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TRAINING | Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization

TRAINING | Fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization


Discover The Fundamentals of Natural SEO, a web marketing training module that allows you to learn SEO techniques.


“The fundamentals of natural referencing” is an online training module which is part of the “Develop your business with web marketing” training program. It explores the techniques of natural referencing and the implementation of an SEO strategy for a website.

The fundamentals of natural referencing

Online visibility remains a major issue for any business that aspires to succeed on the internet. At the center of this objective is natural referencing, an essential component of the field of web marketing.

The Fundamentals of Natural SEO module is a crucial resource to meet this challenge. It is a training course that provides an in-depth analysis of SEO techniques.

In this article, we will explore the details of this training module to learn, master and develop an effective SEO strategy.

Presentation of the module The fundamentals of natural referencing

The fundamentals of natural referencing is a training module offered on the Webmarketing & Co’m website, integrated into the “Develop your business with webmarketing” certification course.

This training module is intended for beginners and intermediate level people. In addition, she is eligible for the CPF.

The “Develop your business with web marketing” certification course prepares participants to develop an effective web marketing strategy, personalized according to their target audience and their marketing objectives.

By passing the certification, they will be able to organize the operational application of their communication and evaluate their results.

The module “The fundamentals of natural referencing” is the second module of this course. It offers participants the opportunity to learn about natural SEO optimization techniques.

Thus, they will acquire the necessary skills to develop an SEO strategy for their website and aim for the first page of Google.

This SEO training is enriched with numerous concrete and practical examples which allow participants to solve their own problems.

Participants in this training seek to develop the visibility of their website, increase the turnover of their company, or consider a career change.

Whatever their defined objectives, participants will receive personalized support for their professional project.

Several partner training centers are authorized to provide certification for this training.

Participants can fill out the form available at the bottom of the page to be put in touch with the center best suited to their needs.

The “Develop your business with web marketing” certification can be used as part of the CPF.

We recommend that you opt for this and register on the CPF website

Programs covered by the module The fundamentals of natural referencing

The “Fundamentals of natural referencing” module covers several essential subjects for understanding and mastering natural referencing.

Semantic audit

At the semantic audit level, participants learn to identifykeywords and tools use. In the training module, a practical case is then included on carrying out a first semantic audit.

The key factors of technical optimization

This part of the module takes an in-depth look at the main elements of technical optimization:

  • How the engines analyze your site;
  • Optimization of meta tags;
  • Optimization of content, images and videos;
  • Optimization of site URLs;
  • Optimization of navigation and internal networking;
  • Criteria for analyzing Internet user behavior;
  • Optimization for mobile use;
  • Optimization techniques specific to CMS (WordPress);
  • The impact of hosting and loading time.

Submitting and monitoring the indexing of a site

In this part of the module, participants learn how to submit their site to search engines and master theindexing of their site. This part contains a case study on how to get started with Google Search Console.

Editorial optimization

Accompanied by a practical case on writing optimized content, this section covers:

  • Editorial optimization;
  • The establishment of an editorial charter;
  • The structuring of an article;
  • And the semantic coherence of the contents.

Implementation of a netlinking strategy

At this stage, participants gain knowledge about search engine guidelines for netlinking, popularity indicators, as well as implementing a sustainable netlinking strategy.

Implementation of SEO monitoring

The chapter of setting up effective SEO monitoring takes place in several crucial steps:

  • How to set SMART goals;
  • To useGoogle Analytics to follow the evolution of SEO;
  • And create a monitoring dashboard.

Each aspect is covered in detail, with concrete and practical examples to help participants work on their specific issues.

Other modules of the certified web marketing training: Develop your business with web marketing

The certified web marketing training entitled “Develop your business with web marketing” includes various modules, including “The fundamentals of natural referencing”. Here are the other modules offered in this training:

Module The fundamentals of web marketing

The fundamentals of web marketing module gives an overview of web marketing and its fundamental principles.

It allows participants to understand the basics of web marketing such as the different strategies and tactics used to achieve online marketing goals.

Module Implement a social media strategy

The Implementing a Social Media Strategy module provides methods for developing and executing an effective social media strategy.

Participants will learn how to use social media to achieve their marketing goals, including user engagement, lead generation, and conversion.

Each module is designed to help participants develop specific skills and implement an effective web marketing strategy. Participants can follow these modules remotely and at their own pace.

The course is eligible for CPF funding. It thus offers participants the possibility of using their Personal Training Account for the associated costs. Several partner training centers are authorized to issue this certification.

In summary

The “Fundamentals of Natural SEO” training module is a resource that offers complete immersion in the basics of SEO.

It addresses semantic audit, technical optimization, submission to indexing and netlinking strategy.

This practical resource goes beyond the basics, allowing participants to build strong skills. This is an opportunity for those who want to develop the visibility of their site and increase their turnover.


  • How to set SMART goals;
  • To useGoogle Analytics to follow the evolution of SEO;
  • And create a monitoring dashboard.
  • How to set SMART goals;
  • To useGoogle Analytics to follow the evolution of SEO;
  • And create a monitoring dashboard.

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