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Blog | Webmarketing & co’m

Short Description : Webmarketing & co’m

Blog WebMarketing Mise en avant

Are you looking for a website that often publishes content related to webmarketing and entrepreneurship? The Blog Webmarketing & co’m is one of them.

Long Description : Webmarketing & co’m

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The Webmarketing & co’m blog is a virtual space that brings together everything you need to improve your webmarketing skills. It offers advice, techniques and practical tips to excel in the art of marketing. This web platform also offers practical guides. In addition, this blog also discusses entrepreneurship. Thus, through its resources and multiple certifying training courses, you will learn how to develop your skills and easily manage an online business.

Description of the Blog Webmarketing & co’m

The Webmarketing & Co’m blog is one of the oldest marketing blogs in the French-speaking world. This blog exists since 2006 butwas only a basic monitoring and blogging tool.

But since November 2008, the blog has specialized in web marketing and its specialists are working to share authoritative content with visitors in the promotion of online content.

This blog also frequently shares content on entrepreneurship to help users get started in creating their businesses.

To learn more about this blog, you can continue reading to discover and exploit the various resources offered by Webmarketing & Co’m.

Presentation of the blog Webmarketing & co’m

The blog Webmarketing & Co’m is an information channel that regularly publishes content that mainly revolves around digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Since its creation, all of the content shared so far on this web platform has been contributed by at least 500 digital marketing professionals. This is a rather reliable website that can effectively help you in your online business.

Through its web interface, this blog aims to provide valuable advice to support professionals and beginners alike in developing their skills in:

  • Communication digitale ;
  • Entrepreneurship;
  • Marketing in all its forms…

It should be noted that this web platform does not only provide practical advice. It also offers certified training. You will also find practical guides and useful tips that you can use to become a digital marketing whiz.

Webmarketing & co’m has metrics and we think it can be beneficial for you to have a vague idea of ​​them. So let’s find them.

Main metrics of the Webmarketing & co’m blog

The metrics below are from the SEOquake plugin. A small precision remains however. In fact, these measures are not static. We took them as we write this article. Therefore, they may change at any time.

  • Website Authority Score: 40
  • Average length of visit:13 minutes 03 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate:90, 84 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:108k

Here is a little how the main metrics of the Webmarketing & co’m blog are broken down. To give you more useful information on this blog, we invite you to discover its different categories.

Presentation of the categories of Webmarketing & co’m

Remember that Webmarketing & co’m helps webmarketing pros and entrepreneurs to gain skills through the publication of several articles. These are classified into 6 different categories or sections.

1. Search 

The Search category revolves precisely aroundSearch Marketing which is part of one of the fundamental levers of lead acquisition.

Search marketing concerns techniques that promote the online presence of a website in search engines, including SEO and SEA.

Thus, in this category, you will find content that regularly deals with natural referencing and paid referencing. Moreover, recent articles shared on the blog for this category addressthe latest SEO trends not to be overlooked.

You will also find techniques and tips to improve your skills in both SEO and SEA. And not only that, also find content talking about optimization with Google, which represents the country of the Eiffel Tower93 % of the market.

Finally, you should know that the content offered by Webmarketing & Co’m inthe Search Marketing category of the blog are quite abundant.

2. Social Media

The actions carried out in a strategy ofSocial Media marketing aim to effectively leverage social media platforms to achieve communication goals.

Webmarketing & Co’m includes in this category its articles that address the themes of social networks. With these contents, its specialists teach you to:

  • Manage a community;
  • Develop your audience;
  • Find new customers;
  • Retain existing customers…

With this category of the Webmarketing & co’m blog, you also have a myriad of articles and therefore quality information to start improving this skill. In addition to regular blog posts, the blog also shares guides that can help you excel at using social media for the good of your business.

3. Inbound Marketing

Opposing outbound marketing, theinbound marketing is based on the principle of using practices and techniques to naturally attract qualified leads to your website.

Indeed, inthis category of the Webmarketing & Co’m blog, you will be able to exploit all the most important aspects of inbound marketing. To be more specific, you will discover practical tips and tricks regarding:

  • Content and storytelling strategies;
  • Le marketing automation ;
  • Le lead nurturing ;
  • Etc.

This category also includes mini-guides that will help you work faster on your inbound marketing.

4. Ecommerce

Webmarketing makes sense precisely because of online commerce, because the purpose of developing a marketing strategy is to stand out against the competition that operates in the same niche of activity as yours.

It is in this perspective that Webmarketing & Co’m teaches you throughthis category To :

  • Write quality product pages;
  • Develop your e-business;
  • Quickly sell your services and products on the web…

In simpler terms, this category will allow you to master all aspects of e-commerce and develop your business online.

In addition to this, you will find the latest trends in e-commerce to be able to adapt to new requirements.

5. Mobile Marketing 

  • Why should you now use whatsapp in your marketing approach?
  • How to create a mobile application without coding?
  • State of Mobile Ad Fraud Around the World (Case Study)

These are all questions to which you will find answers in this categoryMobile Marketing from the blog of Webmarketing & Co’m.

Step by step and with tips, mini-guides and case studies, the blog shows you how to implement mobile marketing on your site and generate sales.

All the articles in this category help to show you the importance of using mobile technology in online sales. And above all, how to exploit it in web marketing.

However, it should be noted that many of the contents of this category most often discuss updates to the Whatsapp application. Tips for better use of this instant and secure messaging to improve your mobile marketing.

6. Undertake

If you want to create a business and develop its turnover, you will have to understand and master the stages of the process of creating your business as well as its development.

Webmarketing & Co’m offers this category called “Business” and shares through it articles that can help you set up your business and lead it to success.

This category representing the 6th puts an end to the presentation of the different categories available on Webmarketing & co’m. Apart from these categories, there are other resources available on the blog that we will present to you below.

Other resources available on Webmarketing & co’m

The Webmarketing & co’m blog has useful resources on its platform that can effectively complement what you will learn by exploring the previous categories. They are 5 in number. Let us present them quickly.

1. Online digital marketing training

This resource includesseveral training courses on online marketing. Whether it is complete or specialized training, you will find for your account.

It should be noted that these are tangible, practical and certifying training courses covering all aspects of the webmarketing universe.

This section includes: 

  • Fdigital training Webmarketing & co’m;
  • Fdigital information from their partners;
  • Formations en Marketing Digital ;
  • Formations en Search Marketing;
  • Formations en Social Media Marketing ;
  • Webdesign training;
  • Web development training.

Indeed, each of these formations have sub-formations. In other words, in each formation mentioned above, you will find a series of formations. And depending on the skill you are looking for, you canselect what excites you in order to become an expert in this field. 

2. Solutions d’emails marketing

This resource is very beneficial for specialistsan email marketing. The resource itself is a selection of the best email marketing automation tools. And the particularity of the latter is that they are all in French.

This will naturally put at ease all thosewho don’t understand  not really in the English language.

3. Selection of essential books

Selection of essential books” is a resource that you absolutely should not ignore. To be exact, this is a selection of books to buy and read to prosper in web marketing. A whole selection of edited books with mini descriptions await you with this resource.

4. Dossier Marketing Automation 

This is acomprehensive guide that covers all aspects of Marketing Automation. This resource provides everything you need to know about the topic. Definitions, advantages, examples, tools and many other elements form this guide.

5. Folder “Become a Trainer”

As you have probably guessed, this resource is a section that includes guides to use to become a trainer. So, if you want to set up your training structure or become a full or part-time trainer, you must read the guides in this resource.

You will also discover guides, practical advice and mistakes to avoid in a project to create training organizations. To get access, this link is enough:Become a trainer.

We have just discussed the resources available on Webmarketing & co’m. But does he practice guest blogging?

Does Webmarketing & co’m accept guest articles?

On this blog, you may notice in some categories the signature “Guests” at the beginning of some articles. The blog then allows guest posts. Therefore, yes, Webmarketing & co’m practices guest blogging.

Its audience, which exceeds 100k, is a significant asset if you want to share some of your content. Its network will also be valuable to you if you want more visibility.

To have access to the various advertising devices offered by Webmarketing & co’m, you must fill out a form. It is after this that you can knowhow the operation of publishing guest articles will happen.

In summary

Webmarketing & co’m is a blog that shows through these articles, tips, tricks all the hidden sides of webmarketing. With this blog as your favorites, you are sure to improve quickly in entrepreneurship and digital marketing.

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Presentation : Webmarketing & co’m

Blog WebMarketing Logo

Sylvain Lembert is the founder of Webmarketing & Co’m, a digital marketing platform offering several services such as certified webmarketing training, coaching and online resources.

After working for several agencies and advertisers in various fields, Sylvain Lembert became independent largely thanks to his blog.

Webmarketing & Co’m was initially a simple monitoring and blogging tool, but it quickly became a medium offering daily content on digital marketing and entrepreneurship.

Webmarketing & Co’m has developed several certification courses to help entrepreneurs:

  • Develop their business using digital marketing strategies;
  • Create and develop a training activity;
  • Develop and promote training.

It also promises professional skills in:

  • Training certification;
  • Marketing digital ;
  • Creation of training organizations;
  • Commercial and administrative optimization.

In addition, Sylvain Lembert is an expert in web marketing and regularly shares advice on digital marketing, blogging and entrepreneurship through his social networks, in particular:

LinkedIn : Sylvain Lembert

Facebook : Sylvain Lembert

Instagram : Sylvain Lembert

Above Webmarketing & co’m

Social Network : Webmarketing & co’m

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