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Facebook Group | SEO – France

Facebook Group | SEO – France

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Discover the SEO – France Facebook group, a dynamic community dedicated to sharing knowledge and discussions about SEO in France.

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SEO – France is a private and visible Facebook group dedicated to SEO in France. Established in 2014, it has over 9,000 members and serves as a platform to share knowledge and discuss various topics related to SEO and Web marketing.

SEO – France 

Being visible on search engines is a key issue for businesses and websites today. It has become a challenge to master the art of SEO (SEO) especially if you are new to the field.

SEO – France is an online community dedicated to sharing knowledge and discussions about SEO in France. It serves as a resource for SEO professionals, amateurs, and those interested in learning more about the subject.

In this article, we’ll explore this group in detail and delve deeper into how it serves as a platform for learning and sharing information about SEO.

Presentation of SEO – France

The groupSEO – France was created on June 13, 2014 and now has more than 9,000 members. Led by Arnaud and three other members, its objective is to bring together all SEO and SEO enthusiasts in France.

SEO – France offers effective monitoring tools on the latest technologies in SEO and internet marketing.

It is private, meaning only group members can see who is in the group and what is posted. However, it is visible and anyone can find this group.

Internally, all posts and comments are approved by the admins before appearing in the group feed.

This is a support group where self-promotion is not allowed unless it is relevant to answering a question.

Themes concerned by SEO – France

The SEO – France group covers a variety of topics related to SEO and web marketing. Here are some of the key topics that are often covered:

SEO Black, Grey, et White 

These are three types of SEO that are used to optimize a website for search engines.

With SEO Black Hat

It makes use of some techniques that violate search engine rules to get higher rankings in search results.

These techniques may include:

  • Keyword stuffing;
  • The use of hidden texts;
  • Le cloaking ;
  • And the use of private link networks.

Although these techniques can yield quick results, they carry a high risk of being penalized by search engines.

SEO Grey Hat

This type of SEO is the happy medium between Black Hat and White Hat SEO.

 It employs strategies that are not expressly prohibited by search engines, but are also not completely considered ethical.

These strategies may include:

  • Buying links;
  • Link exchange;
  • And the use of automatically generated content.

Gray Hat SEO can deliver faster results than White Hat SEO, but it also carries a certain level of risk.

SEO White Hat

It uses techniques that are in accordance with search engine guidelines. It focuses on:

  • Creating quality content;
  • L’optimisation on-page ; 
  • Keyword research;
  • And getting quality backlinks.

White Hat SEO is generally considered a long-term approach that delivers lasting results and minimizes the risk of penalization.

Web marketing

In addition to SEO, the SEO – France group addresses topics related to web marketing. Members share and discuss different online marketing strategies.

Social media

Many of the discussions are focused on social media, notably on:

  • Creating content for social media;
  • User engagement;
  • Advertising on social media;
  • And the use of social media for customer service.

Email marketing

Members also share tips and strategies for creating effective email marketing campaigns. For example :

  • Creating emails;
  • Segmentation of the address list;
  • Email marketing automation;
  • And email performance analysis.

Long-term positioning

Long-term positioning in SEO is also part of the strategies addressed in the SEO – France group.

Creation of quality content

Search engines favor sites that offer original, informative and well-written content that primarily answers user questions.

The quality of the content then plays an important role for good SEO.

Optimisation On-Page

This includes optimizing titles, meta descriptions, URL structure, appropriate use of H1 and H2 tags, among other elements.

The underlying goal is to make each page of websites as attractive as possible to search engines.

Obtaining quality backlinks

Backlinks are simply links from other websites that lead to another specific site. Thus, depending on their qualities and quantities, search engines consider them as proof of trust.

Ephemeral positioning

Ephemeral positioning consists of the use of SEO techniques to temporarily appear in the SEO.

These techniques are often used for short-term marketing campaigns or specific events. It’s about :

  • PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns which allow websites to appear at the top of search results following specific keywords;
  • Seasonal SEO which involves optimizing for specific keywords popular at given periods;
  • Optimization for hot topics or popular trends;
  • And influencer marketing which involves partnering with influencers to promote a product, service or event.

Other groups associated with SEO – France

In addition to SEO – France, there are two other associated groups that offer additional resources for those interested in SEO and web marketing:


This group is intended for those who wish to make or offer netlinking. Netlinking, or link creation, is an important part of SEO. It consists of obtaining links from other websites that direct to another particular site.

NETLINKING – France therefore offers a platform to discuss best practices, share opportunities and learn from others.

Web writing – SEO France

This group is dedicated to networking around web writing. Indeed, web writing is also a key skill in SEO and web marketing.

It involves creating written content that is optimized for search engines, engaging for readers, and that encourages action. Web Writing – SEO France provides a community for web writers to share tips, opportunities and resources.

In summary

SEO – France is an invaluable resource for anyone interested in SEO and web marketing in France.

It is a group that provides a platform to learn, share and discuss various SEO related topics. The NETLINKING – France and Web Writing – SEO France groups associated with it also offer additional SEO resources.

SEO – France is then a unique opportunity to learn from professionals in the field and share your own experiences and knowledge.

To stay up to date with the latest SEO trends, be sure to check out this article on our site. It offers you 9 ways to stay up to date.

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Presentation : Jaune Jaune


Yellow Yellow is the pseudonym under which the author of the “SEO Backlink France” group is known.

This group, focused on natural SEO strategies and the acquisition of quality backlinks, has become a valuable resource for French-speaking SEO professionals seeking to improve the positioning of their sites on search engines.

Jaune Jaune, with its expertise in SEO and its passion for sharing knowledge, has created an active community where members exchange advice, tips and best practices in SEO.

Jaune Jaune’s approach is characterized by a desire to offer up-to-date and practical information, allowing group members to stay at the forefront of the latest SEO trends.

His commitment to the quality and effectiveness of backlinking strategies is evident through the discussions and resources shared within the group.

As the author and host of “SEO Backlink France”, Jaune Jaune plays a crucial role in educating and supporting SEO professionals in France and French-speaking countries. It thus contributes to optimizing their online presence and improving their visibility on the internet.

 His contribution to the world of French-speaking SEO is invaluable, making him a respected figure followed by many natural SEO specialists and enthusiasts.

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