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Discover the Peak Ace Blog with its content on different SEO techniques, SEA and social media.

Long Description : Blog Peak Ace

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The Peak Ace Blog is a blog on which about sixty experts write content on news related to natural referencing and paid referencing. The blog also provides in-depth content on search engine updates, new tools and new techniques for ranking websites.

Blog Peak Ace

Peak Ace, formerly called search-foresight, is a structure specializing in advice, reinforcement and the proposal of means to increase its presence in the world of the Internet.

In addition to its offers,Peak Ace a mis available to its customers and anyone interested a blog on its site so that we can learn about advanced practices in its areas of intervention.

We go through this description of the different content offered by the blog ofPeak Ace and its other resources.

Introducing the Peak Ace Blog

Peak Ace is an online platform that specializesin SEO, SEA, DATA, MARTECH and PAID Media. It therefore has a fairly rich dictionary in these areas.

Indeed, in collaboration with its team and its partners,Peak Ace provides rich content on its blog on various themes such as:

  •     Natural referencing;
  •     SEO best practices;
  •     The best ways to boost your audience and reach your targets using advertising;
  •     La big data et les machines learning ;
  •     Web browsers;
  •     Etc.

Through this information, you will be better equipped to strengthen your SEO performance, improve the visibility of our activities and best meet the needs of our customers.

The articles available on the Peak Ace blog are mostly written by:

  • Martin SAMKO, an SEO Consultant ;
  • Marc Grosvalet, a webmaster ;
  • Etc.

Peak Ace Blog Metrics

In this part, we discover Peak Ace blog metrics as follows:

Website authority score: 35

Average length of visit:

Average bounce rate:

Volume of monthly organic traffic: 4,91 K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

These measurement factors make it possible to follow the performance of the Peak Ace blog and to get an idea of ​​​​the quality of the articles written.

Presentation of the different categories of the Peak Ace blog

On the Peak Ace blog, there are many categories with rich and diversified content that offer a wide possibility of supplementing our knowledge.

These categories are:

The SEO category

You will find in this category content news related to natural referencing. You will also find detailed information on SEO tools and the experience of experts who have tried these tools.

The Peak Ace blog also discusses in this categorysearch engine updates and new optimization methods.

To better organize the many contents of this category,Peak Ace distributes them through several headings, namely:

  •     DAY

In this section calledApp Store Optimisation (ASO), Peak Ace writes articles specific toSEO strategies that will make it easier for your users and prospects to find you on the App Store.

  •     International

This section includes articles on international SEO.

  •     Local

It is important to work on your local SEO for more local visibility.That’s why Peak Ace also offers content that can help you optimize your site to rank higher in local results.

  •     Microdata

The implementation of structured data promotes the understanding of your content by search engines. This is to help you implement them well on your site to make different parts of your site more understandable to Google.

  •     Mobile-First

Mobile First indexing is Google’s response to the increase in smartphone usage. According to the statistics, 60 % of all online searches are now done on a mobile device.

You will discover in this section of Peak Ace articles that talk about it at length and that offer you tools to best succeed in this form of indexing.

Interesting topics are covered here. As :

Advice to optimize your referencing;

the link between mobile-first;

the situation of the PWA;

How to adapt your content to mobile.

The TECHNICAL SEO category

Through this category, Peak Ace presents content on technical SEO.

With these contents, you will be able to take care of several aspects of your site such as improving the crawl thanks to the correction of the internal mesh as well as the linking of UX and SEO, security, etc.

You will also have content on tools that can help you optimize the technical aspect of your site.

The PAID category

Paid search (PAID) is undoubtedly another way to increase your visibility and impact your target more quickly.

In this category part of the Peak Ace blog, you will discover topics that deal with the different aspects of paid referencing and tips on the strategy to use to best target your audience such as:

  •     The devices;
  •     The types of announcements;
  •     Targeting refinement;
  •     Etc.

The DATA category

As you probably already know, big data is the automated processing of mass data. It is essential in the missions to ensure more precision in the actions and more finesse in the analyses.

Peak Ace specialists offer you in-depth content about big data and how they can help you. Find in this part the opinion and/or opinion on topics such as:

  •     Google Analytics legal or illegal;
  •     Set up an effective SEO data studio;
  •     Google BERT as seen by Peak Ace Data Scientists.

The ACTU/EVENT category

It is in this category that Peak Ace publishes articles and reports on SEARCH news around the world.

These are contents in which Peak Ace experts decipher:

  • Search engines;
  • SEO and SEA techniques;
  • The strategies to put in place according to the type of site and your sector of activity;
  • Etc.

The site also shares in this part of its blog SEO events such as Google conferences, SEO conferences, etc.

The OTHER ENGINES category

Google is the most popular search engine in the world with over 90% market share.

However, relying on other search engines that are less competitive and oriented towards particular targets can attract visitors more quickly.

In this section are presented all the tips that can help you optimize your site for other lesser-known search engines.

We also discover in this part very interesting sections which expose us very pleasant ways to optimize your site for other search engines and certain platforms for commercial purposes. It is :

  •     Amazon

Amazon represents more than 50% of online sales in France. It is therefore an important lever in any e-commerce strategy.

It is therefore made available in this part of the articles and analyzes that can make it possible to make the best use of this lever that AMAZON represents to boost your activities.

  •     Baidu

Baidu, the Chinese favorite search engine. It has its specificities which are different from what we encounter on other search engines.

You will find in this section topics that bring you more clarification on the specificities of Baidu and optimization tactics for this search engine.

  •     Yandex

Although Yandex is very little used in the world compared to Google, it remains the most used search engine by Internet users in Russia. Which makes it a key player when it comes to SEO in Russia.

You will discover in the articles of this section the specificities of this search engine and the advice of the experts of Peak Ace to build a referencing strategy adapted to Yandex.

Other resources on the Peak Ace site

To allow a global approach to Search Marketing. To this end, Peak Ace provides its experienced and multidisciplinary team.

It supports you on all technical and technological fronts of traffic acquisition and e-reputation management. And this through different formations of:

  •     On natural referencing

Discover through this training the arsenal you need to ensure natural referencing. Appropriate the technical terms of natural referencing as well as the techniques and tools.

  •     On paid referencing

In this training, you are offered the discovery of natural referencing levers such as: SEO techniques, Netlinking, etc.

  •     Formation E-commerce & SEO

This training aims to teach you how to increase the visibility of your e-commerce site.

Accept guest articles or not

The Paak Ace site accepts guest posts and bloggers who wish to submit guest posts can contact the site. This will obviously allow you to be linked to this site and will certainly help the audience of the site to discover your site.

To find similar blogs that accept guest posts, you can browsethis blog list developed by Twaino which accepts guest articles.


In summary, the Peak Ace blog provides very interesting articles that can enrich knowledge in the fields of SEO, SEA, social media advertising, marketing, etc.

Peak Ace categorizes these blog posts by category, allowing users to browse content only in the area in which they want to up their game or find news.

Bloggers can also submit guest posts to this site for networking and exposure to other audiences.

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Presentation : Blog Peak Ace

Blog PeakAce Logo

Search Foresight is a French company founded byAlix Pandrea. In 1999, this company changed its name to become Peak Ace. It is a digital marketing agency with two headquarters, one in Paris and the other in Nantes.

The Paris agency is located at 68 rue Marjolin in Levallois-Perret, while the Nantes agency is located at 1 boulevard de Berlin in Nantes. Peak Ace formerly Search Foresight is recognized for its expertise in natural referencing as well as paid referencing.

About the foundation of the blog, it is important to specify that Alix Pandrea co-founded Peak Ace and therefore his blog with Mathieu Chapon.

This is also an opportunity to notify that Pandrea has strong expertise in all the pillars of digital. He is a member of COMEX with two decades of cross-media/cross-channel experience.

Apart from these experiences and expertise, Alix Pandrea is a consultant with a triple digital experience in companies such as Groupe Media, Pure Player and Agence Marketing Digital. He has several skills. As it happens :

  • Ability to lead sound reflections on all digital issues;
  • Ability to set up a digital transformation;
  • Federation and management of teams in difficult changing environments…

His LinkedIn profile is as follows:Alix Pandrea and the one from twitter is:@1974ap.

As for Mathieu Chapon, he has 15 years of experience in the field of natural referencing. Accumulated experience working for Startups as well as large companies. Here is his LinkedIn profile:Mathieu Chapon. And the one from twitter is:@mathieujava

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