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Blog | Digital Marketing Institute

Short Description : Digital Marketing Institute

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Digital Marketing Institute is a blog specializing in online marketing. Discover here the detailed presentation of this platform.

Long Description : Digital Marketing Institute

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Digital Marketing Institute is a platform designed to support Internet users in learning digital marketing strategies. As the name suggests, it is indeed an online marketing learning institute. To this end, you will find on his blog useful tips and guides to learn digital marketing as a whole.

Blog de Digital Marketing Institute

Also called online marketing, digital marketing is the promotion of brands or companies through the Internet in order to put them in touch with prospects. Today, it is an essential strategy for the successful development of online businesses.

However, many online business owners still have trouble understanding this concept and how to implement it.

The Digital Marketing Institute platform was created with the aim of teaching Internet users everything there is to know about online marketing. Here are the different features of his blog.

Introducing the Digital Marketing Institute Blog

Theblog de Digital Marketing Institute is a webpage focused on digital marketing issues. The platform is very rich in content and is full of more than a thousand articles on various topics.

The articles published on the platform are written by experts and aim to enlighten those who are still beginners in this field.

The website has many other resources such as micro-lessons, skills assessment tests, webinars, etc. intended to improve visitors’ knowledge of online marketing.

What are the various Digital Marketing Institute blog metrics?

Here are the different blog metrics:

  • Website authority score: 53
  • Average length of visit: 11:47
  • Average bounce rate: 75.74%
  • Monthly organic traffic volume: 563k

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

What are the different categories of the Digital Marketing Institute blog?

Digital Marketing Institute has over a thousand articles published on its platform. To help visitors find their way around more easily and with a view to facilitating navigation, the content of the site has been grouped by category.

Digital Strategy

A company’s digital strategy refers to a plan put in place to achieve and maximize the company’s business goals through technology.

The articles in this section describe in detail different simple digital strategies that can be implemented by novices.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a method of creating and publishing original, interesting and relevant content. These are intended to attract and retain customers.

The contents in this section allow you to learn more about this area and tell you which content marketing strategies are the most effective.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a concept that is no longer new to anyone today. Indeed, almost all platforms are looking to improve their SEO.

The articles in this section are there to help site owners easily optimize the SEO score of their web pages.

Email marketing

Marketing is not only done on the Internet or on social networks. Indeed, it can also be done by e-mail by sending an electronic commercial message to a groupof individuals. 

The content grouped in this category provides more details on this practice and how to make good use of it.


E-commerce is one of the most popular and lucrative industries in the world today.

It is constantly developing and every day more and more people are interested in it. The articles in the E-commerce section aim to enlighten beginners as to the basic notions toto know in e-commerce as well as how to prosper in this field.

Data and Analytics

The articles in this section focus on data management for all purposes and their analyzes for decision decisions which will facilitate the improvement of the income of its trade.

Customer Experience

Providing a good customer experience is paramount for any business that wants to thrive.

Here you will find articles and guides on how to serve customers as well as respond to their inquiries to ensure they have the best possible experience with your business.

Social Media Marketing

Here, you will find tips on using different media in a marketing strategy.

Web Design, CRO and UX

This category includes all articles related to WordPress themes and the use of images in digital marketing.

Display and Video Advertising

You will find in this section all the content related to the creation of a YouTube channel and its management.

Digital Management and Leadership

All the articles in this section relate to digital management, leadership and good talent management.

Other categories

The other categories bring together content around the following themes:

  • Digital Marketing (in particular),
  • PPC and Paid Search,
  • Social Vent.

All these articles and guides are quite varied and enriching.

What other resources are there on the Digital Marketing Institute site?

The blog is not the only resource available to the Digital Marketing Institute platform. The site also provides users with several other resources to support them throughout their visit.

My courses

In addition to the blog, Digital Marketing Institute provides Internet users with special courses on digital marketing.

These courses are not just simple courses, but also give the right to online certifications. They are ideal for those who wish to obtain a certificate in the field.

Skills test

The Digital Marketing Institute platform also allows subscribers to test their online marketing skills. There are a multitude of tests on the site in which they can participate to assess their knowledge of marketing.

Community Forum

The Community Forum is a blog resource allowing users to discuss with each other on the various topics dealt with on the site.

They can thus exchange knowledge, raise concerns and obtain answers, or even freely discuss the various articles on the platform.


It is a special toolkit on digital marketing. Users can find tools used in this area.


Digital Marketing Webinars are available to all visitors to the Digital Marketing Institute site.


Check out several digital marketing eBooks here. They include salary guides and DMI guides.


This resource brings together podcasts, videos, case studies, glossaries and even presentations on digital marketing.


This is the site’s help desk. Users encountering a problem on the site or whowish ask questions or make suggestions can contact the site administrators through this post.

Accept guest articles or not

Guest posts are increasingly common on the web. The Digital Marketing Institute platform receives enough requests for guest articles. These are accepted when they are well written and do not present any inconvenience for the site.

In summary

The Digital Marketing Institute blog is a comprehensive website providing Internet users with a multitude of resources so that they can deepen their knowledge in the field of digital marketing.

In addition, they can, if they wish, take tests to assess their knowledge or take courses and obtain certificates.

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Presentation : Digital Marketing Institute

Blog Digital Marketing Institute Logo

The Digital Marketing Institute is an international organization that offers digital marketing certifications and training.

Founded in 2008, the institute is present in more than 135 countries and has more than 220,000 members and more than 25,000 certified professionals worldwide.

In terms of training, the institute offers a variety of online and face-to-face courses, ranging from introductory digital marketing to advanced specializations in areas such as:

  • And THAT ;
  • Marketing on social platforms;
  • Digital advertising.

At Digital Marketing Institute, the focus is on learning practical skills and applying best practices in online marketing.

Members also have access to an online community to connect with other digital marketing professionals and share ideas.

Digital Marketing Institute is aimed at beginners and business owners as well as marketing professionals, recent graduates, or simply those looking to change careers.

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