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Podcast | Skill Up

Podcast | Skill Up

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Need to learn SEO? Listen to the Skill Up podcast to follow SEO news and improve your SEO strategy.

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Podcast Skill Up

SEO podcasts have become an essential tool for SEO professionals. They allow you to listen to experts share their knowledge and experiences to stay informed of the latest SEO trends and updates. 

Skill Up is one of the leading podcasts for developing your digital marketing skills and building relationships with the SEO community. 

Description of Skill Up Podcast

The “Skill Up Podcast” is a podcast that uses stories and practical examples to help listeners learn different skills in marketing, sales and customer service. Each episode addresses current topics for business development. 

The podcast is hosted by a member of HubSpot’s global marketing team, who focuses on creating and publishing content to help businesses grow and build their business model.

Presentation of the facilitator

The main host of the Skill Up podcast is Matt Brown. He is an experienced podcaster who has worked with many companies to grow podcast brands and make them more engaging. With Skill Up, he emphasizes the importance of understanding the target audience and creating a cohesive framework for each episode. 

Matt also highlights the need for authenticity and encourages co-hosts and guests to be sincere in their interactions.

Publication schedule and distribution platforms 

Skill Up follows a weekly schedule. Each week, the host and his organizing team manage to publish an episode for listeners. 

The podcast is available on most audio streaming platforms such as Spotify,, Podchaser And Listen Notes

They are also available in video format on YouTube and on the official website of Hubspot. Skill Up Podcast episodes generally last between ten to thirty minutes. 

You can subscribe to the podcast newsletter or to a streaming platform of your choice so as not to miss any new publications. 

What are the themes covered? 

Skill Up is a podcast that covers a wide range of themes, some of which are: 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Intent

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to ensure your content appears at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs). But for it to be successful, theoptimization of your content must be done based on the search intent of users. 

This involves understanding the motivations behind a user search query and creating content that aligns with them. 

Generally, search intent is classified into 3 categories: informative, navigational and transactional. By understanding the intent behind a query, you can tailor your content to meet the user’s needs, increasing the chances of seeing your web pages in the top Google results. 

Marketing, sales and customer service

Marketing, sales and customer service skills are interconnected and essential for business success. Effective marketing attracts customers, while sales skills help convert leads into customers. 

Customer service skills guarantee customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this, the qualities required are oral persuasion, empathy, adaptability and good communication. 

Salespeople must be able to understand customer needs, build relationships and provide personalized service. As for customer support, the team should be able to resolve issues, provide timely responses, and offer proactive help. By developing these skills, businesses can improve customer satisfaction, increase and drive sales growth.

Some recent episodes 

Here is a summary of the latest episodes of the Skill Up podcast: 

« How a sale manager at linkedIn Builds a Buyer-first Selling Strategy »

In this episode, a LinkedIn sales manager shares his strategies for building a buyer-centric sales strategy. He explains how Proofpoint, an enterprise security company, used Vengreso’s training program, Selling with LinkedIn, to significantly boost its sales pipeline. 

And one of the important factors of this strategy is LinkedIn profile optimization. Sellers should create a well-structured LinkedIn profile, with elements such as key events, personalized messages and background images tailored to their target audience.

By optimizing their LinkedIn profile and using personalized sales strategies, sellers can boost their sales pipeline and build lasting relationships with their customers.

« Why sales enablement is critical for revenue Growth  » 

In this edition of the podcast, sales and marketing experts discuss the importance of sales enablement for revenue growth. They explain how businesses can use this strategy to improve salesperson productivity, increase conversions, and boost sales.

To achieve this, the participants of the episode recommend good training followed by support. Salespeople should receive regular training and coaching to improve their skills and knowledge.

By investing in training and access to effective resource content, companies can improve the productivity of their salespeople and boost sales.

« How to help your sales team stay productive during a time of change »

In this session, the podcast host shares strategies to help sales teams stay productive during a time of change. He underlines the importance of a good internal communication strategy to improve the skills of salespeople. 

For example, he explains that salespeople must be regularly informed of new plans and objectives. 

Helping the sales team stay productive during a time of change is essential to the success of your business.

In summary

Skill Up is a podcast that shares practical advice on marketing, sales and customer service strategies to help businesses grow and expand. Episodes cover key themes such as search engine optimization, marketing personalization, sales management during times of change.

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Presentation of the facilitator

Matt Brown is a podcasting and digital marketing expert. With years of experience in the field, he has developed a solid understanding of effective marketing strategies and content creation techniques. He shares his knowledge and experiences with his podcast listeners, offering practical tips and strategies to improve their digital marketing skills.

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