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PODCAST | The makers

PODCAST | The makers

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Need an informative podcast to listen to? “Les Makers” welcomes guests every week to discuss SEO and affiliate marketing.

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In the dynamic landscape of digital entrepreneurship, the “Les Makers” podcast proves to be a reliable source of information and inspiration. Each episode is an opportunity to learn from the inspiring journeys of content creators and web entrepreneurs who tell their success stories.

General description

The Makers podcast is a very enriching program for those interested in SEO and affiliate marketing. In each session, the host and his guests reveal valuable advice for optimizing the presence of a brand online and how to maximize its digital impact. The podcast is particularly appreciated for the quality of its content and the relevance of the subjects covered.

“Les Makers” is aimed at everyone, whether you are an individual who wants to learn digital marketing or a professional who is looking to strengthen your knowledge. The show is available primarily on Apple Podcasts, but also on most audio streaming platforms.

Presentation of the Facilitator

Florian Darroman, better known under the pseudonym asyncr0ne, is the host of the podcast “Les Makers”. Passionate about the digital world, he created this podcast to share his expertise in SEO and affiliate marketing. His ability to explicitly break down concepts, even the most complex, makes him a popular presenter among listeners. The quality of the guests on his podcast is also to be commended.

Florian regularly invites digital marketing experts to discuss the latest trends, share concrete strategies and analyze their history. Its objective is to provide listeners, whether novices or experienced, with the tools necessary to succeed in the competitive world of SEO and affiliation.

Frequency and format

The “Les Makers” podcast is a weekly event with an episode published every Monday morning at 7 a.m. A regularity appreciated by listeners which allows them to start the week with new knowledge.

As for the duration of the sessions, it generally varies between 45 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. A fairly long duration which demonstrates the depth and richness of the subjects covered. The structure of the podcast episodes follows a rather simplistic format.

The idea is to make it easier for listeners to understand and keep their interest with clear and concise explanations.

Accessibility and Subscription

“Les Makers” is accessible on popular audio streaming platforms, making the program accessible to a large community. You can follow podcast episodes onApple Podcasts, Spotify AndDeezer. These are platforms that not only guarantee excellent accessibility, but they also offer the possibility of subscribing to be notified of each new episode.

What are the themes covered?

The “Les Makers” podcast explores a variety of themes centered mainly around SEO and affiliate marketing. To do this, the program covers, among other things, the fundamentals of SEO. This is a very interesting topic that allows you to understand the basics necessary to effectively optimize a website for search engines.

The podcast also sometimes offers SEO tool comparisons to help listeners recognize the best solutions to accomplish specific tasks. The podcast also does not fail to cover testing of tools and software with reviews and recommendations to guide listeners in their technology choices.

In addition to these themes, “Les Makers” also addresses more practical subjects such as WordPress tutorials for better use of the CMS. All these various themes are covered in depth with well-detailed information and actionable tips for succeeding in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Some episodes of the podcast

To get an idea of ​​the topics covered, here is a list of some sessions published by the facilitator:

« Digital Springboard (Nicolas) – Push link sales to their maximum »

This episode of the podcast covers strategies for maximizing link sales online. Over more than 2 hours of time, the presenter and his guest highlighted concrete actions to generate significant income through link sales, a crucial aspect of affiliate marketing and SEO.

The guest of this issue is Nicolas from Tremplin Numérique, who did not hesitate to share his expertise and his successful experiences in this field. It reveals the best practices to apply and how these strategies can be used to improve your income. The episode also discusses the importance of personal branding and how it can be developed to strengthen sales efforts.

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Presentation of the facilitator

Florian Darroman, also known by the pseudonym asyncr0ne, is the face behind the podcast “Les Makers”. Passionate about digital, he launched this podcast to share his expertise in SEO and affiliate marketing. His ability to simplify even the most complex concepts makes him a very popular animator. The quality of the guest speakers on his podcast is also remarkable. Florian regularly invites digital marketing experts to discuss the latest trends, share concrete strategies and explore their journey. Its goal is to provide listeners, whether beginners or experienced, with the essential tools to succeed in the competitive world of SEO and affiliation.

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