Since the content published on this platform is only the pen of the founders of the agency. So you can’t publish articles on this blog, but you can use it to improve your digital marketing and SEO skills.

In summary

All in all, this blog is a collection of quality articles written by the founders of the Pragm agency. In this case, SEO and Analytics experts Myriam and Augustin Delporte. It is aimed at all players in the marketing and SEO world. These articles are classified into 5 main categories which are:

  • Shopify ;
  • Google Analytics ;
  • THIS ;
  • Digital Marketing;
  • PPC & Google Ad Grants.

This makes the blog an asset to consider, if you are a specialist in one of these sections. This is a blog suitable for both beginners and experts as long as the information provided is relevant.

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Presentation : Blog Pragm

Blog Pragm Logo

The Pragm website was founded in 2018 by two SEO experts:Myriam JessierAndAugustin Delporte.

Myriam Jessier is passionate about everything related to online research and algorithms for ranking content. She has made this passion a profession for more than 15 years.

A former teacher in Montreal, Canada, she is currently a trainer and SEO consultant. And for the past few years, she has specialized in training marketing teams.

Over the years, she has trained many web marketing agencies. Her goal is to improve the internal processes of marketing teams by sharing the SEO techniques that she has been able and able to implement during these long years of experience. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Myriam Jessier.

As for Augustin, he speaks little, but has several technical skills including:

  • Web development: creation of websites with Node.js/React, HTML5, CSS, Javascript…;
  • Web referencing: technical optimizations, linkbuilding and content creation;
  • SEA/PPC strategy: in particular Google Ads and Facebook Ads;
  • Web analytics: performance analysis and campaign monitoring;
  • Global Web Marketing Strategies…

Agustin is a senior web developer and certified trainer in all his technical skills. He is also and above all an SEM consultant. Here is his profile, if you want to chat with him on LinkedIn:Augustin Delporte.

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