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Browse Vye’s blog for plenty of resources on strategies for online success.

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Vye’s blog is a portal that shares content on strategies to grow your online and belly business with marketing. He provides blog posts and case studies about his experiences with his clients. The content available on the Vye blog is organized by subject, which makes it easier to consult.

Vye’s Blog

Digital marketing is essential for any company or anyone who wants to sell their offers and products online.

Fortunately, you can learn digital marketing and how to sell online from the many resources available online.

For example, Vye offers you through his blog a multitude of content that can help you develop your capacity in terms of marketing and sales. In this description, we will discoverVye’s blog and the content it offers to its visitors.

Introducing Vye’s Blog

Vye is a full-service growth agency that helps businesses increase sales and revenue through effective online marketing.

The company was founded by a team of experienced marketers who are used to helping businesses grow and succeed.

Vye offers a blog with the aim of providing its readers with well-crafted content to help them use online marketing to increase sales for their businesses.

On the Vye blog, you will discover content on various topics, including corporate culture, creativity, inbound marketing, etc.

These contents are written in a way to help readers understand the ins and outs of online marketing in order to apply it to their own business.

Note that Vye’s blog is for businesses, business owners, and anyone who wants to learn how to boost their business through online marketing. This blog offers different types of content including blog posts and guides.

The blog is organized by topic and each topic has its own dedicated section. This allows visitors to easily find the content of their interests.

Vye’s blog metrics with SEOquake

Vye’s blog metrics are as follows:

Website authority score: 41

Average length of visit: 00

Average bounce rate: 00

Monthly organic traffic volume: 00

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Vye’s blog categories

Vye’s blog articles are grouped by theme and you can find the content of your choice by selecting a subject.

The creativity category

The creativity category of Vye’s blog is designed to help users come up with innovative ideas by connecting data, technology and creativity.

This category focuses on how readers can use creativity to stand out in their niche, how to build a strong brand, and how to reposition themselves when needed.

We find for example in this category the following contents:

7 signs it’s time to rebrand your business : This article discusses the signs that a company should rebrand, such as when:

  • Its target audience changes;
  • Its offers are evolving;
  • The brand image becomes outdated.

It provides guidelines on how to identify when it’s time to switch brands and how to do it.

Leighton Interactive repositions itself and changes its name to become Vye : This is a case study of how Vye has evolved as a company. It also shows how the rebranding as well as name change helped it better reflect its services and target market. This study is also a good example of how a company can go through a rebranding process.

Five components of a strong brand : This post discusses the five key components that contribute to a strong brand and how businesses can use these components to create a memorable and impactful brand. It provides examples and case studies of brands that have successfully implemented these strategies.

Branding and Building Brand Awareness for the Manufacturing Niche : This post focuses on how companies in the manufacturing niche can use branding strategies to stand out and increase brand awareness. It provides tips and examples on how manufacturing companies can differentiate themselves and create a strong brand identity.

The Client Stories category

Vye’s blog shares customer stories in this category. These include case studies that concretely show how these clients have successfully grown their businesses using Vye’s services.

For example, you will find:

The Road Less Traveled – How a Logistics Company is Winning with Inbound: In this content, Vye’s blog shows how the agency implemented inbound marketing to a client. The strategy was to combine the website and its content in such a way as to improve SEO rankings and funnel conversion.

You will learn in the content about the success of the strategy and how it was implemented to help the company achieve its business goals.

Apart from these contents, you will also discover other contents entitled:

  • Crisis Mode: A community of seniors raises vital funds (and minds) through Inbound Marketing;
  • Bigger, Better, Faster, Stronger: A Tech Company Website;
  • David and Goliath: How we leveraged HubSpot’s tools to revolutionize a business overnight.

The Inbound Marketing Category

This category of Vye’s blog discusses inbound marketing and you will find out how it can be implemented for a business.

As for the items available in this category, we have:

  • Why you should plan your B2B lead generation strategy for 2023;
  • How to develop an inbound content strategy;
  • The 5 “Ws” of Inbound Marketing;
  • When you need to find a new marketing agency;
  • 3 things to look for in a B2B lead generation tool;
  • What is HubSpot? A simple explanation;
  • The 10 Commandments of Demand Generation in Inbound Marketing.

From these articles, you will learn tips for marketing and growing your online business.

The News category

In the News category, Vye’s blog features articles related to the agency’s business and other online marketing and SEO news.

Among the news offered by the site, we have:

  • Alison Schroeder wins the prestigious AAFCM silver medal;
  • Vye wins Judge’s Choice, 3 Gold Awards and 7 Silver Awards in the 2021 American Advertising Awards;
  • Clare Richards, employee of Vye, is among the “5 Under 40”;
  • Chief Marketer names Vye as one of the best agencies in 2021.

The Strategy category

The Strategy category of Vye’s blog offers you content on various strategies for online success. Whether it is your online content or emailing strategy, the blog shares various formulas with which you can develop your online business.

For example, you will find articles on:

  • Why should you plan your B2B lead generation strategy for 2023?
  • How to develop an inbound content strategy?
  • What is a Go-to-Market strategy (and why do I need it)?
  • When do you need to find a new marketing agency?

The Technology category

The Technology category of Vye’s blog aims to provide content related to online marketing tools and new online visibility technologies.

One of the main topics covered in this category is “HubSpot”, a popular marketing, sales and service software platform.

Articles on this platform include “How to Use HubSpot”, which provide step-by-step instructions on how to set up and use the platform.

Another entitled “What is HubSpot? A simple explanation” gives a brief overview of the platform and its features.

A final article related to the tool, “Starting Your HubSpot Knowledge Base,” explains how to create a centralized repository of easily accessible and shareable information.

Another topic covered in this category is Core Web Vitals, which are a set of metrics for evaluating a site’s loading speed and user experience.

The article “What are Core Web Vitals and why are they important?explains what Core Web Vitals are, how they are measured, and why they are important for improving online visibility.

Finally, the category also includes an article on “How Marketing Automation Helps a 3PL Business Succeed”.

This article provides information on how marketing automation tools can be used to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of a third-party logistics (3PL) company.

The article may be beneficial for 3PL business owners and managers who are looking for ways to streamline their operations and increase their revenue.

Other resources on the Vye site

Apart from his blog, Vye also offers other resources like guides, demos and kits.

The guides

Here are the guides that the Vye site offers to its users:

Guide to creating your brand message : It shows you how to create a brand message that resonates with your customers.

These are the tips for ensuring that your content can inspire and motivate your audience, encouraging them to acquire or engage with your product, your organization and your brand.

Guide to Recruitment and Retention in the Manufacturing Sector : This guide outlines the essentials you need to know to set up a system that attracts qualified candidates and keeps them in the manufacturing sector. It is accompanied by practical tools to help you achieve your recruitment objectives.

The best tactics to grow your freight brokerage business: It uncovers the skills to thrive as a third-party logistics service provider in sales and marketing.

Demos and kits

Demos are demonstrations and kits are tools that Vye makes available to you.

Free demo of HubSpot : HubSpot is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to align all aspects of their marketing, sales, and service efforts. You will discover step by step how to use it to grow your business with our free demo.

Ultimate Marketing Planning Kit : It is obvious that organizations that have a defined action plan for marketing and sales are much more likely to achieve a return on investment.

If you need tools to help you define this plan, this planning kit that Vye offers can help you. It’s over 20 worksheets, templates, and guides to get you started.

Accept guest articles or not

Vye’s blog does not blog guest posts, which means you cannot submit guest posts to this site.

If you are, however, looking for similar sites that are likely to accept guest posts, Twaino has a solution for you. We offer youa list of over 1156 websites who accept articles in the French-speaking world.

Starting from a given theme, the platform shows you the sites that cover this theme with their authority score and the number of visitors it generates on a monthly basis.

In summary

All in all, Vye’s blog offers a lot of content on the strategies that the agency implements with its clients to obtain results.

The blog offers its content according to several themes and users can browse it according to their interests. It also offers various types of content like blog posts and case studies.

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Dan Soldner, author ofvye’s blog (Leighton Interactive) is an American marketing expert living in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, USA. One of his main missions is to help people and businesses grow.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Minnesota. After his studies, he went on to work as a regional analyst and sales manager in various companies.

In 2009, at the age of 28, Dan Soldner launched Vye, a full-service marketing agency. This agency operates under the umbrella of another company called Leighton Enterprises (the parent company) based in Saint Cloud.

Very intelligent and endowed with an excellent ability to adapt, Dan knows how to use his acquired experiences to develop his company. From the onset of the pandemic, Mr. Soldner quickly helped Vye’s team transition to remote working.

He put together a tailor-made plan to keep the business running and growing. He also helped clients define strategies and tactics to recover from the pandemic.

He educated them on how to create digital experiences to replace in-person events. Dan got them to adopt virtual sales tactics and the use of technology to overcome their difficulties.

Find Dan Soldner onLinkedIn and onCrunchbase.

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