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FORMATION | The basics of natural referencing (SEO)

FORMATION | The basics of natural referencing (SEO)

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Are you looking for SEO training for beginners? Discover the basics of natural referencing (SEO) from CCI Formation.

Long Description : CCI Formation


The “Basics of natural referencing (SEO)” training from CCI Formation is a distance program designed for communicators and project leaders. It aims to teach the main SEO techniques, optimize online visibility and understand how Google works.

The basics of natural referencing (SEO) – CCI Formation

When you decide to train in a field as complex as SEO, you are first faced with this major problem: finding the right training.

Indeed, good training rhymes with good content, good teachers as well as good pedagogy.

But when you are a novice, you often don’t know which way to turn when faced with the numerous training courses that you come across online and which promise one thing: to become first on Google.

Through this article, I will introduce you to a promising training course on SEO entitled: “The basics of natural referencing (SEO)”.

Ready for discovery? Let’s go!

Detailed presentation of the training “The basics of natural referencing (SEO)”

The online course offered by CCI Formation, entitled “The basics of natural referencing (SEO)”, offers a balanced approach between theory and practical application. It aims to equip learners with the following skills:

  • Master the essential techniques to improve SEO;
  • Improve the visibility of their site on search platforms;
  • Understand search mechanisms.

Training objectives and content

The objective of this course on fundamentals of SEO is to educate participants on effective SEO methods to ensure optimal presence of their site on search engines.

In addition to focusing on technical aspects, the course also addresses the semantic and ergonomic elements that influence SEO.

It also encourages thinking about modern communications and marketing strategies, such as inbound marketing.

The course content is organized into distinct modules and each covers a different aspect of SEO.

First of all, participants will learn about the main SEO techniques, which will allow them to optimize their positioning on search engines.

Next, the training will cover how Google, the most widely used search engine in the world, works so that participants understand how it ranks websites and how they can improve their SEO.

The training program includes a module dedicated to the analysis of digital data, with a particular focus on Google Analytics. This tool is crucial for evaluating website traffic and analyzing visitor behavior.

In addition, the course will highlight the principles of Inbound marketing, a marketing approach aimed at naturally attracting customers, rather than actively soliciting them.

Target and prerequisites

This program is designed for communication professionals and entrepreneurs wishing to promote their business online and gain visibility.

Candidates are required to be comfortable using the internet. However, it is not required to have prior knowledge of SEO to register.

Educational approach

The course on “The basics of natural referencing (SEO)” is a mixed training which combines theoretical lessons and practical exercises.

The emphasis is placed on interactive teaching, promoting discussions, case analysis, simulations and the study of concrete business cases.

Learners will have access to educational resources in addition to benefiting from personalized monitoring by a specialized trainer.

The training is provided by a qualified instructor, chosen according to quality criteria. Instructors are supported by the CCI Formation teaching team, known as “Act and Learn”. The professional profile of the instructor can be provided upon request.

Monitoring and evaluation

Participants’ progress is measured regularly through tests, practical exercises, case studies and presentations.

These evaluations are followed by analysis and constructive feedback from the instructor. At the end of the course, a satisfaction assessment is carried out by the participants, and a collective debriefing is carried out in the presence of the instructor.

The themes covered in the training “The basics of natural referencing (SEO)”

This training covers technical and ergonomic optimizations, content as a communication and marketing tool, as well as natural referencing tools.

Natural referencing as a whole

Participants will discover how search engines work. The same goes for algorithms and the way natural referencing fits into an overall inbound marketing process.

This part will allow participants to understand the issues of natural referencing and its role in the overall communication strategy of a company.

Technical and ergonomic optimizations

Participants will learn the essentials, such as tags, server and sitemap. They will also learn the importance of URL, metadata and other tags for SEO.

Finally, they will understand how user experience can be an optimization lever for natural referencing.

Natural referencing as a content-centered communication tool

Participants will learn how to create content to attract visitors and how to create a professional blog by following best practices for running it. They will also discover how to produce referenced content.

SEO as a marketing tool

You will learn how to use links to be found and how to implement a linking strategy. This will involve discovering how to develop your brand and optimize your notoriety using partnerships.

SEO tools

This training will also cover general tools and more specific tools to help them with their SEO strategy. This part will allow them to choose the tools adapted to their needs as well as to use them effectively.

Training associated with the “Basics of natural referencing (SEO)” training

As a continuation of the training “The basics of natural referencing (SEO)”, CCI Training also offers advanced training entitled “Advanced level natural referencing (SEO)“.

This training is aimed at people who already have basic knowledge of natural referencing and who wish to deepen their skills to optimize their referencing strategy.

The “Advanced level natural referencing (SEO)” training aims to optimize the referencing of participants, to understand and anticipate the challenges of Google’s “Mobile First Index”, as well as to develop content marketing.

Participants will be able to learn how to use advanced tools to improve their SEO, adapt their strategy to Google’s mobile-first indexing and develop an effective content marketing strategy.

Learners will also be able to work on real case studies to practice their skills.

In summary

The “Basics of natural referencing (SEO)” training from CCI Formation is a complete program adapted to the needs of communicators and project leaders wishing to gain visibility on the web.

Thanks to an active educational approach and personalized support, participants will learn SEO techniques that will allow them to optimize their positioning and understand how Google works.

They will also discover the challenges of inbound marketing and the main aspects of web data analysis with Google Analytics.


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CCI Formation, the training entity of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI), stands out for its deep commitment to education and professional training.

With an offering that extends from CAP to engineering or business school diplomas, CCI Formation reaches 400,000 people each year through its training centers.

This institution, anchored in the DNA of the CCIs, offers varied learning paths, ranging from continuing education to full-time, including apprenticeship.

Among its many initiatives, CCI Formation has developed the “Basics of Natural SEO (SEO)” program, training designed to equip professionals and businesses with essential skills to optimize their online visibility.

This program reflects CCI Formation’s expertise in the field of digital and web marketing. This shows its pivotal role in supporting professionals towards success in the digital economy


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