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Podcast | Entrepreneurs on Fire

Podcast | Entrepreneurs on Fire

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Do you run your own company? Listen to the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast to regain self-confidence and achieve your goals.

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Title: Entrepreneurs on Fire

Podcasts are a great alternative for people who aren’t big fans of reading. Very practical, they allow you to learn about a multitude of subjects simply by listening. 

As an entrepreneur, “Entrepreneurs on Fire” is a reference podcast to follow to regain self-confidence and achieve your goals. 

General description 

“Entrepreneurs on Fire” is a widely followed podcast with over 154 million total listens. Each episode features interviews with successful entrepreneurs from various industries. It’s a meeting to discover new ideas, strategies and inspiration to fuel your entrepreneurial journey.

The podcast aims to help listeners reach their potential through valuable advice and motivational stories. With a diverse audience, primarily based in the United States, the show enjoys an average of 117,000 downloads per episode and has a strong fan community known as “Fire Nation”.

Presentation of the Facilitator 

John Lee Dumas is a U.S. Army veteran and accomplished entrepreneur, known for his hit podcast “Entrepreneurs on Fire.” After serving eight years in the Army, including a tour in Iraq, John went through a difficult transition period, trying various careers without finding his true passion. It was while listening to podcasts during his car journeys that he discovered his interest in this medium.

In 2012, John launched “Entrepreneurs on Fire”, a daily podcast where he interviews inspiring entrepreneurs. This unique format quickly found its audience, and the podcast became a reference in the field, with more than 100 million listens. John attributes much of his success to his military discipline and his ability to organize and plan effectively.

In addition to his podcast, John is the author of “The Common Path to Uncommon Success,” a book that provides a 17-step roadmap to financial freedom and personal fulfillment. He continues to share his expertise through online courses and speaking engagements, helping thousands of aspiring podcasters and entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

Frequency and format 

New episodes of the Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast are published daily. With over 4,100 episodes released since its launch in 2012, the show maintains a regular daily broadcast schedule to deliver fresh content to its audience.

Each issue lasts on average around thirty minutes. Although some episodes may be slightly shorter or longer, the show aims to provide concise and digestible content for listeners.

Episodes of the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast primarily follow an interview format. The host invites successful entrepreneurs from various sectors to share their inspiring stories. Each session begins with an introduction, followed by the interview and ends with a call to action or final words from the day’s guest.

Accessibility and Subscription

You can find and subscribe to the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast on several platforms. To get started, you can subscribe directly via the podcast official website

The podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, where you can subscribe and listen to episodes.

These platforms allow you to receive new episodes as soon as they are published so as not to miss any of the inspiring discussions from John Lee Dumas and his guests.

What are the themes covered?

The Entrepreneurs on Fire podcast covers a variety of themes that revolve around entrepreneurship and personal development. 

The business development is one of the most common topics covered on the podcast. Some episodes are dedicated to strategies for launching, managing and develop a successful business. There you will discover advice on financial management, marketing and business process optimization.

Many episodes also highlight inspiring stories of entrepreneurs who overcame significant challenges to succeed. These stories aim to motivate listeners to persevere on their own entrepreneurial journeys.

John Lee Dumas and his guests also discuss techniques for improve productivity and manage time effectively, essential skills for any entrepreneur.

In addition, the podcast also addresses topics related to innovation. The idea is to encourage entrepreneurs to think creatively and innovate in their respective fields. 

In addition to purely business aspects, the podcast discusses personal growth, including how improve your mental and physical health. This is helpful for us to find a healthy lifestyle balance while running our business.

“Entrepreneurs on Fire” is also an online training course. John Lee Dumas offers online courses and educational resources to help entrepreneurs learn new skills. If you are looking to improve your knowledge in various fields related to entrepreneurship, podcasting can be of great help to you. 

Some episodes of the podcast

On Apple Podcast, here are the latest episodes of the “Entrepreneurs on Fire” podcast that have been published: 

« Prepping for the Post-Pandemic Transformational Retreat Rush with Sheri Rosenthal: An EOFire Classic of 2021 » 

In this episode, today’s guest is Sheri Rosenthal. She is an expert in transformational retreats. Interviewed by the host, she presented opportunities linked to the organization of post-pandemic retreats. 

This is an interesting episode with valuable advice for entrepreneurs operating in the pensions sector. We discover strategies to capitalize on the growing demand for pensions. 

« The Cosmic Alarm Clock with Yanik Silver: An EOFire Classic from 2021 » 

This edition of the podcast took place in the company of speaker Yanik Silver. He had the opportunity to share his transformative journey after coming close to death in an accident. 

He explains how this event pushed him to rethink his priorities and focus on what really matters in life. Today, Silver shares inspiring advice on how to appreciate every moment and pursue a more fulfilling life. 

His profound insights encourage entrepreneurs to re-evaluate their goals beyond simple financial success, with a focus on the impact and legacy they wish to leave.

« How a Micro-Podcast can Monetize with Joanne Bolt” du podcast “Entrepreneurs on Fire » 

In this episode, Joanne Bolt shares her expertise on monetizing micro-podcasts. She explains how these short, targeted formats can generate revenue through strategies like sponsorship, affiliation, and product sales. 

Bolt emphasizes the importance of creating valuable content for a specific niche in order to attract an engaged audience. She also reveals tips on effectively producing micro-podcasts and building a loyal audience. 

In summary 

“Entrepreneurs on Fire” is not just a podcast, it is a truly educational and motivational resource for anyone who aspires to succeed in the business world. 

Through John Lee Dumas’ interviews with renowned entrepreneurs, listeners gain insider access to advice and experiences that can transform their entrepreneurial journey. 

Whether you are just starting out in entrepreneurship or already running a successful business, this podcast can help you overcome challenges and achieve your ambitions.

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Presentation of the facilitator

John Lee Dumas, often referred to as JLD, is a renowned entrepreneur and podcaster, known as the founder and host of the award-winning podcast “Entrepreneurs on Fire.” Born in the state of Maine, John followed an atypical path before finding his true vocation. After graduating from Providence College in 2002, he served as an officer in the U.S. Army, including a 13-month tour in Iraq as an armored platoon leader. 

After his military service, John explored various careers, ranging from law to corporate finance to commercial real estate, without ever finding true satisfaction. It was while listening to podcasts during his many car journeys that he had the idea of ​​launching his own daily podcast, a first in the field. Launched in 2012, “Entrepreneurs on Fire” quickly became a hit, attracting millions of listeners and generating substantial revenue.

Today, John Lee Dumas is an iconic figure in the world of podcasting, having interviewed over 3,000 renowned entrepreneurs such as Tony Robbins, Seth Godin and Gary Vaynerchuk. His podcast continues to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs around the world, providing them with strategies and practical advice to succeed in their businesses.

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