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Event | Brighton SEO

Event | Brighton SEO

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Brighton SEO Mise en avant

Attend the Brighton SEO Conference on Search Marketing to improve your skills as a marketer.

Long Description : Event Brighton SEO

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Brighton SEO Event Description

TheThe city of Brighton experiences SEO events every year and is therefore a city to seize opportunities in terms of organizing conferences.

Among these events is the Brighton SEO conference. This conference is one of the most popular events in the field of SEO and digital.

During this conference, search marketing professionals discuss the latest developments in the digital sector.

This allows them to acquire new concepts and to better do their job as an expert in search marketing.

Unlike previous editions which take place over two days, this year’s edition is organized over three days from October 19 to 21, 2022 with training workshops.

Through this description, I take you to discover this year’s Brighton SEO conference and the training it offers to participants.

Brighton SEO: 2022 Edition Conference Overview

Brighton SEO is an event that often takes place in the United Kingdom, precisely in the city of Brighton wherecontent creators and webmasters meetto lead discussions on search marketing.

Search marketing, also called research marketing, brings together strategies for putting sites or commercial offers online on web pages.

This event is organized twice in a year where the best speakers from the digital world gather to help participants improve their skills in the field of digital marketing.

Brighton SEO also offers a series of training courses led by real digital experts. These training workshops often focus on SEO, PPC (Pay Per Click) and digital search strategies.

This year’s edition is an opportunity for anyone unable to make it to Brighton tofollow the conference free online. 

Participants also have an extra conference day, which is often not the case with previous editions.

Brighton SEO: Training Workshops

Brighton SEO is one of the most well-known events around the world. In addition to its conference status, it organizes face-to-face or online training workshops.

SEO training workshop for beginners

This course is designed for beginners in digital marketing. It is moderated by Adam Lee, a marketing expert and SEO analyst. The objective of this course is to improve the content of a website.

Amazon SEO training workshop

This training orients Amazon Seller Central account users on Amazon SEO and techniques to increase sales from advertisements.

Indeed, Amazon SEO consists in optimizing the sales pages to rank them in the best results of the Amazon search engine, taking into account the request of the Internet user.

This course is led by Prabhat Shah who is a consultant Marketplace and also helps entrepreneurs expand their online presence on Amazon.

Behavioral Science Training Workshop for Digital Marketing

Moderated by David Somerville, director of strategy for the Fresh Egg agency, itaddresses the principles of behavioral sciences and is aimed above all at enthusiasts of behavioral sciences in digital technology.

With this course, they can develop their knowledge of behavioral sciences and apply them in their digital marketing activity.

SEO training workshop for e-commerce

During this course, SEO specialists can learn how to improve their basic levels on SEO. They can also increase website and e-commerce traffic in search engines.

All this allows them to stand out in the online market. This course is led by MariaAlbadr Alhashemi, SEO consultant and regular trainer at the Brighton SEO event.

Training studio in Javascript SEO

This course is intended for SEO managers and developers who are responsible for creating websites from the JavaScript programming language. It is led by trainer CharlieNorwegian doctor, technical SEO specialist and website designer.

SEO Keyword Research Training Workshop

Coen Van DerHeuden is the trainer where he shows SEOs strategies for researching and identifying relevant keywords in order to optimize a website.

The latter is a digital marketing professional and helps companies increase their online visibility.

Indexing training workshop

Charlie Williams is the course trainer. As an SEO consultant, he leads the course on how Google crawls, visits and indexes web pages.

This course is for anyone who is interested in how search engines work.

Moreover, it is intended for digital marketing teams and helps them to raise their levels of technical understanding on SEO.

Training workshops on paid advertising on social networks

Ned Poulter, expert in SEO and content marketing, leads the course on social media marketing (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter).

Aimed at social media advertising beginners and marketers alike, the trainer demonstrates how paid social media advertising could improve digital marketing strategies. 

Onsite Content Strategy Training Workshop

Ben Garry, content specialist, is in charge of leading the course on the strategies to use to create relevant content that can meet user expectations.

This course is perfect for business owners looking to increase their business’s online traffic.

Brighton SEO: Some Speakers

Brighton SEO tends to bring together the best speakers considering their specialty. We can cite among others:

  • John Mueller, research advocate and helps publishers create successful websites;
  • YumnaKumran, digital marketing specialist and involved in the optimization of paid advertising on social networks for a variety of clients;
  • Yagmur Simsek, SEO content creator and digital expert;
  • Sarah Presch, Director of International SEO and supports companies in developing their products on the market;
  • Tom Vaughton, founder and director of the specialized SEO agency Varn;
  • Surena Chande, web content writer and advertising editors;
  • Stu Davies, agency director at Creative Bloom specializing in search marketing;
  • Simon Lesser, founder of the Dragon Metrics agency and creator of software allowing companies to obtain SEO data;
  • And much more.

Generally, these speakers are in charge of animating the conferences for the editions of the Brighton SEO event. Over time, the organizing committee tends to add new speakers, which is why the list is exorbitant.

Currently, there are 85 speakers and it is very likely that most will be the speakers for the 2022 edition.

In summary

Brighton SEO is an event that brings together the best speakers from the digital world. And this with the aim of helping marketers to better develop their digital research project.

Alongside the conference, Brighton SEO organizes trainings which are often done before the event. So, to follow this year’s conference, you must makesubscribe to the mailing list to get your ticket.

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Presentation : Event Brighton SEO

Brighton SEO Logo

Brighton SEO started by getting a few people together in an upstairs room to talk about digital and SEO. Today, meetings take place in Brighton’s largest venue.

Brighton SEO is indeed one of the annual reference events founded in 2009 and which brings together SEO and digital marketing specialists. Held in England, it is very often moderated by world-renowned experts who offer presentations and discussions on recent trends, techniques and practices in the SEO industry.

This is a rather informative workshop whose idea comes from Kelvin Newman. He then presented himself as the founder of this prestigious event and of the digital marketing company

Indeed, Kelvin Newman is an SEO and online marketing expert. He has proven his passion and professionalism for these two fundamental pillars of the web through his books. In this case, “The Essential Guide to Content Marketing” and “The Essential Guide to SEO”.

A great speaker, he has led workshops and conferences with other experts like him on topics related to marketing and SEO. Kelvin through his experience has done presentations for some brands and organizations around the world.

Undoubtedly, the foundation of Brighton SEO has developed its notoriety all over the place. And as such he is considered a leader greatly respected for his expertise as well as his increased knowledge of the evolution of the field of web marketing. What more can be said ?

Here is his LinkedIn profile:Kelvin Newman. On twitter, he always tweets advice on marketing and SEO and here is his profile:@kelvinnewman

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