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Check out the BuzzStream blog, a portal to learn how to use BuzzStream tools and public relations.

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The BuzzStream blog is the official portal where the site shares web content on these tools. These contents range from blog posts to case studies, guides and videos. The BuzzStream blog is therefore a valuable resource for users of BuzzStream tools and for anyone aiming to train in public relations, SEO and digital marketing.

Blog the BuzzStream

If the use of tools is essential in SEO to analyze your performance and automate certain tasks, it is also important to know how to use these tools in order to take advantage of them in the best possible way.

This is why the BuzzStream site has created a blog on which its experts publish explanatory content on the use of the tools that the site develops.

In addition to articles about its tools, the site also shares content on how to improve its online visibility and sell. Through this description, let’s discover together the BuzzStream and the resources it offers.

Presentation of the BuzzStream blog

Buzzstream is a blog which focuses on publishing valuable content and insights on SEO, general digital marketing, and PR.

The blog covers many topics such as:

  •     Content and influence marketing;
  •     Social platforms;
  •     SEO ;
  •     Email marketing;
  •     Etc.

One of the strengths of Buzzstream’s blog is the way it offers actionable content that both experts and newbies can use.

The blog regularly features in-depth guides and tutorials on various SEO and email marketing tactics and strategies. You will also find case studies and success stories from experts and companies in terms of digital marketing.

The blog also brings you a range of public relations topics, including media relations, crisis management and brand reputation.

The blog also features interviews with PR professionals and industry experts, as well as articles on the latest trends and challenges in the field.

Contributors to this blog are members of the Buzzstream team, particularly Amy Higgins, Director of Public Relations, and Jessica Best, Head of Content Marketing.

Buzzstream blog metrics according to SEOquake

The Buzzstream site metrics are as follows:

Website authority score: 54

Average length of visit: 24 min 47

Average bounce rate: 30%

Volume of monthly organic traffic: 103K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Overview of the different BuzzStream blog categories

Buzzman’s blog categories are as follows:

The Product Updates category

This category of product updates primarily deals with BuzzStream products.

Indeed, you will discover in this part updates of the tools that BuzzStream offers to its customers.

The contents that have been published there deal with the role, the importance and how to use its BuzzStream tools as well as tips. You can find in this category articles that deal with:

  •   Introducing the updated version of the BuzzStream email composer;
  •   New ways to act in BuzzStream mailboxes;
  • integration and contact management update;
  •   A faster and more flexible search for prospects;
  •   Etc.

The Public Relations category

In this category of public relations, you’ll find plenty of PR tips, PR strategies, and the tools you’ll need to implement those strategies.

You will also find content from experts who analyze public relations facts. They also share their experiences with the BuzzStream audience.

As for the contents that you will find in this category of public relations, we can mention:

  •     The art of writing subject lines that journalists will love;
  •     The 8 digital PR tools you’ll need in 2021;
  •     etc.

The Case Study category

This category features case studies, i.e. in-depth and thorough analyzes of various strategies.

In this category case study, you will find practical use cases of relationship management tools, tools developed by BuzzStream as well as other tools.

As a case study, you will discover:

  •     Linking Strategies for Page Authority Growth with Inseev x Truliant FCU;
  •     How G2 Crowd uses rewards campaigns to get backlinks in a competitive environment;
  •     How two startups streamlined their organizations and outreach to generate more links.

The Link Building Category

The blog exposes you in this category of processes that allow the acquisition of hyperlinks from other websites to yours.

This category of the BuzzStream blog introduces you to essential resources for successfully building relationships with other sites and generating backlinks.

So you can find articles here that talk about topics like:

  •     How to design a successful link building campaign;
  •     How should the publication of guests be done in 2022;
  •     Etc.

You will also find articles on tools that will facilitate the work of having better visibility thanks to backlinks.

The Content Promotion category

It is in this category content promotion, articles exposing the means for the management and production of content.

In this part, you will discover the essential subtleties to carry out the management of relations through the production of content: campaigns, awareness, etc.

You therefore learn techniques to produce informative, useful and valuable content.

Indeed, you will find interesting articles on:

  •     How to apply reciprocity to increase your content marketing results?
  •     How to create a winning content promotion plan?
  •     Content search strategies;
  •     etc.

The Influencer Outreach Category

Do you want to get in touch and/or establish relationships with potential actors in a field for the purpose of collaboration? The category of influencer awareness brings you all the tactics you need to achieve your goals.

Other BuzzStream Blog Resources

Besides its blog, BuzzStream has other resources that are also interesting.


Seen here as the documentation of BuzzStream’s tools, it contains tutorials and training on BuzzStream’s offerings. It also addresses poignant questions about how to properly manage BuzzStream’s tool configurations.

This information comes in addition to the training and tutorials available on the platform. Some of these supplements include:

  •     How to set email privacy rules;
  •     How to configure no-contact rules;
  •     How to set email sending limits;

BuzzStream has a fairly rich arsenal to allow you to deepen and train yourself to get started with the tools it offers.

BuzzStream University

In this resource, you have the opportunity to get a license in BuzzStream and save time and beat the competition.

This is a training that you will follow step by step to gather the necessary skills to become an expert in BuzzStream tools.

In this part, you will also find the subtleties of natural referencing as well as the opportunity to meet experts in order to improve your way of working.

Discover courses in your BuzzStream certification course on:

  •     Configuring your account;
  •     Get started with BuzzStream;
  •     Find contacts;
  •     Managing your emails;
  •     etc.

Serie Mastery Outreach

You’ll learn advanced outreach strategies and more from top specialists in link building, content marketing, digital PR, and affiliate recruiting.

Free Link Building Guide

In this resource, free guide to link building, you will find tactics to implement link building strategies. You will learn through this guide to:

  •     Get more results through infographics and guest blogging;
  •     Create content that magnetically attracts links;
  •     Build a brand through digital PR and product reviews;
  •     Drive sales and signups with content partnerships.

This little guide has been designed by professionals in the field to ensure that you receive rich training that meets your expectations.

Guide to creating content creation

This resource is a guide to help you produce sublime content and boost your marketing. It covers topics on how to:

  •     Design content promotion campaigns that stand out from the noise;
  •     Select the right paying, winning and appropriate tactics to achieve your goals;
  •     Implement new tactics that combine the power of advertising, digital marketing and public relations;
  •     Run complex campaigns that run like clockwork.

This guide allows you to improve your knowledge, particularly on the topics covered.

Guide to creating the most authoritative content.

Producing quality content is very important in the digital marketing strategy to promote its authority.

BuzzStream teams consider authority to be of high importance to any brand. If people don’t trust who you are and what you have to say, your message is unlikely to resonate.

This guide is organized into several chapters, namely:

  •     But what makes the quality of content?
  •     How can you increase the chances that your readers (and Google) will see what you create as something legitimate, valuable and relevant?
  •     How can marketers create, design and promote content in the most reliable way possible?

Accept guest articles or not

The BuzzStream site accepts guest posts on its blog. Content creators looking to submit guest posts to this site can therefore submit articles for publication on the BuzzStream blog.

All you need to do is submit guest posts that address any of the topics the blog covers. Apart from this blog, you can also find other similar sites that accept guest posts in this list that Twaino available to websites.

In summary

In short, the BuzzStream blog offers very interesting articles on digital public relations, link building, content promotion and influencer research for free.

It is for people looking to catch up on the latest public relations news and learn practical tips and strategies to improve their own marketing efforts.

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Presentation : Blog BuzzStream

Blog Buzzstream Logo

The BuzzStream blog was founded in 2008 byPaul May andStephen Panic. The first co-founder is the CEO while the second is the CEO. Here is the information you need to learn about these two creators of BuzzStream which is a web-based press relations and networking platform.

A serial entrepreneur who has spent his career starting and actively working on early-stage startups, Paul May before BuzzStream had 6 different jobs.

For example, he was director of business development at AlterPoint, a network resource storage company in a vendor-neutral database. Additionally, he was a director at Orr Ventures, a seed-stage venture capital fund. So he was named Vice President of Marketing at WaveBender.

Paul May is a seasoned CEO and Product Manager with at least 25 years of experience defining, building and marketing effective products for growing startups.

His skillset experience includes:

  • product management;
  • the design of the User Experience;
  • engineering management;
  • growth marketing;
  • product marketing;
  • business development and sales.

Finally, he is a strong team leader with a remarkable history of management, mentorship and his LinkedIn is as follows:Paul May. His twitter is:@paulmay. He is based in Austin and surrounding Texas.

As for his collaborator Stephen Panico, he is also based in Austin on the outskirts of Texas. He is a blogger and the main author of articles published on the BuzzStream blog. His LinkedIn profile is this:Stephen Panic. As for his twitter, here it is:@StephenPanico.

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