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Allorank is the ideal platform for amateurs who want to train in SEO. Here are the different features of this blog.

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Allorank’s blog is an SEO blog that helps website owners generate more organic search engine traffic. This platform has a multitude of articles that indicate precisely how you should go about gaining much more visibility for your website.

Allorank’s Blog

Also called Search Engine Optimization or SEO, natural referencing refers to all strategies and methods.

These are intended to make the web pages of a specific website appear in the first results displayed by search engines following a request.

This is a very broad field with a variety of notions and possibilities to achieve these ends.

Theallorank’s blog then set itself the goal of helping and guiding novices taking their first steps in the field. Let’s discover its different characteristics together!

Presentation of Allorank’s blog

Basically, Allorank is a tool developed by the SEO company W3B, whose creator is Anthony Techer. The blog dedicated to interacting with Allorankers is very rich in information which allows visitors to properly inform themselves about web referencing.

 There are a multitude of articles with various themes, but which all revolve in one way or another around the SEO universe.

Internet users have the opportunity to learn the basic concepts relating to the optimization of web pages.

They also learn little by little the different strategies that improve the visibility of their site as well as those that are the most effective. It is undoubtedly a great SEO learning platform.

Moreover, it is very easy to know the name of the author of the content published on the Allorank site. Indeed, just open each article to see it appear just below the title:

  • The estimated reading time,
  • The publication date,
  • The name of the author.

Every time every time, the latter’s name remains unchanged: Allorank. There is therefore no other specific contributor and/or author on the site other than its creator.

Allorank blog metrics

Website Authority Score:28

Average length of visit: 00 : 00

Average Bounce Rate:0,00 %

Monthly Organic Traffic Volume:0 K

Presentation of the different categories of the Allorank blog

Most SEO blogs have a habit of grouping site articles by category to make it easier for subscribers to find each other.

However, there are a few that do not separate the articles and collect them all in one section. The Allorank platform is part of this second category.

It is therefore up to the users of the site to know how to find the articles they want in the lot of content available on the site. Articles on the site generally relate to one of the categories below.


These are articles from the Allorank blog that deal with Search Engine Optimization in general. There are those who explain the basics of SEO and all the basic knowledge that novices in the field should know.

These articles are fundamental since it is necessary to understand them well before being able to go to the more technical notions of natural referencing.

Marketing digital

When talking about digital marketing, many people think directly of SEO.

It is undeniable that optimizing the natural referencing of websites is one of the most widespread digital marketing strategies on the net.

However, digital marketing goes far beyond a simple optimization of the web pages of a platform. Allorank’s articles are there to enlighten those who are still unaware of what digital marketing represents and how it is done.

The other resources of the Allorank site

The Allorank site was built in the first place to allow Internet users to have access to the Allorank tool.

The latter allows them to monitor at any time the position of a website on the various search engines.

The platform was therefore built around this tool aimed at making life easier for beginners in the SEO world.

To achieve the mission for which it was created, the Allorank tool has several distinct features.

Position tracking

Allorank is a tool that allows you to effectively monitor the natural referencing of internet pages on Google.

The user therefore has the possibility of checking whether the SEO optimization strategy he is carrying out is effective or not. In addition, he can improve his positioning and develop his business.

Search volume

This feature of the platform makes it possible to determine and track company-specific keywords at any time. It is based on the volume of different searches that are available at the dashboard level.

Alerts and Notifications

As the name suggests, this feature of Allorank allows you to be alerted when the user’s platform changes position. The latter receives a weekly report indicating the evolutions and regressions of his website.

Competitor monitoring

This feature allows Allorank users, the Allorankers, to discover and monitor their competitors.

Users can see the different position changes of their site and opt for the most profitable strategy for their platform.

Does Allorank’s blog accept guest posts?

Most SEO blogs on the net accept guest posts. The reason behind this is quite simple.

Indeed, as a blog intended for SEO, accepting guest articles is a great way for platforms to gain visibility and audience while showing subscribers how this practice is done.

Allorank’s blog is no exception to this observation. The platform accepts requests for guest articles as long as they are relevant and useful topics for Internet users.

In summary

The Allorank blog is a platform intended to inform and guide novices taking their first steps in the SEO universe.

It offers them a complete guide to the basics to know, the different SEO tools on the market and how to improve the natural referencing of their website.

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Presentation : Allorank

Blog Allorank Logo

The W3B development and SEO agency is the creator of Allorank, a website positioning analysis tool. Composed of Webmarketing professionals, it is also the one who regularly animates the blog dedicated to the Allorank tool.

The project started in 2011, but was abandoned a few years later. It is taken over by Anthony Técher, founder of the company and of the famous tool calledSEOQuantum.

Anthony Técher is therefore the brain behind the W3B agency. He is very active in the world of SEO in general.

Today, he is also an entrepreneur who never ceases to comply with the requirements of new updates in this vast universe of Internet searches.

Anthony Técher is also head of the and SEOQuantum projects as well as co-founder of the Allorank tool. Indeed, in 2018, he sold his W3B SEO agency to Fingerprint to devote himself to his new platforms (SEOQuantum and

However, he takes over the reins of the Allorank project in 2020. Follow the news on Allorank via their pagesFacebook, LinkedIn AndTwitter. Join Anthony Técher on the networksLinkedIn AndTwitter.

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