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Discover new ways of doing web marketing thanks to the contents of the RankWatch blog.

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Description ofblog RankWatch

The RankWatch blog is an online marketing knowledge space whose goal is to help website owners and agencies increase the revenue of their businesses through the advice and secrets that are regularly published there.


A remarkable success of a website requires a more or less deep understanding of online marketing. The RankWatch blog offers this possibility thanks to the educational content it publishes regularly. The contents of the platform also teach you how you can use its tools effectively. To learn more about the RankWatch blog, I invite you to read this description.

Introducing the RankWatch Blog

Created in 2012, the Rankwatch platform quickly gained notoriety in the market due to the quality of its services.

Cloud-based, RankWatch is developing artificial intelligence that allows it to release several tools to market that are changing the way people do online SEO.

To bring a little more value to the users of its tools and at the same time expand its audience, RankWatch offers through blogging, various content that revolves around the services it offers through its tools.

The platform aims to help its readers in the orientation of their online marketing strategies.

While some content is practical guides that accompany the reader in a task of natural referencing, SEA or even network strategies, some are intended to teach how to use Rankwatch tools.

The blog also has a search bar that allows users to find content that interests them by typing in a few keywords.

This makes it easier to consume blog content and creates a great experience for platform users.

What are the RankWatch blog metrics?

When it comes to characterizing the RankWatch blog by its different metrics, we refer to the following figures:

  • Number of unique visitors: 71.2k;
  • Pages/visit: 1.5;
  • Average length of visit: 08 minutes 44 seconds;
  • Bounce rate: 75.81%.

Note : These measures that we have proposed are approximate figures. They were taken by the SEOquake plugin during the design of the article.

Who is the RankWatch blog for?

Just like other online resources, the RankWatch blog acts as an online journal or news resource that displays recent posts at the top of the page.

This place where the RankWatch team shares their opinions on specific topics related to online marketing can be a big help for any ambitious website owner who wants to grow their business.

Displaying content in reverse chronological order keeps readers up to date with new ideas from authors.

What should you expect from the RankWatch blog?

As rich as it is, the RankWatch blog offers content from several categories of online marketing to cover every reader’s interest.

It is mainly about:

Advanced SEO

Advanced SEO is an online marketing tactic that aims to boost a website’s presence in search results, using more sophisticated SEO methods than those commonly employed in basic SEO.

These contents include information on the various advanced SEO techniques, the tools and resources available to implement these techniques, as well as sample case studies and practical tips for getting the most out of these strategies. These contents also cover current trends and developments in the field of advanced SEO and offer insights into future challenges and opportunities in this field.

To be more practical, the last three contents of this category cover the following topics:

  • Can Relationship Marketing Really Help Generate Leads?
  • How to create SEO content that drives conversions?
  • Orphan Pages: What are they and how do you deal with them?

You can see that these topics align perfectly with the interests of an experienced SEO.

Basic SEO

Unlike the categoryprevious, “Referencing ofbase’’ addresses especially for beginner website owners.

The content that is regularly published there takes into account the level of the target and deals with subjects that can help these beginners to form a fairly substantial base in the field of SEO.

For example, the last three topics covered are:

  • Still using the location search filter on chrome to check your rankings?
  • How much traffic does a website get? Answered in 3 simple techniques;
  • Top 5 most interesting SEO trends to keep in mind for 2022.

These contents may seem a bit boring for someone who has enough skills in SEO, but will definitely be of great help for the beginner in this matter.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a forward-thinking online marketing tactic that involves the creation and dissemination of relevant and engaging content with the intention of engaging prospects, building loyalty with existing customers, and building brand awareness. brand or product.

The content can be in the form of texts, images, videos, podcasts, webinars, etc. and it can be distributed on different channels, such as websites, social networks, newsletters, etc.

Thus, the content in this category can help online marketing readers understand the different techniques and tools used in content marketing, as well as the benefits and challenges associated with this strategy.

These contents also provide examples of case studies and practical advice for implementing an effective content marketing strategy, as well as insights into trends and developments in this field.

RankWatch is committed to guiding its readers in implementing an effective marketing strategy by designing and distributing coherent and relevant content to generate interest and retain a determined target audience.

To do this, the topics covered in this category of the RankWatch blog join the main objective. The last three published contents can confirm this:

  • Can AI generated content really get you penalised ?
  • Google Advanced Image Search : A Guide ;
  • Everything You Need to Know About Content Syndication.

Marketing digital

The purpose of the content published in this category is to lead readers to understand the concept in order to orient themselves.

In detail, the contents allow readers to:

  • Learn new things: Readers may be interested in the latest trends and best practices in digital marketing, and may seek to learn more about these topics through these blog contents;
  • Finding Solutions to Problems: Readers may have specific digital marketing questions or problems, and may seek answers or solutions through this blog content;
  • Learn about products or services: Readers may be interested in products or services offered by a company, and may seek to learn more through such blog content;
  • Get Inspiration: Readers can look for ideas and inspiration to improve their digital marketing strategy, and can find that in this category.

The latest published content gives us the perfect example that this blog is intended to inform its audience about Digital Marketing:

  • Are you also struggling to sell your products on the web? 
  • Google Launches Retail Search Tool For Shopping Sites ;
  • 9 Ways to Reduce Bounce and Boost eCommerce Engagement.


E-commerce content is intended to inform and help readers better understand and use the various online sales platforms and tools.

The contents of this category of the blog generally address:

  • The different types of e-commerce platforms available, such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento;
  • How to create and manage an e-commerce site, including steps to add products, configure payment and delivery options, and manage orders;
  • Best practices for writing product descriptions and creating engaging visuals to attract customers;
  • The key elements for a secure and customer-friendly online payment experience.

In general, e-commerce blog content is intended to help readers grow and improve their own e-commerce business.

Advertising by Email

Email marketing is an integral part of any successful inbound strategy because it allows businesses to directly reach their customers and share their new products, best sellers, and updates. Its excellent return on investment further underscores its importance for businesses looking to get the most out of their digital efforts.

Thus the articles in this category are intended to inform and help readers learn how to use email marketing effectively to promote their offers.

These contents cover a variety of topics, such as:

  • The creation of a mailing list;
  • Writing effective email subject lines;
  • Using email templates to create professional and engaging messages.

In addition, this content in this category also includes practical advice for companies that want to use email marketing to reach their customers and prospects, such as how to avoid sending unwanted emails and how to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns.

Feature updates

In an effort to make customer service better, RankWatch offers in this category any updates as well as how-to guides on how people can use its tool’s features.

The idea is not only to make the use of his tool easier for people who may have difficulty with it, but also to share some tips with his audience.

Certainly, the last subjects covered in this category perfectly illustrate this ideology:

  • How to tap the true potential of internet marketing for your business ?
  • YouTube Video SEO : How To Rank Youtube Video On First Page [Updated] ;
  • Integrating Your RankWatch Data With Google Data Studio ;
  • Launching Soon : New and Upgraded Competitor Analysis Module ;
  • RankWatch API key and where to find it ;
  • Etc.

Marketing d’influence

Influencer marketing is the practice of a brand partnering with an influencer to boost their product or service.

Thus the RankWatch blog allows its readers to find the best way to reach engaged audiences and build trust with their potential customers.

Content in this category is intended to inform and help readers learn how to use influencers to promote their business or products. They cover various topics such as:

  • Research and selection of relevant influencers;
  • Negotiating and monitoring partnerships with influencers;
  • The use of social media influencer marketing campaigns;
  • And the analysis of the results of these campaigns.

The blog’s experts also share practical tips for businesses looking to use this form of marketing, such as:

  • How to integrate influencers naturally into their marketing strategy;
  • How to avoid unethical influencer marketing practices;
  • Etc.

In general, influencer marketing blog content is designed to help readers understand how to use influencers to achieve their business goals and provide them with practical information and tips for implementing an influencer marketing strategy. effective influence.

Do they accept guest posts

Like the majority of well-established blogs in the field of SEO and web marketing, RankWatch remains open to content offered by other sites.

The reality is that RankWatch strictly values ​​its credibility with its audience that it requires certain conditions to be met before a collaboration takes place.

For some websites, these conditions may seem too much since they refer to an extreme quality of content.


RankWatch is therefore an excellent resource that allows people interested in online marketing to enrich themselves with knowledge. Thanks to this platform, you can learn key trades such as natural referencing, paid referencing, content marketing, etc. We have detailed in this description the different categories of article content that you can discover on the blog.

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Blog RankWatch Logo

The RankWatch blog was established in 2012. It is a cloud-based web marketing platform that has its own artificial intelligence. The platform combines tools that multiply the results of SEO implementation.

RankWatch offers through its blog, various content that revolves around the services it offers through its tools. The platform aims to help its readers in the orientation of their online marketing strategies.

Some content constitutes practical guides that accompany the reader throughout a self-study process. RankWatch offers this possibility thanks to the educational contents that it publishes regularly.

The contents of the platform also teach you how you can use its tools effectively.

Thanks to these, website owners and SEO agencies can have and analyze the data in order to make decisions that will allow them to increase their income. RankWatch associates with its services a quality assistance distinguishing it from its competitors.

The company currently dominates all of Southeast Asia in the sector. She exceeded 29,000 users in its customer base andcontinues to grow rapidly. You can contact the agency through its various social networks:


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