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Want to better understand inbound marketing? Discover the hREF blog, a web platform entirely focused on this marketing strategy.

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hREF is an agency specializing in marketing. She has a blog dedicated to inbound marketing and all the related sub-concepts. The blog provides a lot of content and resources intended to enlighten novices who are taking their first steps in the field.

hREF blog

Inbound marketing is a marketing concept that consists of bringing potential customers to your website and not picking them up yourself as is often the case.

It includes several other essential concepts such as web marketing, content strategy, search engine optimization, etc.

The HREF blog aims to help Internet users understand and master each of these concepts and techniques.

For this, it provides them with a multitude of articles and resources of all kinds intended to facilitate their learning. Find out more about this platform.

Presentation of the hREF blog

ThehREF blog is an inbound marketing platform addressed to all Internet users who still do not know what this notion means or who seek to understand it more.

The content of the site addresses various themes such as content marketing, web writing, natural referencing and social networks.

The fluidity of the blog interface allows users to easily navigate through the different sections. In addition, each of the articles on the site is written in detail in order to facilitate the understanding of different readers.

In order to guarantee the quality of the content on the site, only expert writers working for hREF are authorized to publish on the blog. All articles are written by “the hREF team” as can be seen on each of the publications.

hREF blog metrics

Here are the different hREF blog metrics. They may vary and these measurements are those available at the time of writing this description.

  • Website authority score: 25
  • Average length of visit:00:04
  • Average bounce rate: 98,57 %
  • Volume of monthly organic traffic:3,79 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the hREF blog

Although it is considered an inbound marketing platform, the hREF blog also covers other topics.

In order to maintain the fluidity of the site and to allow visitors to find their way around easily, the blog articles have been grouped into four distinct categories.

Content marketing

Also called content marketing, content marketing consists of creating and publishing online content for a target audience. The Content Marketing section of the hREF blog leads you to discover this rather exceptional practice.

By browsing the various articles written by specialists on the subject, site visitors will be able to learn everything there is to know about content marketing in no time.

Web writing

Web writing consists of writing content to be published on the net. It has always been a useful technique in the field of digital marketing or content marketing as well as web referencing.

The content in this section aims to enlighten readers on how to write a well-optimized web article for search engines.

Natural reference

Natural referencing (Search Engine Optimization) includes all the means by which a website can appear among the first results that are displayed on a search engine. This is usually Google.

It is a kind of technique to improve the visibility of a platform on the web. There are a large number of articles on the hREF blog that relate to natural referencing.

There are tips and guides on how to improve the SEO score of your web page.

Social networks

This is the last section on the hREF blog. The articles in this section discuss the role of social media in digital marketing.

They also explain how site owners can improve their presence on the networks in order to gain more visibility.

Accept guest articles or not

Guest posts are one way two websites can tap into their audiencemutual to gain visibility.

Having become common in the world of SEO, this strategy is used by a large part of the blogs present on the web. The hREF site is part of this batch and would accept guest articles.

In summary

The hREF blog is a very informative platform for all SEO beginners. It introduces them to the essential concepts of inbound marketing, content marketing and web writing.

In addition, the various content available on the blog helps educate readers on how to take better advantage of social networks to develop their business and gain more visibility.

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Presentation : hREF

Blog Href Logo

hREF is an agency with three facets. In fact, it not only offers web writing services, but also content marketing and SEO.

It was founded in 2011 under the initiative of Julien Barras, an expert in web content. The latter also occupies an important position in the famous subsidiary of Figaro (CCM Benchmark Group).

He is the designer of the editorial tools of some sites belonging to this company. These are also very well known: Le Journal du Net, L’Internaute and Le Journal des Femmes.

These platforms have millions of visitors every day generated by thousands of pages. Julien Barras has therefore been able to prove himself.

His teamhREF, based in Lyon, is dynamic. It is made up of competent and resourceful professionals, ready to respond to customer issues.

The content offered byhREF are also multilingual, perfectly suited to all users who wish to increase their visibility on the Web. Find Julien Barras on his networkLinkedIn.

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