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Want to learn the basics of SEO? Discover in this article the blog of Yourtext.Guru, a site dedicated to Web writing and SEO.

Long Description : Yourtext.Guru

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The Yourtext.Guru blog is a platform designed primarily for web writers and experts as well as SEO enthusiasts. The site is full of content and videos of all kinds intended to provide knowledge and clarification to those who are taking their first steps in the world of optimization. Likewise, Yourtext.Guru, the main tool of the site, is available for all those who wish to optimize the content of their site.

Yourtext.Guru’s Blog

It is known to all that one of the best ways for a business to gain visibility on the web is to publish content. However, it is not enough to publish any content to be able to increase its audience.

The content in question must be relevant, interesting, useful to readers and above all optimized. It is very difficult to ensure that the articles that we are about to publish meet all these criteria.

This is why the Yourtext.Guru blog was set up. You will discover various tips and tricks that will allow you to produce quality content for your website. Here is a description of this site.

Introducing the Yourtext.Guru Blog

TheYourtext.Guru’s blog is a resource from the site dedicated to the tool of the same name, created by brothers Guillaume and Sylvain Peyronnet with their friends Benoit Chevillot and Frédérik Bobet. This blog introduces you in detail how to use Yourtext.Guru.

The latter is a tool that is an aid to writing. However, the blog is far from being just a simple guide to using the site.

There are also various contents that are related to SEO referencing as well as advice for analyzing websites. Each article on the platform is well detailed and supported if necessary by explanatory images or videos.

In addition, the Yourtext.Guru blog is very rich in content of all kinds, relating to the various categories that compose it. Due to their volume, one would think that there are a multitude of authors and contributors on the site.

The reality isNevertheless other. The creators of the platform are the people who publish content on it.

Yourtext.Guru blog metrics

We present to you the different metrics of the Yourtext.Guru blog:

Website Authority Score:38

Average length of visit:

Average bounce rate:

Volume of monthly organic traffic:

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the Yourtext.Guru blog

The various articles present on the Yourtext.Guru platform are classified by category. Indeed, all this content is not only gathered at the blog level, but rather by theme in order to facilitate the task for readers.

The latter can thus more easily search for the type of articles they want by going to the corresponding section.

Guide Yourtext.Guru

Yourtext.Guru is above all a writing assistance tool that has been designed to make the task of SEO writers easier. It is therefore quite normal that a category of the blog is specially dedicated to the tool in question.

In this section, you will find content that describes in detail what the Yourtext.Guru tool is.

You will find how this online resource should be used, the various advantages it offers to Internet users, as well as several other information about it.


Contrary to what many people may think, optimizing content is not a simple matter.

Indeed, this requires knowledge of natural referencing and a certain expertise that is not within everyone’s reach.

Fortunately, the Optimization section of Yourtext.Guru provides novices with all the expertise they need to start optimizing their website content on their own.


Optimizing content is not done on a whim, but rather after analyzing the SEO score of the content to be optimized. In addition, it increases or decreases depending on many factors which are therefore essential to be able to improve it.

The Scores section of the Yourtext.Guru site helps you learn more about the concept of SEO score and all that goes with it.


As we all already know, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) refer to the most frequently asked questions from Internet users.

In this section, the authors of the site have therefore brought together the most frequent concerns from Internet users and have provided some answers.

What are the other resources on the Yourtext.Guru site?

The Yourtext.Guru platform is above all a content writing tool. This online tool is therefore the main resource of the site.

However, it has several interesting features.

Keyword research

Keywords play a vital role in improving and ranking content. The online tool Yourtext.Guru allows you to find the right keywords to optimize your texts for search engines.

Search for ideas

Sometimes we run out of ideas to write about a given topic. The Yourtext.Guru tool allows you to overcome this problem.

Depending on your basic theme and using data from search engines, this tool suggests ideas for writing good texts for your website.

Writing with AI

Have you ever heard of writing with AI (Artificial Intelligence)? It is one of the most revolutionary technologies of the moment. It allows you to use AI to write your texts.

Yourtext.Guru has this functionality and therefore makes it easier for you to write texts using the SEO-TXL AI.

In addition to these various features, there are others such as:

  • The making of a semantic cocoon,
  • Researching frequently asked questions by target audiences,
  • The search for compatible entities,
  • Competition analysis,
  • Semantic analysis.

Finally, you can check the relevance of your various contents before their publication thanks to the Yourtext.Guru tool.

Does the Yourtext.Guru blog accept guest posts?

Guest posts are one of the hottest digital marketing trends of the moment. They consist of writing on the site of a host blog.

Indeed, this strategy allows both the host blog and the blog making the request to take advantage of the audience of the other to gain more visibility. The Yourtext.Guru site is totally open to this practice.

In summary

The Yourtext.Guru blog is a rather special platform that provides everyone with quality content to learn about web referencing and writing optimized content.

The site also offers various resources to help Internet users write quality texts and even evaluate the score of their text. It is therefore really a tool that serves as an additional aid to writing content.

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Presentation : Yourtext.Guru

Blog Yourtext.Guru Logo

Sylvain Peyronnet and Guillaume are the two co-founders of’s blog, a popular web-based writing aid. Sylvain holds a doctorate in computer science and an authorization to supervise research. He obtained this degree at the University of Paris-Sud.

After a successful university career, he then turned to digital and devoted himself entirely to it.

Guillaume Peyronnet, meanwhile, is an expert in Web referencing. He is also interested in performance issues. He is also a developer, professional trainer and professional entrepreneur.

Guillaume creates with Sylvain Peyronnet his brother. Together, they create the private research laboratory ix-labs. During the year 2019, he launched an SEO service known as Babbar.

This SEO service is specially dedicated to the analysis of data relating to the netlinking strategy.

Having embarked on the digital world around the 2000s, Guillaume Peyronnet gradually developed this activity with his brother Sylvain.

From 2013, the two have been developing masterclasses together on various themes. These courses are based on the respective specializations of these two authors.

In addition to these activities, the Peyronnet brothers develop many widely used tools. These are more employed by the web editor community.

Three years after the creation, they unveil to the public their new platform called This is a website that is used to measure the weight of a web page with regard to SEO.

Here are the links of the social networks of the Peyronnet brothers, authors of

Guillaume Peyronnet:LinkedIn AndTwitter.

Sylvain Peyronet:LinkedIn AndTwitter

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