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Short Description : Builtvisible

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Do you want to get an idea of ​​the themes and topics available on the Builtvisible blog? Let’s discover them together.

Long Description : Builtvisible

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The Builtvisible blog is a web platform that brings together useful tips and advice for SEO and digital marketing professionals. You will also find guides and techniques on this blog to learn more about content marketing.

Description Blog Builtvisible

Finding the right niches of information and original content rich in experiences as well as in practical cases is sometimes difficult in the digital field.

Yet in two of the pillars of this field, namely SEO and web marketing, resourcing and training even more will always remain the best way to be effective.

To find these resources, you can, for example, explore blogs like the one from Builtvisible that we invite you to discover just after.

Blog presentationBuiltvisible

The name of a blog is generally a reflection of the ideology that the blogger wishes to convey to the whole world. The blogBuiltvisible fits into this context as demonstrated by the composition and the French translation of the name.

Realize thatBuiltvisible is a combination of Built which means “Built” and Visible which means “Visible”. Builtvisible is therefore this blog that will help you build your visibility.

But the visibility in question here is that of the digital universe. So the blogBuiltvisible is aimed at the entire community of this universe who wishes to effectively build better visibility. By community, you should understand all web 2.0 actors. Notably :

  • YOU ;
  • companies at all levels;
  • SEO experts or specialists;
  • online marketers;
  • digital commerce professionals or even;
  • web marketing agencies…

This blog is therefore a cornerstone carved for the community of organic digital marketing around which all these actors can recharge at any time. But in what year did the blog start publishing content? Here’s what you need to know.

Since when the blogBuiltvisible does he publish?

The answer to this question is quite simple. Indeed, the first publication of articles on this blog dates back to May 6, 2009. This makes the blogBuiltvisible has been dealing with digital marketing for 13 years now and will certainly continue.

It is therefore a collection of more than a decade of experience in the web marketing industry. By reading it, you will discover interesting content in this sector, but also in that of natural referencing. Since the blogBuiltvisible is a digest in these two sectors:

  • strategic thinking;
  • actionable tactics and
  • inspiring innovations.

Perhaps at some level of your reading you wondered if this blog is known enough to the public. This is normal and even if you have not wondered this, we still want to let you judge through the metrics that will follow.

Main Builtvisible blog metrics

There are enough metrics, but we’ve better focused on some, because we think the latter are the most important. The measures that we have thus found come from the SEOquake plugin. Here they are :

  • Website Authority Score: 52
  • Average length of visit: 02 min : 54 seconds
  • Average Bounce Rate: 92,98 %
  • Monthly Organic Traffic Volume: 24,6 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Rather interesting metrics irrefutably due to the quality of the content published.

Moreover, given the number of articles available on the blog, it is normal to see that there are several categories on the web platform. And we think that to get a better idea of ​​these, small descriptions are in order.

Blog CategoriesBuiltvisible

Each of the categories of this blog has a number of articles that deal with a theme which in principle is the name of the category. Let’s introduce them quickly.


This category forms an important mine of information that can be used by all SEO professionals.

This is a category whose articles cover almost all the essential topics to know in SEO writing. The themes we refer to here are:

  • and SEO On page ;
  • and SEO Off page ;
  • technical SEO;
  • the codes ;
  • Artificial Intelligence…

Whether it is the use of keywords, organic traffic or the quality of the user experience, you will find useful and reliable information on several subjects that you are looking for.

And as a specialist, it is important to master all the fundamentals of SEO and this is what Builtvisible teaches you through this category.

Finally, it is a category that offers some ultimate guides like how to identify and fix duplicate content issues and many more things. This link :SEO Archives — Builtvisible includes all the articles published for the SEO category of the blog.

2. Content 

By paying particular attention to the articles in this category, you will have the possibility of creating relevant web content and therefore of excellent quality.

So, even if you are not a professional in writing, the information offered in this category will allow you to improve considerably. This is a category that addresses:

  • e-commerce content;
  • content strategies and models;
  • content on social media;
  • the tools to write impactful content…

In addition, the articles offered for this category take the form of mini-guides, tips and interviews. In any case, you have enough to recharge your batteries without difficulty. To access the articles, you can click on the following link:Content Archives — Builtvisible.

3. Digital PR

This is a category that brings together several articles that deal with digital public relations. In the contents published in this category of the blog, you will find various topics on:

  • influencer marketing;
  • social networks ;
  • the design of category page links for e-commerce;

These articles are guides and practical recommendations to have a better understanding of the digital public relations theme.

4. Data

What is the future of analytics in an opt in environment? Would you legitimize your investment in content with analytics? And many other relevant questions, that’s what this category is about.

Indeed, Data Science is a vast subject which also deserves that you pay particular attention to it, especially when you are an expert in SEO.

In this category, find practical guides and informative articles that you can read through this link:Data Archive — Builtvisible.

5. Leadership

Category that you will not find on a large number of SEO blogs, the latter gives more points to the Builtvisible blog than others. This is a category whose content revolves around various topics such as:

  • agency services;
  • social facts;
  • morals and ethics in SEO…

You shouldn’t be surprised to see mini-guides and interviews with specialists in the world of SEO who tell their fairly honorable journeys. The contents of this category also inform you about the management of your agency.

It’s quite interesting and it’s about articles available at this link:Leadership Archives — Builtvisible.

6. News 

This category gives an account of the journey of Builtvisible which is also a proudly autonomous organic digital marketing agency. These are contents that show the commitment of Builtvisible to the cause of companies on the one hand and on the other hand the successes of this agency.

We are at the end of the small presentations of the 6 categories of the Builtvisible blog. But from the beginning, we did not mention who its founder was. Who is it ? Here is the answer.

Builtvisible blog contributors and authors

The different contents of this blog come from different authors. Some have produced more articles than others like founder Richard Baxter. For sure, each of the authors is experienced and competent in his field. They are therefore experts and each has a specific role within the company.

Here are a few.

  • Rebecca Brown;
  • Ileana Lund ;
  • David McEneaney ;
  • Alison Parcell;
  • Daniel Butler;
  • Will Nye;
  • Emily Clayfield;
  • Olivia Wiltshire ;
  • Gary Stubbenhagen;
  • Karlymay Green ;
  • Jessica James.

These Builtvisible blog contributors form the company’s leadership team. The latest blog contributorGrant Masom forms with Richard Baxter and Geoff Griffiths, the administrative team of the Builtvisible agency.

Does this blog have resources? Let’s discover this together.

Other resources from the Builtvisible blog

This website has a complete platform in that it offers other useful resources in addition to the Blog. In this case guides and webinars.


These are 41 guides that cover several SEO and digital marketing topics. These guides, sometimes mini, sometimes ultimate, give you relevant information on the digital world.

By reading them, you will have in-depth analysis and resources necessary for online marketers who have the primary ambition to invest in their own development. This linkOrganic Digital Resources for Ambitious Marketers — Builtvisible redirects to all of these guides.


This resource category collects past webinars developed by Builtvisible. You will find important data on certain actions to take in marketing and SEO that you may not have known. These webinars covered topics such as:

  • Creating content that drives demand in B2B industries.
  • How and for what reasons to use social media to feed creative content?
  • How to build a flexible content strategy?
  • The usual challenges of SEO and e-commerce optimization.

Anyway, if you want relevant information on SEO, e-commerce or marketing, these webinars will be of great help to you. But does the blog accept guest articles? If you are asking yourself this question, we believe that the following will be of great help to you.

Does the Builtvisible blog accept guest posts?

Looking at the different content published on this blog, we noticed that the authors are only collaborators of th

e same team. More precisely, they are the members of the management team of Builtvisible.Therefore, the blog might not accept guest posts. This should not come as a surprise, because it is a blog that is really proud of its notoriety. It is an agency that has built its own visibility through the expertise of its collaborators, contributors and authors.

In summary

In conclusion, the Builtvisible blog is a platform that everyone in the SEO and marketing industry should leverage to be even better at what they do.

Our description has covered some themes and presented the 6 categories of the blog as well as 2 other useful resources that can be used by those who wish to improve themselves in the digital world.

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Images​ : Builtvisible

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Presentation : Builtvisible

Blog Builtvisible Logo

The founder of the Builtvisible blog: Who is it?

To the question of the blog founder, it is important to emphasize this fact. Indeed, the founder of the Builtvisible blog is a shareholder of the company whose current CEO is Geoff Griffiths. We explain to you.

Indeed, it is simply necessary to understand that the founder of the blog is Richard Baxter, but the leader is Griffiths. To have more explanations, it is necessary to have an idea of ​​the profile of these two.

Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter founded the Builtvisible agency and therefore the blog in 2009. He made the agency known worldwide. This has ensured that the blog enjoys a certain notoriety.

Alas, he retired 7 years later, in June 2016 to let his management team take over, a team which, a priori, has not been idle in its task. And in 2019, this management team acquired Builtvisible from Richard.

Thus, in addition to remaining a major shareholder in the company and occupying a non-executive role on the board of directors, he is a consultant to many online start-ups.

His role in these start-ups is to help them and other important organizations dramatically increase their initial growth through aggressive search and content marketing strategies. Here is how his main social profiles are broken down.

About CEO Geoff Griffiths

Griffiths is a former professional rugby player and current CEO, and owner of Builtvisible which he acquired from Richard in 2019.

He doesn’t have enough SEO or marketing experience, but he does have a sports background that brings a unique dimension to building and managing the team.

Having a value-based approach, he built Builtvisible even further. This has made the agency one of the strongest independent organic agencies in its country, the UK. Here is how his professional social profiles are broken down.

The Builtvisible blog owes its notoriety, visibility and quality content to contributors and various authors. Who are they ?

Above Builtvisible

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