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Would you like to learn legal marketing? Discover the legalisi blog, a portal dedicated to this subject.

Long Description : Legalisi

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The blog legalize is a platform for legal marketing professionals, but also SEO specialists and website creators. This blog exposes the various topics covered in the form of informative content and presents their best practices through tips, guides, tricks and educational articles.

Description of the bloglegalize

In recent years, digital marketing has gained considerable importance for law firms. Many people are now turning to the internet to seek legal services.

Therefore, law firms must have a strong online presence in order to attract potential clients. To learn how to develop your online presence, there are several resources you can consult, including the bloglegalize.

Let’s find out what this blog offers for digital marketing of legal services.

Presentation of the bloglegalize

The blog oflegalize is an online portal that offers resources specifically on legal marketing. Hecovers also eventshosted by digital marketing experts and other industry leaders.

On this blog, you will find articles that can help you develop and implement a real digital marketing approach. Regarding the main topics that the blog oflegalize addresses, We have :

  • Website
  • THIS
  • Google Analytics
  • Legal Marketing

In order to prove to you the reputation of this blog, we have collected some data below.

Main blog metricslegalize

Blog metricslegalize are presented as follows:

  • Website authority score : 18
  • Average length of visit : 00 : 00
  • Average bounce rate : 100 %
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: 1,27k

The measurements presented above were obtained during the production of the article and may vary at any time, so they are temporary.

However, if you want to know more about the categories in this blog, the following section may provide answers and provide you with all the necessary details. It should be noted that the articles are notlined up on the site.

Main blog categorieslegalize

You will find below a brief presentation of the few categories that we were able to identify through the articles read on the site:


The bloglegalize is a platform that brings together a large amount of content around advice for websites.

A category that seems to provide a large amount of information on the different aspects of a website and its importance in the digital environment to date.

Whether you are a business or a professional with a website or not, this is the best way to start your learning in the world of digital strategies.

Legalization is an ideal resource for all your needs in terms of information on aspects of a website.

Digital Marketing

It is impossible today to talk about a website without talking about digital marketing. The combination of these two concepts is predominant in the implementation of a brand strategy for any company that has the ambition to stand out.

It is essential to soak up new information and current trends in digital marketing in order to be on the same wavelength as the majority of specialists.

For you, as for your activity, we advise you to follow the blog from now onlegalize considering it as the ultimate resource to educate yourself in terms of marketing strategies.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool that provides website owners and marketers with valuable information about their site traffic and user behavior.

Google Analytics is an indispensable tool that will allow you to better understand the environment of your niche’s notoriety in order to provide you with appropriate suggestions.

All the experts, like the big companies in the world, use it to obtain information about the performance of their site on search engines.

You can also use it well and achieve your goals quickly. This is why the legalisi blog offers you educational content around the use of this tool.

Legal Marketing

Legal marketing refers to the process of promoting legal services and law firms through various marketing techniques such aswhat :

  • The advertisement ;
  • Le Branding ;
  • Public relations ;
  • Digital marketing.

If you have followed me from the beginning, you can therefore understand the importance of the previous categories. The effectiveness of current legal marketing depends entirely on also different elements of web marketing.

The goal of legal marketing is to increase a law firm’s visibility and reputation, attract new clients, and establish a distinct competitive advantage in the legal industry.

Legal marketing is an essential aspect of legal business and is crucial to the success of any law firm or legal practice.

The bloglegalize will be your portfolio when it comes to sharing very valuable information around marketing strategy and tips for legal business.

Other resources available on the bloglegalize

Legalization has dedicated a portion of its site specifically to illustrating these past collaborations with highly distinguished American companies. These case studies are a symbol of the reliability of the information offered by the blog. We have as follows:

SageHouse Legal

This law firm is a new agency that brings together three experts in the legal profession who have requested the agencylegalize for the creation of an ergonomic website in order to establish an online marketing strategy.

Kohn Swift & Graf

Kohn Swift is a former law firm with a site, but less attractive than they currently have made by the agencylegalize.

Stroock & Lavan

It was a real estate company that came up with the idea of ​​breaking people’s loneliness during the pandemic by applying to the agencylegalize to create a website for sharing experiences and immersion in the metaverse.

SaltzMongeluzzi & Bendesky

The company called on legalisi to develop a results-oriented website.

She also entrusted legalisi with the creation of search engine marketing campaigns and other digital marketing strategies to drive traffic to the website and increase brand awareness.

Margolis Edelstein

Margolis Edelstein hiredLegalization to develop an impactful website that produces results.

Besides,Legalization was responsible for creating digital marketing strategies, such as SEO marketing, to increase website traffic and improve brand visibility.

Cohen Feeley Altemose & Rambo

With deep roots in the Lehigh Valley, legalisi has developed a new website and comprehensive marketing strategies to help this institution stand out and be visible on the web.

Does the legalisi blog accept the publication of guest content?

Although guest blogging is a commonly used SEO technique, many blogs are cautious about adopting this strategy.

This is particularly the case of the bloglegalize, which does not currently accept to publish guest articles.

Nevertheless, there are several English and French blogs that allow guest blogging. To discover these blogs, you can visitour platform which provides a comprehensive list of blogs that accept guest content. 

In summary

The Legalisi blog is a rich source of articles that mainly focus on the marketing ofcreation and management of websites in the legal environment. The use of Google Analytics is also on the subject menu.

Despite whatthe articles are not classified in theirs categories respective, the blog is suitable for all digital marketers who want to refresh or improve their knowledge.

Besides, beginners can also benefit from this resource.

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Presentation : Legalisi

Blog Legalisi Logo

Jason Lisi is the founder and CEO of the agency legalisi abbreviated as LISI which meansLegal Internet Solutions Incorporated. The idea of ​​this agency goes back to 1998 when Lisi wanted to create a web agency co-directed by lawyers for law firms.

Jason’s passion for technology began when he received his first computer, aMac SE in 1988 before starting his law studies.

Jason Lisi holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism froml’Université Washington and Lee, a doctorate in law fromla Western New England University School of Law and an LL.M. in taxation fromCharles Law SchoolWidger from Villanova University.

He has consistently served the legal marketing community. Especially as President of theLegal Marketing Association and also teaching marketing to law students at Drexel University’s Thomas Kline Law School.

Jason is also a frequent speaker at industry events and other associations on topics revolving exclusively around digital marketing strategies.

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