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Are you thinking of training in SEO? Do you want to succeed with your project on the internet or have your web pages appear in the first results of Google? Visit Eskimoz’s blog.

Long Description : Blog Eskimoz

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The Eskimoz agency through its blog provides all entrepreneurs with blog articles with high added value, in order to help them properly reference their content (texts and videos), but also their social media and mobile applications.

It is intended for all those passionate about the professions of web marketing, SEO, web writing as well as professionals who wish to take charge of their online business themselves in order to obtain a good ROI.

She regularly publishes completely free content on her blog related to web marketing, SEO on social networks, paid advertising, web writing, content marketing and the use of web SEO tools.

Eskimo on Blog

To succeed in any online activity, you need to know, master and apply the key principles of SEO on web media (websites, social media or online applications).

The Eskimoz agency frequently publishes on its blog a set of content related to topics related to web referencing, content marketing, web writing as well as paid online advertising.

The contents of his blog fall into three broad categories namely:

  • Natural referencing;
  • Paid referencing;
  • And social referencing.

This description that you are reading is a detailed presentation of said blog. It presents its key metrics as well as everything you will discover there. Happy reading everyone.

Presentation of the Eskimoz blog

Based in Paris at 21e Rue du Dôme 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt, the SEO agency Eskimoz helps entrepreneurs, of all statuses, to better reference their website so that they obtain better results in the long term.

His strengths: the content that is published on his blog is very qualitative and written by experts in the field.

Its manager strives to provide a better user experience to Internet users not only on his blog, but also on the entire site. You can check out his blog for:

  • Improve the SEO of your website;
  • Correct a penalty from Google;
  • Implement an efficient and effective paid advertising campaign via Google Adwords or Microsoft Advertising ;
  • Communicate well on your website and on social networks in order to match your content to your brand image;
  • Implement the right strategies and actions that will help achieve better results throughout your advertising campaigns;
  • Take charge of or take care of your e-reputation;
  • Learn how to generate new customers through Landing Pages;
  • Learn how to use SEO tools: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, Google Suggest, Google My Business, etc. ;
  • Know how to write persuasive web content that converts, stands out from your competitors and generates interaction.

On his blog, a multitude of authors and contributors regularly publish quality blog articles related to content marketing, web referencing, tools to better promote your business on the web and online advertising. They will be of great use to you, whatever the size of your project.

Eskimoz blog metrics

The website of SEO agency Seo Eskimoz shows good metrics. Here are a few :

Website Authority Score: 44

Average user visit duration: 2 min 50 s

Average bounce rate: 67.28%

Monthly organic traffic volume: 29.3K

Note: These are figures collected at the time this description is being written. They are first approximate and are likely to vary over time.

Presentation of the different sections of the Eskimoz blog

The Eskimoz company blog is made up of three main categories (natural referencing, paid referencing and social referencing). In the rest of this description, we will develop them one by one.

Inside each category, below the first block reserved for blog posts, you will find a section called “last articles» where all the content recently published on the blog is grouped.

This grouping is done to facilitate your navigation and to provide you with a better user experience. That way, you don’t have to search the whole blog before spotting new blog posts that are posted there.

Natural reference

In this category, the SEO agency Eskimoz regularly publishes very good quality blog articles dealing with the subject of SEO natural referencing. Its contents cover a number of topics including:

  • The true definition of SEO natural referencing;
  • The strategies that should be implemented to optimize your SEO strategy;
  • Google’s algorithm penalties and the strategy to adopt to lift them;
  • 404 error management and its importance in improving the SEO of your website;
  • Some indicators involved in the natural referencing of a website: the bounce rate, the conversion rate, the CPC as well as the CAC;
  • The rules to follow to properly optimize your meta title tags, meta description, but also your Hx tags;
  • The operation of the Google search engine;
  • 301 redirects;
  • Google’s new algorithm “Google Num”, its principles and advantages;
  • Tools and software to improve your SEO ranking such as: Google My Commerce, Google Panda, SEMrush, Google Ads, Google PageSpeed ​​Insights;
  • The optimization of websites that are created under the WordPress CMS;
  • Voice search on Google and its impact on your SEO ranking;
  • The notion of internal linking in SEO;
  • Netlinking strategy, its advantages and what to do to get Google to assign a good SEO score to your pages;
  • The process to follow to redesign your website while maintaining or improving your SEO positioning;
  • The notion of “Negative SEO” and its importance;
  • The principles to follow to improve your positioning and referencing on Amazon or YouTube;
  • The keys to SEO referencing to know and use to get search engines to rank your web pages in the top positions;
  • How “Machine Learning” and “Deep Learning” work.

By browsing all the articles in this category, it is clear that you will be able to take charge of your natural referencing more easily without having to call on a service provider.

You will also be able to improve it if in the meantime you have already achieved good results on your website.

Paid referencing

If you need content that will help you succeed in your paid advertising campaigns, then you need to go to the “paid referencing ». 

You will find detailed blog articles on the use of tools such as Google Discovery and Google Shopping which are respectively used in the context of advertising campaigns on “Google Discovery” and on online sales sites.

Social SEO 

In this section, the platform manager has grouped together all the content that can help you optimize your SEO on social networks more easily.

You will find content in particular on the use of the Facebook Ads tool in order to be able to launch your advertising campaign on social networks like a professional.

You will also learn extensively about the importance of social SEO in your website SEO.

Other resources and pages of the Eskimoz blog  

The Eskimoz blog has several resources located at the bottom of the blog page. These are: “SEO Training”, “Contact” and “Recruitment” pages.

Formations SEO 

This page presents the SEO training designed and organized by the Eskimoz agency. This training takes place face-to-face in Paris and Lyon over a period of three days.

It is delivered by certified trainers, including: Manon Safavi, Sylvain Laneyrie, Olivier Hue, Benoit Perrotin and Julian Cerisier.

It is aimed at web editors, entrepreneurs, journalists, entrepreneurs, web project managers, communication agency professionals, community managers, marketing managers and webmasters.

Comprehensive, it will teach you how to use the right tools and processes to take advantage of the best that search engines can offer you.

At the end of this training, you will be better able to reference your web pages so that they appear in Google’s SERP. It is a training during which each participant is individually followed.

Visit the Eskimoz website for more details on the training program and its price. Do not hesitate to register.

Very qualitative, this training is recommended in particular by LeJournalduNet, PoleEmploi, Qualiopi,, Maddyness and Datadock.

In summary

In conclusion, the Eskimoz brand has a blog that is both ergonomic, practical and fun with a multitude of content. These can be classified into three categories namely: natural referencing, paid referencing and social referencing.

It should be remembered that the contributors to the blog regularly publish illustrated and fluid content related to:

  • And THAT ;
  • Online paid advertising both on social networks and on the web;
  • Seo writing;
  • Le Content Marketing ; 

Identification and repair of penalties incurred by your website with Google. In the end, know that Eskimoz offers the opportunity to all professionals and individuals looking for a job to join their brand.

She frequently launches job offers in various fields related to digital and SEO in the “Recruitment” located at the bottom of the page of his blog.

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Presentation : Blog Eskimoz

Blog Eskimoz Logo

Eskimoz is a SEO agency founded byAndrea Bensaidin September 2010. This is an agency that has grown following the writing of specialized SEO articles on the blog of the Eskimoz website.

Indeed, Andréa Bensaid is passionate about the French-speaking web environment being younger. Moreover, the Eskimoz company was set up in parallel with his academic studies at EDHEC Business School, from which he graduated.

Andréa Bensaid is a serial entrepreneur and an investor with various skills. Specifically, these are skills in:

  • operations management ;
  • modeling of internal processes;
  • international strategy;
  • strategic companies;
  • Mergers and Acquisitions.

He is also a technology lover. However, the start of the career of the CEO of Eskimoz was not really easy. In fact, he first started as a freelancer on web platforms such as 123Presta or

After which, he went into entrepreneurship, but did not have much success. In fact, his wellness marketplace was not very successful due to lack of visibility on the Internet and therefore, he did not really have any customers.

It was these relative failures that made him enter the world of natural referencing. You should also know that Bensaid is the founder of the website of his company The Jober, which facilitates the recruitment of hosts and hostesses. He is also the founder of which allows you to make online reservations for wellness or beauty sessions.

Finally, the founder and main author of the Eskimoz blog is very active on social media platforms.

On LinkedIn, here is his profile:Andrea Bensaid and on twitter:@AndreaBensaid.

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