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Blog | Backlinko

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Want to discover step by step the best ways to rank your site on Google? The Backlinko blog shows you everything in detail.

Long Description : Blog | Backlinko

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Backlinko is an online marketing blog where its creator, Dean Brian, shares the lessons learned while creating his site and ranking it on Google. He offers content on SEO based on his experience as well as case studies to help his users clearly see the best SEO practices.

Backlinko Blog

If you’re interested in SEO, chances are you’ve heard of Backlinko, one of the most popular SEO blogs. Ahrefs even recently ranked this blog as the best blog in the world.

But concretely, what makes this blog so valuable and so popular that it is considered the best blog in all industries in the world?

In this description, we decipher the backlinko blog in great detail, its main metrics and the other resources available on the site.

Presentation of Backlinko’s blog

Backlinko is an SEO training platform. Created in 2012, it has grown to become one of the most popular blogs for learning digital marketing and more specifically SEO and link building.

Backlinko’s blog reaches over 100,000 people every month and has even been featured in the famous Forbes magazine. As you probably already know, its owner, Brian Dean, is one of the biggest names in the SEO industry.

Although the blog was acquired by SEMrush in January 2022, Brian Dean remains its main contributor.

While other blogs simply publish guides and tutorials based on third-party content, Brian’s work generally comes from his own experience.

Backlinko’s blog provides you with definitive guides on just about anything: from keyword research to email marketing to every corner of SEO, whether on-page or off. -page or technical aspects.

We are talking here about guides that are extremely easy to follow, filled with concrete examples and structured in digestible chapters. As an example, you can discover its content published with the title “The Ultimate SEO Tutorial for 2022”.

Besides direct guides, Bakclinko’s blog also often publishes in-depth case studies and original research, which is widely considered valuable by the SEO community.


According to Forbes, “Backlinko is the place to find top-level SEO training and link building strategies”. And that’s not all ! also states that “Brian Dean’s Backlinko Blog is the go-to SEO guide for many digital marketers and entrepreneurs”.

Backlinko Blog

metrics, we have: 

Backlinkowebsite authority : 69

Average length of visit : 9 min 23 s

Average bounce rate : 87.65%

Volume of monthly organic traffic : 1.11 M

The other resources of the Backliko blog

After its blog, the Backlinko site offers other resources that can help you in your efforts to successfully grow your online business.SEO


first resource is SEO Training.Backlinkooffers SEO training to get more visitors and make sales.Called SEO That Works 4.0 , this training is a proven way to learn SEO.

These courses include video lessons that demonstrate how to optimize your website. They also include quizzes to reinforce your skills. knowledge and increase learning.

Backlinko’s SEO training subscription provides access to numerous articles with essential instructions and information. It also allows contact with other users in a supportive environment.

Since the launch of this training, it has already seen dozens of updates, which means that you will have access to fresh resources and techniques that are still relevant.

With the latest update, That Works 4.0 shows you exactly how to get higher rankings and more traffic, step by step.

Backlinko promises 100% hands-on training that is meant to deliver results. It will help you get first page rankings from Google in record time.

This training is also not intended for a particular sector. According to the author, it has been tested by over 4,000 students in 51 countries, covering over 43 different industries.

As for the modules of this high-level training, here are some examples:

  • How to do keyword research?
  • How to optimize your content the right way?
  • How to build links from authority sites?
  • How to get a better ranking with advanced strategies and resources?

Real Case Studies

Using his experience on Backlinko, Dean has compiled a library of case studies and in-depth SEO tips for anyone who wants to learn more about search engines, linking, and online marketing.

These are detailed case studies comparing different SEO strategies, analyzing their impact on a site’s traffic volume, and determining which ones benefit the most.

By browsing these resources, you can get an idea of ​​the choice of effective methods to increase the number of clicks and improve your reputation on the Internet.

Free Email and Newsletters

blog Backlinko that lets you get proven SEO tips straight to your inbox.

You will receive detailed information on key online marketing topics as well as new blog posts as soon as Backlinko publishes them.

You’ll also get access to exclusive SEO tips, tactics, and case studies you won’t find anywhere else. Over 173,674 people already receive SEO content every week via email.

Accept guest articles or not

Since the content on the backlinko blog comes from the experiences of its creator, it does not accept guest articles. In other words, you will not be able to submit guest posts to this blog.

If you are looking for similar sites with strong online authority, you can check out a list of over 1156 French speaking blogs that accept guest posts that Twaino offers.

It’s an easy-to-use platform for finding sites to offer guest posts to for building links and driving traffic.


All in all, Backlinko is a fairly popular and well-implemented blog in the world of SEO. It offers a lot of fairly detailed content inspired by the work of its creator, Sean Brian.

This blog also does comprehensive case studies on different sorts of strategies to let its users know which ones deliver better results.

Backlinko’s blog is arguably the perfect resource for learning SEO techniques that have proven results.

The site also offers complete SEO training for people who want to invest more in SEO.

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Presentation : Blog | Backlinko

Blog Backlinko Logo

Brian Dean is a world-renowned SEO expert and the founder of Backlinko.

His beginnings in the world of online business were very complicated. Since he failed to develop these top five online businesses. But it was in the aftermath of these relative failures that he found the key with a site in the personal finance sector in 2012.

Baclinko was created by Brian to teach the lessons he accumulated during his journey in the digital sector. He made his name by regularly posting totally practical strategies on his blog for marketers to use for the development of their online business.

It is therefore not for nothing that he has been called an “SEO genius” by and a “brilliant entrepreneur” by inc. Magazine. His blog is currently one of the most well-known marketing blogs in SEO.

Here is his LinkedIn profile:Brian Dean and the twitter one is:@BrianEDean.

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