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Podcast | No Pay No Play

Podcast | No Pay No Play

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Are you looking for a podcast dedicated to online advertising? No Pay No Play shares tips and tricks on Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads.

Long Description : Joseph Donyo

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In the digital age, social networks have become an essential tool for companies seeking to develop their visibility and notoriety. However, advertising on these platforms requires specific skills to be truly effective. 

The No Pay No Play podcast is an excellent audio program for learning how to optimize your social media campaigns and achieve your goals.

Description of the podcast 

The No Pay No Play Podcast is a weekly show that breaks down all the latest innovations and best practices in advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Hosted by experts in the field, this podcast offers interesting analyzes of new advertising trends on these popular platforms. This allows listeners to access valuable information in just a few clicks to optimize their online advertising campaigns.

Facilitator presentations

The No Pay No Play podcast is hosted by Joseph Donyo. He is an expert in advertising on social networks, particularly on the Facebook and Instagram platforms. He had the idea of ​​the podcast to share his knowledge with B2B business leaders for better online visibility. 

Through his valuable advice, he allows companies to get the most out of their advertising campaigns on social media platforms. They can improve their visibility, increase their traffic and strengthen their online presence. 

Joseph subsequently sold the podcast to the J7 Media agency, which today handles the distribution of the episodes. 

Frequency and duration of episodes

New episodes of the No Pay No Play Podcast are released every week. This allows listeners to enjoy regularly updated content on the latest advertising trends on Facebook and Instagram.

The episodes generally last around thirty minutes, but there are sessions which can be longer depending on the complexity of the theme covered. 

Each issue of the podcast is structured to ensure listeners have an enriching listening experience. We discover relevant analyzes on advertising innovations and best practices for optimizing advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. 

Where to find and subscribe to the Podcast 

To find and subscribe to the No Pay No Play Podcast, you can visit popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Listen Notes And Podbean. Just search for “No Pay No Play” to access the latest episodes of the podcast. You can also subscribe so you don’t miss any new publications. 

Joseph Donyo also has a website and a chain YouTube on which you can also find all the episodes of the podcast. 

What are the themes covered? 

The No Pay No Play Podcast covers a variety of topics related to Facebook and Instagram advertising. Here are some of the topics covered:

Facebook Ads campaigns 

The No Pay No Play podcast focuses in part on Facebook Ads campaigns by offering advice to listeners. Episodes cover key goals to set for these campaigns, essential settings to configure, and common mistakes to avoid. 

Podcast participants also share effective strategies for maximizing conversions and optimizing performance of Facebook ad campaigns. With this practical information, marketers can improve the effectiveness of their advertising investments on social media platforms. 

Scaling strategies 

Other episodes are also dedicated to scaling strategies to allow listeners to learn how to increase the campaign budget, optimize bidding and achieve performance goals. Guests are carefully chosen to truly educate on how to choose the right objectives, optimize campaign settings, manage budgets in order to achieve better conversions.

They also reveal techniques to avoid common mistakes and improve campaign visibility. So much information shared to help businesses get the most out of their advertising investments.

Case studies on Facebook Ads campaigns

The No Pay No Play podcast also regularly presents practical case studies on successful Facebook Ads campaigns. These concrete cases, often from e-commerce and B2B companies, allow listeners to better understand how to implement effective advertising strategies on the platform. 

Directly online, podcast participants decipher the objectives, the parameters used as well as the results obtained. This content format allows you to see concrete examples to follow to optimize your own campaigns. This is a really useful source of inspiration for professionals who want to boost their presence on Facebook and Instagram.

Some recent episodes

Here are some topics covered on the podcast set: 

“Episode 1: How to go from 0 to $1000 budget per day on Facebook Ads”

In this episode, Joseph Donyo shares his best techniques for reaching a daily budget of $1000 on this platform. It is aimed at both beginners wishing to get started with Facebook advertising and professionals wishing to optimize their performance.

Joseph explains in detail how to choose the right campaign objectives, based on your desired results. He emphasizes the importance of using the right optimization parameters, such as targeting, bidding and budget, to maximize the impact of ads.

The host also highlights common mistakes to avoid, such as lack of creativity in visuals or poor segmentation of the target audience. Thanks to its expert advice, listeners can learn to optimize each stage of their campaign, from configuration to analysis of results.

“Episode 2: Optimizing Facebook Ads campaigns”

In this session, Joseph Donyo and his guest, a Facebook advertising expert, discuss the importance of analyzing Facebook Ads campaigns to make good decisions.

They cover key metrics, like CPM (cost per thousand impressions) and mistakes to avoid to maximize results. 

They also share practical tips for optimizing campaigns, including using performance reports and adjusting campaign settings accordingly.

“Episode 3: Sequential retargeting”

The host here explores a more refined approach to retargeting on Facebook, focusing on timing and user behavior. He shares strategies for creating effective retargeting rounds with details on the different stages of the user experience and the types of content to serve for each retargeting window.

For example, it explains how to use thank you messages for users who recently purchased, or special offers for users who abandoned their shopping cart. He also shares results from one of his clients, showing how a sequential retargeting strategy increased conversions and sales.

In summary

The No Pay No Play podcast remains a reference for anyone who wants to master the secrets of advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Hosted by Joseph Donyo, then taken over by the J7 Media agency, this podcast shares quality content, rich in advice and relevant analysis on the latest trends.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert in social media advertising, No Pay No Play is an ideal companion to boost your campaigns and stay up to date with the latest innovations.

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Presentation : Joseph Donyo

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Presentation of the facilitator 

Joseph Donyo is the host of the No Pay No Play podcast, a bi-monthly podcast that deciphers the innovations and best practices of Facebook advertising. 

As a freelance Facebook Ads consultant, he has already helped many businesses improve their advertising performance on Facebook. His advice and strategies have enabled his clients to generate impressive sales and reduce their acquisition cost.  

Since March 2023, the No Pay No Play podcast has changed ownership and is now hosted by the J7 Media agency. This agency, specializing in Facebook advertising, is dedicated to helping businesses generate impressive profits using the latest advertising trends and strategies. 

With a team of Facebook advertising experts, J7 Media offers training, consulting and personalized advertising campaigns to achieve its clients’ goals.

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