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Events | WebIsland

Events | WebIsland

Short Description : WebIsland

Discover WebIsland, an event on the challenges of natural referencing of a website and effective techniques to improve visibility on the Internet.

Long Description : WebIsland


WebIsland is a web marketing campaign based in Nantes. It offers a festive and friendly atmosphere, with opportunities for networking and entertainment. From 100 to 300 people in 3 editions, more than 500 participants came in 2023.

Description of WebIsland

Today, mastering the latest web marketing trends is becoming crucial to remaining competitive. However, accessing quality information and learning opportunities can be a big challenge.

WebIsland is a festive web marketing event based in Nantes which offers an innovative solution to this challenge.

In this article, we will explore in detail what is special about WebIsland and how it meets the needs of web marketing professionals looking for a rewarding and educational experience.

Weblsland Overview

WebIsland is a festive web marketing event based in Nantes. Its aim is to combine celebration and expertise, enthusiasm and learning, passion and career. Between 100 and 300 people in 3 editions, more than 500 participants made the trip in 2023.

The event takes place at the Warehouse, a venue located in the heart of a neighborhood and facing the Loire. It provides conferences and training on marketing and online sales. These conferences cover 6 themes of Marketing & Online Sales:

  • Acquisition ;
  • Responsible Digital;
  • UX design ;
  • Data ;
  • Sales ;
  • Content.

Beyond conferences, WebIsland also organizes digital marketing training. These can be financed up to 100% by your OPCO through their partner Alfie.

Themes covered during WebIsland conferences

During the 14 conferences hosted at Weblsland, 6 themes of Marketing & Online Sales were explored.


Acquisition is a crucial aspect of online marketing. It concerns strategies and tactics used to attract new customers or users to your product or service.

These are as follows:

  • OfTHIS ;
  • You PPC ;
  • Social media marketing;
  • And email marketing.

Through conferences and training organized by WebIsland on this topic, you have access to valuable information regarding recent trends and best practices in acquisition.

Responsible Digital

Responsible digital is an approach that takes into account the environmental and social impact of the use of technology. It includes topics such as:

  • Eco-web design;
  • Protection of personal data;
  • Web accessibility;
  • Etc.

WebIsland’s conferences and training therefore help participants understand how they can use technology more responsibly.

UX Design

UX Design, or user experience design, refers to this discipline which focuses on the creation of products or services offering a positive experience to the user. It takes into account:

  • The design of intuitive interfaces;
  • The creation of fluid user journeys;
  • And performance optimization.

However, WebIsland’s UX Design conferences and training courses offer valuable insights on how to improve the user experience.


Data has a major role to play in online marketing and sales.

Thanks to them, companies are able to better understand their customers, optimize their strategies and make the right resolutions with full knowledge of the facts.

WebIsland, through conferences and training, will allow you to easily master data analysis, big data, artificial intelligence, and many other things.


Sales play a key role in every business. This theme focuses on sales techniques such as:

  • How to convert prospects into customers?
  • How to maximize income?
  • And how to manage customer relationships?

On Sales, WebIsland offers practical advice and proven strategies to improve sales performance.


Content is a key component of online marketing. It helps attract and engage audiences, strengthen the brand, and stimulate conversions through:

  • Content creation;
  • Content marketing;
  • Content SEO.

WebIsland’s content conferences and trainings offer practical tips and strategies for creating and optimizing content.

Other events covered by WebIsland

In addition to conferences and training on the six main themes, WebIsland also offers other events.

1. Workshops-conferences

For professionals and interested individuals, these workshops offer the best opportunity to discover the latest techniques in online marketing.

They combine the seriousness of the workshop with the power of the conference. This opens a track dedicated to the most cutting-edge expertise in online marketing and sales.

2. Formations

WebIsland provides other training from renowned professionals. They last two hours of on-site learning and two hours of individual coaching afterwards.

In summary

WebIsland in Nantes offers a unique experience that combines festivities and expertise in the field of web marketing.

Through conferences and training covering key online marketing themes, it offers a deep dive into current trends. Its workshop-conferences and training courses led by experts add a practical dimension.

To benefit from this web marketing opportunity, do not hesitate to join WebIsland. Register for upcoming events to enrich your knowledge and boost your online strategy.


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WordPress France, officially known as WordPress Francophone (WPFR), is the representative association of the WordPress community in the French-speaking space since 2008.

This association plays a crucial role in promoting, supporting and organizing around WordPress, the world’s most widely used open source content management system (CMS).

The WPFR association is committed to democratizing online publishing by offering four fundamental freedoms thanks to the GPLv2 license:

  • The freedom to use the program for any purpose;
  • The freedom to study how it works;
  • The freedom to redistribute it;
  • And the freedom to distribute modified versions.

These principles support WordPress’ mission to provide a tool that is accessible and editable by everyone, from novice users to experienced developers.

WPFR facilitates access to WordPress in French, ensures the translation of the CMS and its extensions, and manages a community platform rich in resources.

It also organizes local and national events, such as meetups and WordCamps, which allow community members to meet, exchange knowledge and collaborate.

In addition to promoting WordPress to individuals and businesses, WPFR plays a support role and provides a forum where users can get help and share experiences.

This association is a pillar for the French-speaking WordPress community, contributing to its expansion and success in the French-speaking digital space.


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