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Short Description : BrightEdge SEO

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Want to understand more about content marketing and digital marketing? Check out SEO company BrightEdge’s SEO blog.

Long Description : BrightEdge SEO

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BrightEdge specializes in enterprise SEO. Through her dedicated SEO blog, she provides brands with useful techniques and advice on technical SEO. They can now optimize their campaigns with content and digital marketing resources available on the BrightEdge SEO blog.

Blog de BrightEdge SEO

Today, SEO techniques are increasingly used in content marketing. Brands invest in the creation of content that does not always guarantee a return on this investment.

It is therefore more than important to find SEO techniques that will allow them to optimize their content. They will all also help them to measure the real performance of the latter.

To learn and better understand these different SEO techniques, theblog BrightEdge SEO would be a great alternative. Discover through this presentation all the resources of this site.

Introducing the BrightEdge SEO Blog

Since its creation in 2007, the BrightEdge platform has strived to offer brands a solution for managing the performance of their marketing content. It also helps them evaluate their business results.

His blog regularly covers content relating to technical SEO, content marketing and digital marketing.

The creators Lemuel Park and Jim Yu are accompanied by a team of more than 350 specialists, all experienced in the task. They all work in several locations in a few states in the United States.

Many contributors and authors regularly animate the blog thanks to their publications which are all related to the themes mentioned above.

Among the most active are Todd Vura, founder of The Vura Group LLC, Rylie Miller, the marketing associate and Andrew Riker, the SEO manager. Besides these, we can mention Dave McAnally, Gabby Regalbuto and Millie Reinhardsen.

What are BrightEdge SEO blog metrics?

The BrightEdge platform metrics are quite interesting. Here they are !

Website authority score : 60

Average length of visit : 07 : 19

Average bounce rate : 68,16 %

Monthly organic traffic volume : 53,6 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Introducing BrightEdge SEO Blog Categories

To facilitate access to the content of the BrightEdge SEO blog, it is grouped into several categories. Thus, visitors can directly click on the theme that interests them. Let’s take a look at these different sections together.

Content Marketing

Content marketing undoubtedly goes hand in hand with SEO and web content optimization. In this section of the blog, you will therefore discover tips and techniques for creating relevant content using keywords as well as a content calendar.

Additionally, this topic contains webinar summaries on features like the SERP. It also offers guides that will allow you to really understand what keywords are.

In addition, articles in this category cover topics such as semantic search and paid content distribution. You’ll also learn more about the BERT algorithm update and user search intent.

SEO Technique

Technical referencing is also an SEO strategy that allows you to have more understanding of the technical functioning of a website. Thus, the contents of this section address all the details that play an important role in positioning.

Marketing digital

Digital marketing is a very important component of marketing. Through this category, BrightEdge can keep in touch with everyone who follows it.

At the same time, the blog offers useful content to improve and measure the audiences obtained after a company’s campaigns.


This category includes all articles that address various topics in addition to technical SEO, digital marketing or content marketing.

What other BrightEdge platform resources are there?

The blog isn’t the only resource available on the BrightEdge site. Here are the other resources you can find.

SEO guides

You will find guides on multiple topics already covered by in the categories. These guides contain very detailed and above all very rich information.

Case studies

These case studies bring together SEO practices from several companies. They therefore make it possible to discover the best techniques used byBrightEdge.

White papers and POV

The white papers contain detailed information on SEO as well as content marketing. You can also find articles that address the POV (points of view) of experts on these same themes.

Research reports

One of the specialties of the BrightEdge platform is SEO research. In this section are grouped the discoveries made after the research carried out. You can get a lot of very informative information there.

Customer testimonials

Here, you will discover testimonials from companies or brands that have had their experiences with BrightEdge. Their advice will no doubt help you get started.


The BrightEdge platform regularly organizes online seminars on the various topics it discusses in its blog.

These webinars will then give you the opportunity to understand and interact with experts on SEO, content marketing and digital marketing.

Calculator of Return on Investment

The ROI Calculator is a resource offered by the BrightEdge platform. It allows brands to assess this important parameter for determining their level of marketing.

In fact, the better the marketing strategy, the higher the ROI. It is therefore a very beneficial resource. Just fill in your data in the boxes of the calculator.


Not a big fan of reading? If so, then this resource allows you to learn more about SEO and content marketing through expert videos.


Infographics and checklists are also great resources to check out on the BrightEdge site.

SEO Glossary

Have you got want to discover the meaning of all the expressions and all the words used in SEO? The glossary is therefore the resource for you, as it groups these terms in alphabetical order.


These short quizzes will allow you to test your knowledge of content marketing andand SEO. Of course you can alsoincrease.

Does the BrightEdge SEO site accept guest posts?

Writing guest articles is a content marketing technique. As the BrightEdge site specializes in this area, it accepts articles written by experts who are not part of the company.

However, this content must be relevant and above all respect the rules of SEO.

In summary

The BrightEdge site provides informative articles and resources on SEO, digital marketing, and content marketing.

Users will be able to take advantage of this to improve their knowledge in this area. Likewise, they can optimize their content to increase the profitability of their multiple investments.

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Presentation : BrightEdge SEO

Blog BrightEdge SEO Logo

BrightEdge SEO is a company specializing in marketing. More specifically, she takes care of SEO. Establishing its offices in several countries around the world, it was created in 2007. It is headed by two leaders who are Jim Yu and Lemuel Park.

Jim Yu is an expert who started his business at a very young age. At the time, he mowed the lawns of his neighbors with his brother Sammy. Very brilliant, he began his university studies at the age of 12.

Four years later, he obtained his degree in computer science. It should be noted, however, that he is one of the youngest computer program developers. Indeed, Jim created his first computer program at the age of six.

He also obtained his MBA at the age of twenty-three. Jim then begins to work for influential companies like Fortune 500 and Salesforce. It was there that he issued the first drafts of the creation of his company.

Lemuel meanwhile, is a coding expert and a formidable hacker. He gives up a coveted job for the BrightEdge SEO project. Lemuel and Jim cross paths for the first time at Fortune 500.

Jim knew that this specialist’s skill would be indispensable for BrightEdge SEO. To learn more about these two experts, consult thesite BrightEdge SEO.

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