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Blog Image SEO mise en avant

Want to boost your quotes with image SEO for search engines? Discover Image SEO, one of the market leaders.

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Blog Image SEO Ressource 1

The Images SEO blog is a platform that allows you to learn about the different image optimization techniques for search engines. Thanks to WordPress documentation and guides, you will be able to deepen your knowledge on the subject.

Blog Image SEO

Today, SEO is one of the most widely used marketing techniques. However, it is common for SEO agencies to ignore the image component.

Although this can still allow them to stand out from the competition and save time. Also, some professionals are unaware that images play a key role in their communication strategy.

In this perspective, theblog Image SEO stands out from the others with its SEO toolpictures forthe search engines that it makes available to these users. Here are the different features that make this platform unique.

Presentation of the Image SEO blog

Image SEO is a company headed by two brilliant young people: Thomas Deneulin and Aurelio Volle. These two friends are the geniuses behind the website’s oh-so-interesting blog.

Designed and hosted on Kinsta, a WordPress host, it’s powered by professionals who are basically creators Aurelio and Thomas.

The latter regularly publish articles that address all the themes on theSEOpictures for search engines. For example, you cannot want to start without having an idea of ​​the basics required to optimize these images in question.

Here are some details to consider:

  • HTML attributes,
  • The name and size of the file,
  • The disposition,
  • Exchangeable (EXIF) or structured data.

The contents also address the resources necessary for the creation and management of images on the sites.

However, that’s not all, professionals will also be able, thanks to tools, to learn how to create important backlinks to increase their visibility. In addition, they will find tips and tricks to improve their content and boost their creativity.

Being written by proven specialists, the information found on the platform is verifiable and never useless.

The Image SEO blog provides you with the best content and themes optimized for the SEO of your website.

In other words, these two experts make a point of user concerns. It’s quite simply the leader in image search engine optimization!

Image SEO Blog Metrics

Website Authority Score: 38 

Average length of visit: 01:38

Average bounce rate: 62,03 %

Volume of monthly organic traffic: 7,68 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

What are the different Image SEO blog categories?

The Image SEO blog covers many topics. To allow users to find their way around and take full advantage of it, the creators have organized the site around three main categories presented below.

Images SEO Ultime Guide

Because the purpose of the Image SEO blog is to give professionals a better understanding of image SEO for search engines, this category comes at a good time.

Indeed, the creators provide these users with an ultimate guide on image SEO. They can then make their first impression and their first steps. This of course facilitates their immersion.

In fact, the SEO guide first explains what this strategy actually represents, especially why it is important to opt for it. Professionals can be sure to get the best advice they need to optimize their sites with this SEO strategy.


The blog addresses many questions on the themes of page referencing and that of images in particular. Likewise, the writers discuss using WordPress SEO plugins and WooCommerce shipping tips.

The creators have thought of everything! You can find all these articles on the home page, but also in the “Resources” section and then in the “Blog” category.


As the name of this category indicates, you will find guides and tutorials to effectively start with the referencing of images on the various search engines. Among other things, you will start with optimization with the site’s WordPress plugin.

Next will follow optimizing images, creating preview maps for networks, and naming your photo files in WordPress.

The other resources of the Image SEO site

It is not only the aforementioned resources that can be found on the Image SEO site. In fact, it is possible to check out integration products like the WordPress plugin for image SEO. Professionals can easily try themselves with just a few clicks.

Besides that, users can through one of the other headings further understand the importance of site optimization through images.

They will then have all the details that will help them decide. In addition, they can consult the pricing to better plan a budget. Finally, for additional information, users can check out the section.

Are there guest posts on the Image SEO site?

Guest blogging is one of the strategies used to boost a site. We noticed that the articles of the Image SEO blog were all written by co-founders Thomas DENEULIN and Aurelio Volle.

There are therefore no contributors or other authors. The Image SEO site does not accept guest posts.


All in all, we can say that the Image SEO blog promises a better future for SEO professionals and agencies. Not only do they save time, but they improve their quotes and also increase their portfolios.

The creators Thomas and Aurélio provide useful resources for anyone who wants to take their first steps in optimizationpictures forsearch engines.

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Presentation :

Blog Image SEO Logo

ImageSEO is a French company with its head office in Lyon. It is run by two friends who have known each other since they were 4 years old,Thomas Deneulin AndAurelius Volle. What is their background and what are their experiences in the world of information and computer technologies?

Thomas is the company’s Chief Technology Officer. He is a computer engineer and a graduate of SUPINFO School. He is also a coding enthusiast.

Remarkably active in the French WordPress community, he is a regular speaker at French WordCamps. Prior to the creation of ImageSEO, Thomas Deneulin worked as a software engineer forYurplan Andpath plummet.

He also foundedDeliPress and specializes in ReactJS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Symfony, POO, Code review.

As such, if you are looking for a talented full stack developer, you can contact him via his Linkedin profile: Thomas DENEULIN. His twitter is as follows:@TDeneulin.

As for the second co-founder, Aurelio Volle, he is Co-founder & Product Owner / Chief Marketing Officer of ImageSEO. He has 3 different degrees in law and 1 in European affairs.

By day, he is a member of lobbying for the French Blood establishment. This means that he leads conferences at the University of Lyon.

During the night he works on their ImageSEO project. He is also the founder ofUmbrella WP.

For the record, when he was 14 years old in 2006, Aurelio designed a website whose domain name 5 years later, when he was in his 19th year, he coordinated a team of 20 volunteers.

His management being perfect, he was entitled to a download on his site of at least 6 million models. Models compatible with W3C rules. His work has even been cited on Tristant Nitot’s Standblog.

Finally, this natural genius also holds ablog on the names of Lobbying Convictions in which he shares opinions about his other activities.

Here’s how his LinkedIn profile looks: Aurelius Volle. His twitter is:Aurelio ⓦ Co-Founder of WP Umbrella @AurelioVolle.


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