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YouTube Channel | Alexandre Poulet

YouTube Channel | Alexandre Poulet

Short Description : Alexandre Poulet

Chaine Youtube Alexandre Poulet Mise en avant

You like video games, don’t you? Even if your answer is no, I believe that after reading this article you will surely change your mind.

Long Description : Alexandre Poulet

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The Alexandre Poulet YouTube channel is the official platform where SEO consultant, streamer and gamer 🎮🕹️ Alexandre Poulet himselfshare  its own video content. Through his channel, he aims to help people by providing advice on current trends, while entertaining them through live streams where he tests various types of games. It offers high quality and informative videos.

Description of the YouTube channel Alexandre Poulet

Are you looking to entertain yourself or learn more about the video game environment? Or maybe you like to take up challenges? Anyway, I love it ! If this is your case too.

Well now, Alexandre Poulet solves your problem thanks to his YouTube channel on which he shares valuable information and relaxing moments by testing games live.

Through this description, we will explore this channel and the captivating videos it offers.

Presentation of the YouTube channel Alexandre Poulet

Alexandre Poulet’s YouTube channel was created on August 1, 2013 and currently has 24,652 subscribers.

Its main objective is to share moments of entertainment by analyzing popular video games. Sometimes he also offers advice or gives his opinion on current topics.

Alexandre Poulet is a specialist in natural referencing and digital marketing who mainly focuses on the field of high technologies and video games. He shares his knowledge through informative videos and practical tutorials.

His channel offers a variety of content, such as:

  • Tutorials on different video games;
  • Advice on best practices for video games and on different;

With this channel, you will learn more about the different functioning of video games and collect some advice on various facts.

Playlists from the Alexandre Poulet YouTube channel

The videos present on Alexandre Poulet’s channel are classified in several playlists, among which we have:

Playlists “Coach Poulet” 

This playlist presents advice on various facts of life.

Playlists “Age of Empires” 

In this playlist, Alexandre Poulet shares videos on games like Poussin de l’empire and vengeance.

Playlists “Dome Keeper”

The playlist emphasizes the different phases of the gameDome Keeper and shares its shortcomings and the incredible advantages that this game offers.

Playlists “Against the storm” 

At the level of this playlist, Alexandre Poulet highlights the game Against the storm in all these facets.

Playlists “Deliver Us Mars”

If you like video games in space then this playlists is an excellent library to understand the environment of each of this type of video game.

Playlists “Kena : Bridge of Spirits”

A playlist just as similar as the previous ones, this is the famous video game Kena: Bridge of Spirits offering absolutely crazy adventures. Alexandre Poulet offers you in this playlist all the details through several very enriching live videos.

Playlists “Stray”

We thought we were in puss in boots. Alexandre Poulet goes through a bit of everything related to video games from children to adults. If you don’t know the Stray video game, well, this playlist talks about it at length and I’m sure you’ll love it.

Playlists “Hogwarts Legacy”

I invite you to watch this playlists if you like video games with magic and wizarding stuff. Alexandre Poulet intuitively exposes through several videos details about the Hogwarts Legacy game.

Playlists “Hearthstone Battlegrounds”

Hearthstone Battlegrounds is a video game based on the same principle as the famous Candy Crush game, but with more modern features that make you want to take up the challenge.

If you are, know that Alexandre Poulet clearly provides answers on the aspect of this game.

“Complete Adventures” Playlists

Maybe you haven’t had a glimpse of your favorite video game or you want to know more about the different video games presented, I invite you to join this playlist.

Alexandre Poulet has thought of everything. That’s why he created this playlist to help you discover other video games with their subtleties.

Playlists “Let’s play / Discoveries”

If by any chance you get confused through the playlists, I advise you to start with this one first. This playlist brings together the presentation of all the video games exhibited on the channel.

Playlists “Twitch Replays (Gaming)”

In this playlist are classified all the testing lives of the different video games operated by Alexandre Poulet.

Popular videos from the Alexandre Poulet YouTube channel

  1. Stray: The Adventures of the Cat-Chicken 🐈🤖

This video published on January 23, 2023 has 210 views as of today and is the most popular video on the channel.Alexander Chicken. In this playlists, Alexandre Poulet talks about the Stray video game which seems to be appreciated by a large number of people.

He discoversthe Stray game to its fans by playing the first part of the complete adventure on PC. A game released in July 2022 and developed byBlueTwelve Studio, published by Annapurna Interactive.


This is the second video that has had the most views on the YouTube channel ofAlexander Chicken. This video was posted in early March and has a total of 130 views. Alexandre Poulet gives his opinion on the functioning of the social network Twitch after a month of testing.

  1. Age of Empires II : EMPIRE CHICK ! 🐔🤓

As for the third video having obtained more than 100 views on the channel, it is the presentation video of the game Age of Empires II.

Types of videos offered by the channel

This channel offers two main types of videos, namely:

Lives : This is a live broadcast that lasts between 01h and 05h of time to share the environment and the quality of new trendy video games.

Shorts : This type of video is currently the most used in the world to convey a message or information in a concise way. Alexandre Poulet uses it to rule on various facts of life.

In summary

The Alexandre Poulet YouTube channel is a space where you will find explanatory videos on the most rated new video games that can help you learn the little subtle details to play it better whether you are a beginner or a professional.

Videos : Alexandre Poulet

Images​ : Alexandre Poulet

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Presentation : Alexandre Poulet

Chaine Youtube Alexandre Poulet Logo

Alexandre Poulet has been an author, a novelist, an essayist and a web professional for more than 13 years, of which he has devoted about 10 years to natural referencing and the various customer acquisition strategies in digital marketing.

Alexandre Poulet is at the origin of his own YouTube channel. Since 2019, he has also held the position of SEO manager for High-Tech and Gaming media such as:

  • Digital;
  • from Gamekult;
  • CNET France ;
  • ZDNet. 

In addition to being a competent developer with a bachelor’s degree in IUT IT, Alexandre Poulet has held various roles throughout his career, ranging from integration and graphic design to website creation and testing. .

Alexandre Poulet, a technical and editorial optimization enthusiast, is currently dedicated to improving the visibility of websites by optimizing their referencing for search engines such as Google, Bing, etc.

It uses responsive design to ensure an optimal user experience, both on desktop and mobile.

Although his goalis to explain technical and editorial developments to increase the visibility of websites,Alexandre Poulet created this YouTube channel with the aim of sharing the different trendy video games.

You can reach Alexandre Poulet on these social networks as follows:

Instagram : Alexander Chicken

Above Alexandre Poulet

Social Network : Alexandre Poulet

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