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Blog | Marie Haynes

Short Description : Blog Marie Haynes Consulting

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Get real-time information on updates from Google and its guidelines on Marie Haynes Consulting’s blog.

Long Description : Blog Marie Haynes Consulting

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The blog is owned and managed by Marie Haynes, a highly respected search engine optimization consultant and speaker with years of experience in the industry. The blog provides real-time information on Google updates and search engine guidelines. It also offers content capable of helping its readers in optimizing their site.

Blog de Marie Haynes Consulting

If you are an SEO specialist or website owner, there is no doubt that you want to stay informed about the latest Google algorithm updates.

Marie Haynes Consulting’s blog helps you get this information and information related to Google guidelines in real time.

He also offers resources to help his readers take care of their sites to avoid Google penalties.

Through this description, we discover the blog of Marie Haynes Consulting and its contents.

Presentation of the blog Marie Haynes Consulting

The main objective ofblog de Marie Haynes Consulting is to provide valuable information and practical advice on SEO strategies and best practices.

The blog is for anyone who wants to improve their website’s visibility and performance in search engines, including:

  • Business owners;
  • Digital marketers;
  • Web developers;
  • SEO professionals.

Content on this blog covers a variety of SEO topics, including technical SEO, on-page optimization, link building, content marketing, and more.

The blog is structured to make it easy for visitors to find the articles they need.

Each article is carefully categorized and tagged, so you can easily find content on specific topics or themes.

Marie Haynes Consulting blog metrics with SEOquake

Website authority score: 50

Average length of visit: 1 min 58 s

Average bounce rate: 85.50%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 18.8K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different categories of the blog of Marie Haynes Consulting

The Marie Haynes Consulting blog has several categories that cover different aspects of SEO. Here is a brief overview of each category:

The Google Webmaster Help Hangouts category

The “Google Webmaster Help Hangouts” category of Marie Haynes Consulting’s blog features transcripts and summaries of Google’s Central Webmaster Office Hangouts, which take place every two weeks.

These hangouts are an opportunity for webmasters and SEOs to ask questions and get advice from Google’s team of experts.

Articles in this category are numerous and some cover topics such as:

  • Google’s guidelines;
  • Tips to improve the usability and UX of your site;
  • Best practices for creating and promoting high quality content;
  • Strategies to generate and maintain quality backlinks;
  • Tips to improve the performance and visibility of your site.

In addition to transcripts and summaries of discussion sessions hosted by Google Webmaster Central, articles in this category also contain additional information and commentary from Marie Haynes.

The Link Building Category

The “Link Building” category of the Marie Haynes Consulting blog focuses on strategies and techniques for building high-quality links to your website.

Link building is an important facet of SEO, since high-quality backlinks from other reputable sites can help improve your SERP rankings and drive traffic to your site.

As for the topics covered in this category, we have:

  • guest blogging : How to find guest blogging opportunities and create content that will be accepted by other websites;
  • Creation of broken links : Strategies to find and replace broken links on other websites, which can help improve your website’s visibility and credibility;
  • Link recovery : Techniques to find and recover lost or broken links to your website;
  • Link bait: Ideas for creating content that can be shared and linked to other websites;
  • Link building tools and resources : A list of tools and resources that can help you in your link building efforts.

Additionally, this link building category also provides articles on advanced link building strategies and techniques, such as link prospecting and link extension.

The On-page Optimization category

Marie Haynes Consulting’s On Page Optimization category covers best practices for optimizing your website’s content and structure to improve its rankings.

On-page optimization refers to the process of optimizing each of your pages to get rankings and traffic for each page in a specific way.

You will discover topics such as:

  • Keyword research : How to determine and target the best keywords for your site;
  • Title tags and meta descriptions: Tips for writing compelling and relevant title tags and meta descriptions that can help you improve your click-through rates;
  • Titles and subtitles : Best practices for using headings and subheadings to structure and organize your content;
  • Internal links : Strategies for linking to other pages on your site in a way that improves UX and increases your ranking;
  • Image optimization : Tips for optimizing images on your website to improve user experience and increase your rankings.

You can also find articles on advanced on-page optimization techniques, such as schema markup and structured data.

The Panda category

The Panda category of Marie Haynes Consulting’s blog is dedicated to the Panda algorithm update, which was designed to penalize sites with low quality or thin content.

Panda is part of Google’s overall search algorithm, and it’s designed to identify and demote websites that don’t provide value to users.

This category immerses you in the heart of this update and you discover topics such as:

  • Panda Penalties : How to identify and recover a Panda penalty?
  • Content quality : Tips for creating valuable content that will rank well in search engines;
  • Content Length : Best practices for writing long content likely to help readers;
  • Duplicate content : Strategies to avoid duplicate content and ensure your website content is unique;
  • Light content : Tips for avoiding thin content and ensuring your website pages have enough substance and value.

The Penguin Category

The Penguin category of the Marie Haynes Consulting blog is dedicated to updating the Penguin algorithm, which was designed to penalize sites that employ spammy link building practices.

Penguin is part of Google’s overall search algorithm, and it’s designed to identify and demote sites that use manipulative link building tactics.

This category focuses on topics like:

  • Penguin Penalties : How to identify and recover from a Penguin penalty;
  • Link Building Best Practices : Strategies to create natural links to your site;
  • Link Building Tactics to Avoid : Common link building tactics that can trigger a Penguin penalty, such as link schemes and paid links;
  • Disavow unnatural links : How to identify and disavow your unnatural backlinks;
  • Link building tools and resources : A list of tools and resources that can help you in your link building efforts.

You will also find content related to topics such as link analysis and link reputation management.

The SEO category

Marie Haynes Consulting’s blog SEO category is a catch-all for SEO articles and resources.

It focuses on tactics for getting to the top of the leaderboards and covers topics like:

  • Technical SEO : Tips for optimizing the technical aspects of your website, be it site speed, ease of exploration or mobile friendliness;
  • On-page optimization : Best practices for your web pages;
  • Creation of links;
  • Content Marketing : Techniques for creating and promoting useful, relevant and coherent content that can attract and retain a well-defined audience.
  • Local SEO: Tips for optimizing your site for local search, including strategies for optimizing your Google My Business listing and creating local citations.
  • Mobile SEO : Best practices for optimizing your website for mobile devices, including strategies for improving user experience and performance on mobile devices.

The Unnatural link category

The Unnatural link category of the Marie Haynes Consulting blog focuses on the process of identifying and disavowing unnatural links to your website. It is also about strategies to avoid future penalties related to unnatural links.

Unnatural links are links created for the primary purpose of manipulating search engine rankings, rather than providing value to users.

You will therefore find the following topics:

  • Penalties for unnatural links : How to identify and recover an unnatural link penalty?
  • Link auditing : Techniques for identifying and analyzing links pointing to your website;
  • Disavowal of unnatural links : How to use Google’s disavow tool to disavow unnatural links?
  • Link building tactics to avoid.

Other resources on the Marie Haynes Consulting website

The Marie Haynes Consulting site also offers its visitors other resources such as:

Full List of Google Algorithm Updates

This is a page that providesa full list of updates and changes to search algorithms and Google policies that could potentially affect your website traffic.

This page is an essential resource for anyone who wants to keep up to date with the latest search algorithm updates and ensure their website meets Google’s guidelines.

The page includes a list of recent updates and changes, including the December Spam Links Update and the December 2022 Helpful Content Update.

You’ll also find a list of quick resources that can help you understand and deal with these updates, including:

  • Google’s Webmaster Central Blog : A blog that provides updates and information on Google’s search algorithms and policies;
  • Google Search Quality Rater Guidelines : Set of guidelines describing the qualities that Google looks for in high-quality sites;
  • Google Search Console : A tool that allows you to monitor your website’s performance in Google Search and receive alerts about potential issues.

The guides

In this section you will find a comprehensive guide to Google’s organic search ranking systems that provides a detailed overview.dSearch ranking algorithms and how they work.

The page is organized into chapters that cover the following topics:

  • Google’s Basic Ranking System: Overview of Google’s Basic Ranking System and how it works;
  • PageRank algorithm : A detailed explanation of the PageRank algorithm and how it affects the ranking of websites in search results;
  • Penguin 4.0 : A description of the Penguin 4.0 algorithm update and how it affects the ranking of websites in search results;
  • The Panda Algorithm : A description of the Panda algorithm update and how it affects the ranking of websites in search results;
  • Quality-driven/E-A-T algorithms : A discussion on the role of E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) in Google’s ranking algorithms;
  • Hummingbird : Description of the Hummingbird algorithm update and its impact on the ranking of websites in search results;
  • Venice Algorithm : Description of the Venice algorithm update and its impact on the ranking of websites in search results;
  • Caffeine Update : Description of the Caffeine update and its impact on how Google indexes and ranks websites;
  • Major Updates : Overview of major Google algorithm updates and their impact on the ranking of websites in search results;
  • Possible role of machine learning : A discussion of the potential role of machine learning in Google’s ranking algorithms.

Accept guest articles or not

The Marie Haynes Consulting blog does not accept guest posts and it is not clear that you will be able to submit your guest posts.

However, you can find other sites that accept guest blogging among this list of sites that Twaino offers. This is to accept guest articles in the French-speaking sphere.


In short, the Marie Haynes Consulting blog provides resources for its readers to stay informed of the latest Google algorithm updates and comply with search engine requirements.

The blog also offers content on natural referencing in general and can therefore help people, beginners or not, who care about the ranking of their site.

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Presentation : Blog Marie Haynes Consulting

Blog Marie Haynes logo

Marie Haynes is a recognized expert in the world of SEO. She has 15 years of experience helping companies of various sizes improve the quality of their website.

She is best known for her understanding of search algorithms which are constantly evolving. Marie is mainly specialized in the quality of sites and is one of the first to teach on the concept of E-A-T.

In addition, it uses the guidelines of quality assessors to improve the quality of websites. His expertise has been recognized by renowned publications such as The Atlantic, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Inc.

She has also been featured on major news platforms such as Search Engine Land and Search Engine Round Table.

Through its platform, it offers services such as:

  • Improving the quality of the site and the content, so as to be rewarded by Google;
  • Video evaluation of the site;
  • Site quality audit;
  • Etc.

It is also found on social platforms such as:

LinkedIn : Marie Haynes

Twitter : Marie Haynes

YouTube : Marie Haynes

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Social Network : Blog Marie Haynes Consulting

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